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Sports Mentorship and Adventure Club has been providing students the much required amalgamation of sports and adventure activities along with the much needed early-life guidance, that not only helps in promoting interaction amongst them but also in developing a positive and constructive environment. We are the only student body which gives everyone on campus an open chance to take part in sports activities.
Since 2010, our events have been the most ideal rendezvous for anyone and everyone who
have the tiniest of interest in sports. Previously known as SAC, the club upgraded itself and
has now become a place for people to seek guidance for their day to day concerns; be it
internships, placements, research projects or social initiatives.
Also, at this point of time where everyone is a victim of the pandemic and its crisis, we made
sure that there is no hindrance in the development of students or in their proper guidance.
From organizing online webinars and e-sports fest, SMAC has proved and will forever
continue to prove its mettle.
Message from Faculty Advisor
We at BIT Mesra firmly believe in all-round development. Sports Mentorship and Adventure Club lead the way by assuming responsibility for the physical and mental well being of all our students by organizing sports-related events and encouraging participation. Apart from making students physically active, the activities are sedulously organized to help them become more focused and train their minds to accommodate ideas of team spirit, leadership and accountability. Mentorship Drives are meticulously designed in the form of seminars, webinars and interactive sessions with our Alumni and other inspirational personalities with a sincere goal of guiding the students to discover their passion, purpose and direction.
I am fortunate to be backed by a motivated and dedicated team who know their job pretty well and are result oriented. Their involvement and willingness to take on the successful completion of tasks is indeed commendable. I value the administration for their support in arranging and materializing the logistics everytime. I do hope that all the students will set an aim for themselves as well as the team for the future and have required determination to achieve it. With this, I whole-heartedly wish everyone all the best.
Faculty Incharge
Dr.Sukalyan Chakraborty
Executive Body(2020-21)
S.No. Name of Student Roll No. Email ID Mobile No. Position
1. Aditya Raj BE/10706/17 9709315267 President
2. Siddhi Sharma BE/10713/17 8879589624 Joint President
3. Akshay Desai BE/10357/17 9820710754 Vice President
4. Ashish Kumar BE/10089/17 8987586339 Vice President
5. Shivam Raj BE/10106/17 9304163852 Vice President
6. Suyash Bhagat BE/10264/17 8700093502 Executive Member
7. Ayush Kumar BE/10365/17 7050911581 Executive Member
8. Kumar Ankit BE/10588/17 8757069835 Executive Member
9. Suvid Sahay BE/10198/17 8292559108 Events Head
10. Udbhav Anand BE/10363/17 8521462248 Resource Head
11. Mrinalini Kalundia IMSC/10088/17 7485802897 Events head
12. Kavita Tigga BE/10489/17 9546472049 Media & Content Head
13. Rudraksh Agarwal BE/10699/17 9110575597 Media and Content Head
14. Nikita Prerna Toppo BE/10322/17 7294088594 Media and Content Head
15. Aryaman Gargvanshi BTECH/10495/18 7236097512 General Secretary
16. Ayush Kumar BTECH/10493/18 9801524516 General Secretary
17. Avil Harsh IMH/10064/2018 6205117247 Treasurer
18. ShubhangiJha BTECH/10111/2018 shubhangijha250@gmail.c om 9113398716 Joint Secretary
19. Shaswat Shrivastava BTECH/10031/18 7506868446 Treasurer
20. SharwadiShatank BTECH/10280/18 9525288960 Events Head
21. Shreya Singh BTECH/10430/18 9523173117 Director
22. Tanay Goel BTECH/10696/18 7607073910 Director
23. Vijay Kumar Bhagchandani BTECH/10293/18 9414869932 Events Head
24. HimanshuKumar Singh BTECH/10527/18 9504608137 Resource Coordinator
25. SankarsanSaha BTECH/10650/18 9933814918 Design coordinator
26. Aayush Alkesh BTECH/10702/18 9757435944 Design coordinator
27. Vedang Raj BTECH/10033/18 9905503894 Resource Coordinator
28. Prerana Tiwari BTECH/10028/18 7667798372 Executive Member
29. Archie Topno BTECH/10181/18 8877409983 Media and Publicity Coordinator
30. AakankshaSingh BTECH/10538/18 8298387092 Media and publicity coordinator
31. Aryan NarayanSingh IMH/10090/18 9639813942 ExecutiveMember
S.No. Major Activities (2020-21) Proposed Scheduled/Completion Date
1. Mentorship Drive 2 August - 8 August 2020 (Completed)
2. PlayEra 12 August - 23 August 2020 (Completed)
3. IPL Game Analysis/Prediction(Online) Sept’20
4. Chess League (Online) Nov’20
5. Smash Feb’21- March’21
6. Club Futsal March’21
7. Futsal April’21
8. Women’s Futsal April’21

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