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   1.  The leave is calculated as (2.5*per month).  

    2.  You can not avail the leave until it is credited to your account. It will be credited on 1st of every month.

    3.  you can avail the leave as per your memo dated. example from 01.02.2022 to 31.01.2023. 

    4. You can only avail the balance leave, no advance leave will be provided.

    5. You should submit the leave application in advance & after approval then you may take leave. (Only mishap, accidental leave may be submit as soon as you join the duty.) 

    6. No leave should reach the office at the time of absentee report. (only those leave will be accepted which has been availed on last day of month.)  

    7. No changes should be made in the Leave form. Every field should be filled. Specially Address. No as per record should be mentioned.

    8. Status of Leave as on 22.12.2023    Leave Status