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  1. Industry-Academia Interaction – SIME, BIT Mesra
  2. India 2030: Exploring the Future Research
  3. British Council: Future Skills in India
  4. The Winning Leap: Future of India (PriceWaterhouseCoopers)
  5. Leadership Talks from Experts:
  6. Means to a Beginning — Funding opportunities for PhD Students and Postdocs in India
  7. Disha: A Career Resource Book for Life Science and Biotechnology Students
  8. Careers in : Careers in Indian Science
  9. Interesting Researches from Canadian Science Publishing 
  10. JOYI: Journey of a Young Investigator
  11. Deep Tech Startup Stories from IIT-Madras
  12. Startups from IIT Bombay
  13. Useful Information for First Time Entrepreneurs
  14. Visit International Industry – Virtual Industry Visit
  15. English Communication for Scientists – SciTable
  16. Eklavya – Spicing up the curriculum -Nurturing Creativity


Links for Improving Research Writing Skills

  1. Proposal Writer’s Guide 
  2. Art of Writing Proposals

Glory of India’s Science, Scientists and Lots of Videos

  1. India Science Link