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Looking to the strategic location of Chhotanagpur region for the evolution of monsoon dynamics, the Centre of Excellence in Climatology (CEC) came into existence in March, 2011, inheriting the brand name of Birla Institute of Technology. This fact itself charges the Centre not only to be worthy of its inheritance but also to be distinctive and distinguished on its own by scripting a path towards novelties. Presented below are the statements for Vision, Mission, Goals & Strategies (to achieve the Goals) and the Core Values of CEC, BIT Mesra. The centre is involved to study different aspects of Meteorological/Atmospheric Sciences including land surface processes, micrometeorology, climate change, and generate good quality scientific manpower in the emerging areas such as monsoon dynamics, weather prediction, climate change and disaster management. It has many R & D projects funded by MoES New Delhi,  ISRO Hq. Bangalore, SAC (Ahmedabad), SPL (VSSC)-Trivandrum, etc. with total outlay of Rs. 70.0 Millions.




Integrated M.Tech.-PhD Programme in Atmospheric Science & Engineering


Ph.D. Programmes


The centre is involved in frontier research in atmospheric observational & modelling including land surface processes and agrometeorology. In agrometeorology, the areas of present research activities include long term study of radiative forcings over Indian region. In atmospheric research, the present focus is on the observations and modelling studies of severe thunderstorms, monsoon activities, etc. Besides, the centre is also involved in observational study on extreme weather events viz., tropical cyclone, heavy rainfall, and monsoon etc. The areas of specific interest in this direction are land surface data assimilation and micro-physical processes and aerosol modeling. The centre is also involved in observational modeling studies of urban boundary layer, regional climate modelling and impact assessment studies. Space based observations, retrievals; validation and assimilation of geophysical parameters of atmosphere and land are another area of research of the Centre.
Centre has also collaboration in different areas of Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology with R & D labs and organisations in National level.

 Land Surface Atmosphere and Micrometeorological Observational System (LATAMOS)

Professor In-Charge:
Prof. Swapan Kr. Chakraborty (HOD, Applied Maths)

Contact us on:
Dr. Ashwini Ranade & Dr. Nishi Srivastava
Centre of Excellence in Climatology
Birla Institute of Technology
Mesra, Ranchi – 835 215, INDIA
ranadeashwini@gmail.com; nishi.bhu@gmail.com