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The Photographic Society (PSoc) holds the distinction to be one of the oldest student’s bodies of BIT, Mesra with its foundation dating back to 1964. Every year, more than 40 students are being inducted into the club after workshops, hands-on coverage, and guidance. The principal objective of the club is to promote the art and science of photography and video making among the students of BIT Mesra and help them develop their skills in this field. Our team comprises five different sub-teams namely coverage team, graphic design team, video team, social media team, and lastly, the web development team. One can reach us using the following URL

Some activities of the PSoc are highlighted hereunder:

• PSoc conducts field workshops and competitions. We have collaborated with Nikon and Tamron to bring professional educators for sessions on D-SLR handling and advanced Photography.
• The video team is the official after movie team of our annual fests.
• PSoc is responsible for covering BIT’s annual cultural event “Bitotsav” in its entirety. The official after movie of the event is also made by PSoc.
• Photographic coverage of all cultural and technical events held in the college is also done by the Psoc.
• Psoc has over 11.7k likes on its official Facebook page and over 2k followers on its Instagram page.
• Psoc conducts a two days Photo festival “Utkrisht” annually during October with numerous photo galleries, workshops, fun events, and photowalks.
• Psoc often holds live Instagram sessions with well-known photographers from all over the country.
Each milestone is marked by a moment of pride and celebration. Psoc cherishes the following achievements:
• Psoc alumni have been successful in converting their passion for photography into a profession, with successful start-ups like Clickwink Digitals, Ethereal Colours, etc.
• A short film produced by Psoc "The Virtual Trap" received an overwhelmingly positive response and conferred as the 3rd best film at the Chitra Bharati Film Festival, 2020, held at Ahmedabad.
• Psoc members have won many individual competitions at the intercollegiate level in Spring Fest, Mood Indigo, etc.
• Psoc conducted an online Photo Editing Workshop through Google Meet with the editing platform being Lightroom on August 22nd -23rd, 2020. Received an overwhelming response from more than 150 participants across India ranging from college students to school students who had actively participated in a two days event.
Message from Faculty Advisor
It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the Photographic Society (PSoc), BIT, Mesra. PSOC is one of the oldest student bodies and covers a larger student base. We are not only confined to BIT Mesra and have made our presence felt across the Nation.
At PSoc, we mainly focus on video editing, graphic designing, cinematography apart from the classic photography. We tailor a series of opportunities for you to develop techniques to get the best from your camera regardless of its simplicity or sophistication. So please come along and join us and become what might be a passing interest into a hobby, passion, or way of life to give you years of enjoyment and satisfaction.
Faculty Incharge
Dr. Priyank Saxena
Executive Body(2020-21)
Name Roll No Email Phone No Position
Ankitanshu Swaroop BE/10484/17 8368167864 President
Saurav Sah BE/10051/17 8271658650 Vice President
Komal Verma BE/10255/17 7905981441 Vice President
Arnab Bhattacharya IFT/10003/17 8240214083 Executive Member
Shivam Parasar IPH/10033/17 8969951296 Executive Member
Ashish Kumar BE/10089/17 8987586339 Executive Member
Uttam Kumar BTECH/10036/18 8652399765 General Secretary
Tanmay Gupta IFT/10002/18 9868990781 Joint General Secretary
Aayush Alkesh BTECH/10702/18 9757435944 Joint General Secretary
Manashvi Sharma BTECH/10458/18 8290402192 Treasurer
Anshuman Kumar BTECH/10655/18 8343821527 Joint Treasurer
S. No. Name of the Events Tentative Schedule
1. Online Photo Editing Workshop through Google Meet August 2020
2. Live Session on Instagram September 2020
3. Online Basic Photography Workshop through Google Meet September 2020
4. Online Basic Graphic Designing Workshop through Google Meet October 2020
5. Camera Handling Workshop on Campus January 2021
6. Utkrisht – Annual Photo Festival on Campus February 2021
7. Advanced Photography Workshop on Campus February 2021

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