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Towards improving the quality of technical education in the country, AICTE recommends setting up Value Education Cell in the University/Colleges with the objective of nurturing students to live with mutual happiness with human beings, and mutual prosperity with rest of nature, along with the development of technical competence.

Awareness of human values must be integrated in teaching-learning process to realize the real purpose of education. This will develop the human potential, leading to human excellence. Human excellence is the bedrock of the Nation’s strength.


Scope of activities of VEC


  1. Implementation of Universal Human Value (UHV) courses proposed by AICTE.
  2. Facilitation of faculty members through FDPs, refresher FDPs and Higher Level FDPs to understand concepts of Universal Human Values.
  3. To organize International and National conferences to make people aware about UHV concepts around the globe.
  4. Support Regional Nodal canters and Nodal centres of Value Education as well as college level UHV Cell in all ways.
  5. Generating congenial ambience for value-based education at university through various means like BOS, Dean UHV, and Nodal Canters etc.
  6. Preparing Mentors for conducting Student Induction Program.
  7. Preparing web portal for Universal Human Values activities, Research, documentations etc. - Supporting AICTE, UGC and other such bodies for UHV activities.

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