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ISSN: 0973-6204
Scientific Journal of Pharmaceutical Society


PHARMBIT is an official scientific journal and annual publication of Pharmaceutical Society of Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi. The journal is devoted to publish review and research articles in pharmacy and the related disciplines of pharmaceutical education. PHARMBIT is abstracted in Natural Science Database, ProQuest, USA; Index Copernicus, Poland; Google Scholar, CiteFactor, USA making our publications International.
Submission of a manuscript to PHARMBIT for publication implies that the same has not been either published or under consideration for publication in another journal. The author should confirm during submission of manuscript. The articles submitted for publication are subjected to iThenticate - Originality Check & Peer Review before publication. PHARMBIT does not charge any processing or publication fee from authors. Authors retain copyright of their published work.
PHARMBIT, 37, Jan - Dec, 2021
PHARMBIT, 36, Jan - Dec, 2020
PHARMBIT, 35, Jan - Dec, 2019
PHARMBIT, 34, Jan - Dec, 2018
PHARMBIT, 33, Jan - Dec, 2017
PHARMBIT, 32, Jan - Dec, 2016
PHARMBIT, 31, Jan - Dec, 2015

PHARMBIT, XXX (2), Jul - Dec, 2014
PHARMBIT, XIX (1), Jan - Jun, 2014
PHARMBIT, XXVIII (2), Jul - Dec, 2013
PHARMBIT, XXVII (1), Jan - Jun, 2013
PHARMBIT, XXV & XXVI (1 & 2), Jan - Dec, 2012
PHARMBIT, XXIII & XXIV (1 & 2), Jan - Dec, 2011
PHARMBIT, XXII (2), July - Dec, 2010
PHARMBIT, XXI (1), Jan-Jun, 2010
PHARMBIT, XX (2), Jul-Dec, 2009
PHARMBIT, XV (1), Jan-Jun, 2007


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Mailing Address: PHARMBIT, Pharmaceutical Society, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi – 835 215 (Jharkhand) INDIA


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