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The expansive campus includes 5.25 lacs sq.ft. of academic space, adequate hostel accommodation for 1200 students and residential facilities for staff, dispensary, playground, gymnasium, and a guest house. Facilities for extra-curricular activities are being developed at the Patna Centre, to provide platforms for students to nurture their hobbies and creative talents for relaxation and all-round personality development.
Academic Facilities at the Campus
  • Well-equipped, modern laboratories.
  • Workshops for hands-on training
  • Well-stocked library with extensive reading and research material
  • Spacious lecture halls
  • The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled.


The Patna Centre is entirely residential with accommodation facilities provided for all students in hostels on the campus. The hostels offer comfortable lodging options that take care of all requisites of daily life plus spacious dining halls that are served by the respective hostel messes. Boarding facilities are provided in single as well as double occupancy rooms and at present there are four hostels inside the campus to accommodate boys and girls separately.

The hostels are situated in a calm and quiet environment, very close to the institute. The surroundings are designed to accelerate multi-dimensional development of the students. Amenities include:
  • Well appointed and spacious rooms.
  • Wi-Fi facilities to access resources available on the Internet and Intranet.
  • Television sets and indoor games facilities in the common rooms
  • Newspapers in both English and Hindi.


The institute has procured a bus for arranging trips to the local urbs of Patna especially for campus residents. The institute bus plies through main roads to Railway station and Gandhi Maidan several times a day. Special arrangements are also made to drop and pick-up students at the time of vacations.

Students are required to pay on a monthly basis for availing campus conveyance while visitors to the campus may avail the bus facility by paying the prevailing charges.

Guest House

The institute has a well-furnished Guest House for visitors.

Wi-Fi Campus

The institute building as well as hostels are provided with signals of Wi-Fi to access the resources available on the Internet as well as Intranet. The institute has a leased line and each student is provided with an IP address of his own. All the websites browsed by him/her are regularly monitored.


The Institute has a temporary dispensary inside the campus, which is daily attended by the resident medical practitioner. It also has a small medical store which provides students with the necessary medicines and first-aid. In case of any serious illness or emergency, the patients are usually referred to a nearby hospital. Proper Ambulance facilities are provided in that case.