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Leo Club is the student chapter of Lions Club International, is also a part of a global network of volunteers working together to make a difference, and its amenities stand for the moto- ‘Always Working for a Cause%27. Our mission is- %22To promote service activities among the students and to develop the individual qualities of Leadership, Experience and Opportunity. To unite its members in friendship, fellowship and mutual understanding.%22 We provide students an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local national and international community. Our aim is to diversify the vast energies of the youth towards constructive activities. We encourage the development of leadership qualities by participating in social service activities. Leo clubs are sponsored by Lions clubs and comprise an official program of Lions Club International.
LEO Club BIT Mesra works actively to help around the vortex of social issues. LEO Club withholds integrity and pride in doing what the hour demands. The club has provided to various districts around BIT Mesra as a contribution to help uplift the community around the college, the help maybe in the form of money, necessities or emotional support. The story of our club entails ‘passion and the want to work for the community%27, in our each and every member.
Message from Faculty Advisor
It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to BIT. Ever since its inception, BIT Mesra has paved ways for imminent figures, who have contributed in the development of the Nation. We at BIT, believe in working with our students in proximity, with a belief that this will ultimately help the students in their self-development and thus, achieving their goals. With an arsenal of technology at disposal, and a competitive environment, we strive at making our students industry ready, with ideas capable of changing the world. We have worked together as a part of a community for the betterment of the society around us for years, and have seen the college grow and prosper at the hands of such student bodies, who have made it their ultimate goal to understand and rejuvenate everything they have the power to change, taking up the responsibility of a better tomorrow. It has been an honour to have served in a remarkable institution like ours and in accordance with the finest faculty one could come across. I hope that the history of this institution and its accomplishments will be something to learn from for those who have walked in after. I hope this journey leads you to destinations that your heart desires.
Faculty Incharge
Dr. Rajeev Kumar
Executive Body(2020-21)
S. No. Name of Student Roll No. E-mail Mob. No. Position
1. Sneha Singh IPH/10035/17 7484864586 President
2. Devanshu Das BE/10619/17 8210111569 Joint - President
3. Kritika Halder IPH/10017/17 9471544492 Vice - President
4. Shreshth Gupta BE/10082/17 8687557555 Vice - President
5. Abhishek Minz BE/10186/17 9304864561 Vice - President
6. Shivani Baskey BPH/10052/17 8002222387 Director
7. Marshal Prakash BE/10102/17 9572189112 Director
8. Shivani Bitla BE/10487/2017 9199169027 Co-Director
9. Arpan Singh BE/10343/17 8252595944 Co-Director
10. Muskan Bharadwaj BE/10678/17 9162768349 Senior Events Head
11. Srijan Vaidya BPH/10041/17 8210061708 Senior Events Head
12. Ajay Ravilla BE/10317/17 7095311184 Design Head
13. Shivam Arya BARCH/10012/17 9470113530 Design Head
14. Arpan Mitra ICH/10002/17 6296574192 Senior Executive Member
15. Srishti Binwani BTECH/10007/18 6377762193 General Secretary
16. Tanay Goel BTECH/10696/18 7607073910 General Secretary
17. Vibhu Bhatia BTECH/10669/18 7705982980 Treasurer
18. Sidharth Kumar BTECH/10509/18 8986592979 Joint Secretary
19. Ayush Kumar BTECH/10493/18 9801524516 Co- Treasurer
20. Chayanika Goswami IMH/10060/18 6296930023 Events’ Head
21. Prachi Singh BTECH/10528/18 9102747501 Events’ Head
22. Dhriti Nirmal IMH/10018/18 6303117031 Publicity Head
23. Dhyan Hembrom BTECH/10189/18 9523952623 Resource Head
24. Sushant Raj BTECH/10255/18 9006780140 Resource Head
25. Aayush Alkesh BTECH/10702/18 9757435944 Design Head
26. Mehul Mayank IMH/10050/18 9708232752 Design Head
27. Arnika Kashyap IFT/10017/18 8638035739 Executive Member
28. Asmita Jha IMSC/10039/18 8130628505 Executive Member
29. Kislay Raj BTECH/10382/18 8986754969 Executive Member
30. Tanya Jha IMH/10062/18 9693894884 Executive Member
31. Ritesh Kumar BPH/10048/18 9631306272 Executive Member
32. Akash Anand IMH/10003/18 7766937457 Executive Member
S. No. List of Major Activities (2020-21) Proposed Scheduled/ Completion Date
1. Guard Your Goal 22nd June – 13th July, 2020
2. Cradles (Social Month) 11th July – 15th August, 2020
3. Murder Mystery November-December, 2020 (Proposed)
4. Deepotsav January, 2021 (Proposed)