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Over the years, BIT Mesra has established various international ventures and tie-ups. It has collaborative arrangements with Universities in the USA, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Pakistan, Taiwan & China. Some important alliances have been listed below:

1) EAGER - NETWIC Project of ASIA LINK Programme
BIT Mesra is an active member of the EAGER - NETWIC Project of ASIA LINK programme of European Commission for establishing a world-class academic network of Higher education in the rapidly growing field of Wireless and Mobile Communication among the five partner Universities. An International Centre for Wireless and Mobile Communication has been created in Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering in close co-operation with –

  • Aalborg University (Denmark)
  • Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)
  • Università di Roma Tor Vergata (Italy)
  • Institut Teknologi, Bandung (Indonesia).

A double-degree M.E. programme in Software Defined Radio (SDR) has been jointly developed in association with the Centre for Teleinfrastructure, Aalborg University, Denmark.

For more information please visit ASIA-LINK Programme

2) BIT Mesra has an agreement with Purdue University, USA for Student exchange programme.

3) University of Leeds, UK
BIT has an ongoing MoU with University of Leeds (UoL), UK for Dual Degree programme in the following Disciplines:

BIT’s BE Programmes 
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering     
  • Electronics and Communication Engg.
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Production Engineering

UoL’s M-Engg. programmes
  • Electronics & Electrical;
  • Electronics Engg*.
  • Electronics & Communication Engg    
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automotive Engg*.
  • Mechatronics*

*Only M-Engg. from UoL will be awarded and BE degree from BIT will not be awarded in (*) marked branch.

Under this MoU, students enrolled in BIT for any of the above mentioned BE programmes and having successfully completed 2nd year, are eligible for direct admission in 3rd year of M-Engg. Programme of University of Leeds (UoL). Subsequently after successfully completing two years at UoL, the student will be eligible to get a BE degree from BIT and an M.Eng. Degree from UoL.

For more information please visit University of Leeds, UK

4) University of New Brunswick, Canada
There is an ongoing MOU between BIT and University of New Brunswick, Canada to collaborate on areas of mutual interests in the field of higher learning. Under the MOU a Block Credit Transfer agreement has been made between BIT and the Faculty of Computer Science at UNB.

This agreement refers to providing the BIT students the opportunity to study and obtain a bachelor of Computer Science at UNB. Every year few students of the BCA programme of the institute join UNB under this MOU.

For more information please visit University of New Brunswick,  Canada

5) BIT Mesra is one of the five elite Indian Universities that are partners in the French "n+i" network.
n+ i is an association of French Engineering Colleges. BIT and n+i have signed an MoU for a Dual Degree Masters course in various branches of Engineering.

6) University of Houstan (UH), USA
An MOU has been signed between BIT and University of Houstan. Under this MOU the two parties will mutually investigate the viability of establishing collaborative programmes based on various models of academic cooperation. Initially such models would include:

  1. Dual degree programmes in which degrees would be awarded by both parties.

  2. A Programme in which BIT students would participate in specially designed Masters programmes at UH and Vice Versa, following which the students would have the option to complete their PhD in similar programmes at UH or BIT.

  3. A programme in which BIT or UH masters students would participate in PhD programmes at either UH or BIT.

  4. A student would participate in PhD programme at either UH or BIT under joint supervision of faculties from UH and BIT.

  5. Research collaboration in areas of mutual interest to both parties.