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We, here at News and Publication Society, believe in unbiased and transparent coverage of all college-related events. It is always our endeavor to bring to our readers' news fresh and complete in detail. Whether it be a jazzy cultural extravaganza or a technical session of scientific importance, we make sure that we keep you updated on the goings-on in the various spheres that our institution is involved in. Besides the attractive opportunities on the academic front, the institute offers you a whole range of club activities. The lives of the students are defined by the student clubs they are a part of. At the News and Publication Society, we strive to ensure that every bit of life on this beautiful campus is portrayed with utmost sincerity, and our newsletter is the culmination of the same. Moreover, the many events organized by various clubs and societies that take place throughout the academic year help you develop skills outside of academics and also let you unwind from the routine life of classes and assignments.
The NAPS team consists of members across all batches and years, with all having one factor in common: journalism in blood. We report all that happens on campus, get the campus buzz to the outside media, share opinions on topics of general knowledge, and interview influential personalities that drop by in college. Our primary aim is to keep you updated and help you make the most of what your college has to offer you while also helping you make informed decisions through the experiences of people who have been successful in some of the other walks of life. This is the fourth pillar of BIT Mesra which highlights the technical activities of student's club/ student bodies and departments at local, national, and international levels with the support of online social media and media houses.
Message from Faculty Advisor
It gives me immense pleasure to welcome all of you to BIT. Over the years, we have built a heritage of prowess at BIT Mesra. We take gratification in being a university where every student can find an avenue for success and in being a community where everyone strives to find the best in themselves and others. At BIT Mesra, our entire staff works very hard to create a constructive abode where every person's distinctive strengths and talents are acknowledged. We have a culture of high expectations from students and staff alike, and it is our sincere goal that every one of our student graduates with a plan for the future and with the skills necessary to be successful in anything he/she does. The combination of focusing on our students' academic success as well as their social and emotional well-being creates an environment where our students do amazing things every year. We are proud of all the academic opportunities we offer our students. Many of our professors across various Departments of BIT Mesra are engaged in research projects on cutting-edge technology, funded by many organizations. As you advance in your academics, you might look for chances to get involved in some of these to get hands-on-experience of research and experimental work. I hope to see more active participation from your side in R&D work, which would encourage your upcoming juniors to do the same.
"A good beginning is half the battle won." At the beginning of this academic year, I hope that all the students will be able to set a goal for themselves and have the strength and determination to achieve it. Our goal is not only to promote literacy but also to inspire our students to use their education in daily life. We focus on enhancing students' ability to think critically and creatively, helping them become innovative problem-solvers and proficient communicators in the process. I am proud to be a part of this tradition of success that has been built over many years at BIT Mesra. With this, I would like to wish all the very best to all of you for your future endeavors.
Faculty Incharge
Dr. Vijay Nath
Executive Body(2020-21)
S. No. Name of Student Roll No. E-mail Mob. No. Position
1. Prashanta Purkayastha BE/10669/17 9101007489 President
2. Anchita Parna BE/10241/17 9931650916 Joint - President
3. Arya Shankar IMH/10028/17 8294999883 Vice - President
4. Alaap Bannerjee BE/10438/17 8617471399 Vice - President
5. Nisha Mandal IMH/10020/17 7779850537 Director
6. Aishwarya Priya BE/10299/17 9939505896 Editor - in - Chief
7. Farheen Fatima IFT/10004/17 9470309283 Editor - in - Chief + Media Head
8. Rachita Biswas BE/10165/17 7258888315 Interviews' Head
9. Faraz Khan BE/10110/17 8603401067 Events' Head
10. Debdeepa Karmakar BE/10490/17 7033047006 Events' Head
11. Nilay Nishit BE/10335/17 9930690715 Technical Head
12. Shreyansha Ranjan BE/10668/17 8583939601 Executive Member
13. Ruchira Misra IPH/10028/17 8900227234 Executive Member
14. Utkarsh Vardhan BTECH/10241/18 8809156505 General Secretary
15. Himanshu Shekhar BTECH/10323/18 6204102206 General Secretary
16. Apoorva Nanda BTECH/10438/18 7763037519 Treasurer
17. Priyanshu Pandey BTECH/10681/18 8269598160 Co- Treasurer
18. Kumar Sonu BTECH/10616/18 8210313695 Deputy Editor
19. Arpit Kujur BTECH/10547/18 7033175609 Deputy Editor
20. Triparna Roy BTECH/10657/18 8879272548 Media Coordinator
21. Nandini Mishra BTECH/10552/18 8252554692 Epistle Head
22. Ishita Shreshtha BTECH/10082/18 8210331347 Creative Content Coordinator
23. Bhavesh Chaturvedi BTECH/10699/18 9806813137 Interviews Coordinator
24. Tejaswini Singh BTECH/10049/18 7004826008 Events Coordinator
25. Vaibhav Raj Singh BTECH/10687/18 7525955719 Technical Coordinator
26. Himanshu Shekhar BTECH/10625/18 7050501822 Executive Member
27. Utkarsh Singh BTECH/10656/18 9169481412 Executive Member
28. Himanshu Bhardwaj BTECH/10635/18 9135159126 Executive Member
29. Atulya Arya BTECH/10466/18 6204595688 Executive Member
30. Daibi Moitra IMH/10066/18 7368052133 Executive Member
31. Anushk BTECH/10496/19 9717014004 Member
32. Ayush Mishra IMH/10062/19 6207185567 Member
33. Ayush Tripathi BTECH/10480/19 6387999849 Member
34. Himali Priya IMH/10093/19 9546635166 Member
35. Ichcha Roy IMH/10004/19 8597533818 Member
36. Mayank Beck BTECH/10459/19 7004949412 Member
37. Mugdha Sahu IPH/10015/19 9431151844 Member
38. Rishabh Thakur BTECH/10686/19 9521333248 Member
39. Sanjukta Roy Choudhury IPH/10032/19 6009229942 Member
40. Shashank Shekher BTECH/10705/19 7079844558 Member
41. Shivam Kumar IPH/10026/19 9523425411 Member
42. Sneha Pal BTECH/10419/19 7488882720 Member
43. Sumit Anand BTECH/10721/19 8294048906 Member
S. No. List of Major Activities (2020-21) Proposed Scheduled/ Completion Date
1. We The Bitians, Panel Discussion to share internship experience 10th August - 11th August, 2020 (Completed)
2. The Journalist Hour (Proposed) October – November 2020