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    Backlog Registration - B.Pharm II, IV & VI Sem and M.Pharm II Sem 

    Submission of Ph.D. Thesis in SP 2020

    Backlog Papers Registration for all Sem Students under CBCS & Non-CBCS except Final Sem


    Backlog Papers Registration for Final Sem Students and Students of Additional Sem

    SS 20 Registration under Non-CBCS

    SS 20 Registration under CBCS

    B.Sc. Exit Option of I.M.Sc. Students

  Backlog Courses Registration of Final Semester Students and Students of Additional Semester

    Revised Academic Schedule for SP 20 in view of COVID-19

    Completion of Online Classes for SP 2020

    Academic Session & Examinations -SP 2020

    B.Sc. Exit Option

    Back Papers Online Registration - SP 20 for Non CBCS Students

    Back Paper Registration - SP 20 for Non CBCS Students

    Internal assesment marks of the backlog courses for SP-2020 under CBCS

    SP-20 1st Quiz for UG students admitted under CBCS

➤    SP-20 Backlogs Registration - CBCS

    Notice for Provisional Registration in SP-20 and Make-Up Examination for PG Students

    Notice for FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2020

    Notice for all PHD students admitted MO'18 onwards

    Notice for the final year project for SP-2020 (B.E and M.Tech Student)

    Guidelines for making Payments and Registration for SP-2020 (BIT Off-Campuses)

    Guidelines for making online payment and Registration for SP-2020 (BIT Mesra Campus)

    Notice for uploading final year students' details in NCS web portal

    Notice for submission of Ph.D. Thesis (MO-19)

    Notice for shortage of attendance for MO-19 (UG 1st Semester

    Notice for shortage of attendance for MO-19 (except 1st Year)

    Notice for clearance of dues

    2nd Quiz for 1st Sem. and quiz for students having backlog courses

    Academic Schedule for all UG 1st Sem.(MO-19)

    2nd quiz for 3rd sem UG students (MO 19)

    Notice for suspension of classes for 1st sem mid-term exam (MO 19)

    Notice for UG Ist quiz 2019 batch

    Revised Result of Branch Change for B.Tech. 3rd Semester Students

    Backlog Course Registration for Students admitted in MO-2018

    ERP Registration of 1st Sem MO 19

    Notice for Branch Change and Application Form 2019-20

    Revised CBCS Exam Regulation Clause-III

    B.Pharm 2017 Batch registration in MO 19

    Result of Branch Change

    Commencement of UG 1st Sem Class

    Ph.D Thesis Submission Extension Date

    Corrigendum to the result for branch change

    Classes for BPharm Ist Semester

    Last date for registration fot the MO19

    Induction Programme

    Suspension of classes

    Room No 235 & 236 is allocated to conduct the examination for NC students

    Examination for NC students

    Computer installed in Academic Programme Office

    All BTech and BArch students taking Admission in special round

    Guidelines and Application Form for BE and ME MTech Project Praposal

    List of PhD Student who have not cleared completed their PhD course work  and Term Paper

    Attention All Newly Admitted UG Ist Semester Students

    Registration of Newly Admitted PhD Scholars in MO19