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Application forms  ( Relevant to students)

1. Memo related Forms

(1.1) Request for Extension of memo Scholars working under a Project:         Form 1

(1.2) Request for Extension of memo for Scholars who have Fellowship of UGC/CSIR   Form 2

(1.3) Request for Extension of memo for Scholars who have Fellowship of ICMR/DBT/WISE/INSPIRE   Form 3

 2.  Forms Relevant to Sponsored Projects :

(2.1) Form for Resignation / Discontinuation from Project                  Resignation / Discontinuation from Project

Note : No leave is entitle in the Resignation Period.

(2.2) Form for Movement/Travel/ to attend Seminar/ Conferences:    Movement order form for project student

 (Note : Movement order Form should be filled at least 10 days before the date of Journey. There will be no Post Facto, no urgent)

(2.3) Absentee Report for Fellowship &  Along with Leave : Monthly Absentee Report  

(2.3.1) Attendance record  Monthly attendance Record from Departments ;  Annual Leave Record : Annual Leave

(2.4) Payment request form Sponsored Projects : Form for payment request (Govt. grants)

(2.5) Leave for CSIR /UGC/ Project Student                  :     Leave application for Student

(2.6) Bio-mertic  Missed Punch Slip :      Mis-Punch Slip

(2.7) UGC Continuation certificate:  Continuation Certificate    HRA     Contigency   Covering Letter:    Covering Letter   Upgadation JRF to SRF: JRF To SRF

(2.8) MANF:  Continuation     HRA     Contnigency and UC for MANF     Yearly Progress Report      Upgradation from JRF to SRF  Joining Report for MANF

(2.9) Exception report & Covering letter for UGC : Exception Report for UGC  Covering Letter : Covering Letter for Exception Report

(2.10) CSIR Statement of Expenditure : Statement of Expenditure CSIR

(2.11) No Dues Form : No Dues Form

(2.12) Joining Report  : Joining Report

(2.13) Monthly Conformation Report for UGC : confirmation Report

(2.14) Application for HRA updation in protal 

(2.15) UGC PG Scholarship M.E./M.Tech./Mphar to GATE/GPAT  : Download

3. New Project Proposal Submission Google Form

Faculty who want to submit any new proposal to any funding agency should fill the following form. After that they need to send a letter to DRIE office (forwarded by HOD) for getting endorsement letter.

3.1 New Project form along with Sanction Letter : New Project Registration Form 19.09.2023

3.2 Movement order form for Faculty : Faculty Movement Form