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We at IETE BIT Mesra Students%27 Chapter are devoted to the advancement of Science and technology in electronics, telecommunication and IT sector. Our main objective focuses on advancing electro technology. We strive to establish a culture of electronics and telecommunication interwoven with the latest and evolving technologies. We impart knowledge related to Electrical and Electronic core for which we coherently conduct numerous workshops (like PLC, PCB), webinars, alumni talks, online skill tests, industrial visits and guest lectures. IETE never ceases to indulge their audience who are more inclined in evolving their technical skills in this flourishing and evergreen tech-world. Machine Learning, artificial intelligence and Open Source are some areas where our team has ardently tried to establish and provide an interactive platform for the interested students. To disseminate the knowledge in the curious minds of the campus, our social media handles are kept engaging with various quizzes, fun facts, games and many such events.
To encompass the thriving technologies in our organized activities, IETE has also ventured to collaborate with Google Developers Club (GDG) Ranchi and successfully organized “HacktoberFest” which showcased a complete dedication and competence from our members. The IETE executive body consists of members from both technical and non-technical branches. Our executive team is steadfast in its role of bringing new tech-related information and events to the table consistently. We try to include something new for everyone who is interested in either Electronics, Electrical core or IT. Our primary aim is to inculcate skills and knowledge related to these fields that will help the students to face myriads challenges in their working life. We bring to them experiences of our seniors who have been successful in their walks of life and help them gather insights about the work culture in theseindustries and learnings that they can take with them to their professional lives. Through CAT (Circuital Aptitude Test) that is organized every year for sophomore year students consisting of questions from aptitude and Technicalsections help them find out their areas of improvement which can be worked upon to give a firm base for the upcoming courses.
Message from Faculty Advisor
I am greatly enthusiastic to welcome you all to BIT Mesra. Over the years, we have built a heritage of prowess at BIT Mesra. We are immensely gratified in being a university where every student can find an avenue for success and in being a community where everyone strives to find the best in themselves and others. At BIT Mesra, our entire staff works very hard to create a constructive abode where every person%27s distinctive strengths and talents are acknowledged. We have a culture of high expectations from students and staff alike, and it is our sincere goal that every one of our student graduates with a plan for the future and with the skills necessary to be successful in anything he/she does. The combination of focusing on our students%27 academic success as well as their social and emotional well-being creates an environment where our students do amazing things every year. A multitude of opportunities are offered to our students. It is a matter of great pride that many of our professors across various Departments of BIT Mesra are engaged in research projects on cutting-edge technology, funded by many organizations. As you advance in your academics, you might look for chances to get involved in some of these to get hands-on-experience of research and experimental work. I hope to see more active participation from your side in R&D work, which would encourage your upcoming juniors to do the same. At the beginning of this academic year, I encourage all the students to set a goal for themselves and strive hard to achieve it. Our goal is not only to promote literacy but also to inspire our students to use their education in daily life. We focus on enhancing students%27 ability to think critically and creatively, helping them become innovative problem-solvers and proficient communicators in the process. I am proud to be a part of this tradition of success that has been built over many years at BIT Mesra.
It gives me immense pleasure to inform you all that along with some enthusiastic students I established the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) BIT Mesra Students%27 Chapter. I was determined to start a technology community for the students of BIT Mesra who wanted to explore and innovate in various technical domains like Electronics, Electrical and Telecommunication to name a few. Hence, the IETE family will be more than overjoyed to welcome more such technocrats so that we can learn, grow and excel together. With this, I would like to wish all the very best to all of you for your future endeavors.
Faculty Incharge
Dr. Gauri Shanker Gupta,
Executive Body(2020-21)
Designation Name Roll No. Branch Contact Email Id
President Ravish Jain BE/10418/17 Mech 9335036416
Vice President Vathsalya Reddy BE/10260/17 ECE 9494614098
Vice President Vishesh Sajgotra BE/10009/17 EEE 7889896493
General Secretary Vishal Gorai BTECH/10388/18 ECE 9973922722
Joint Secretary Vaishnavi Mishra BTECH/10160/18 EEE 9572385633
Joint Secretary ShrutiSomya BTECH/10162/18 CHEM 8252054502
Treasurer Piyush R Chauhan BTECH/10686/18 CHEM 9172436463
Joint Treasurer Mona BTECH/10452/18 EEE 9771398304
Member Vivek Shinde BE/10286/17 EEE 7972943197
Member Meet Joshi BE/10695/17 EEE 7728881290
Member SonaliChaourasia BE/10593/17 EEE 7295029667
Member Awanika BE/10301/17 ECE 8987463300
S. No. Event Classification Name of Events Proposed schedule
1. Online: It is a collaborative event between the AWS User Group Ranchi and IETE, Topic of the session :Introduction to AWS platform and AI on AWS Webinar: Introduction to AWS platform and AI on AWS (1 day) 19th July 2020
2. Online event Webinar Webinar on Scope in Electronics core and PLCs 9th August 2020
3. Workshop (to be conducted online) PLC (Programmable Logic Circuit) August 2020
4. Online Event Circuital Aptitude Test (CAT) (tests taken over a duration of 4 weeks) August -September 2020
5. Online Event Webinar: Introducing students to new skills and technologies required in industries. October
6. Workshop (to be conducted online) HacktoberFestWorkshop (3 days) October
7. Online Quiz TechDec (Technology based Quizzing event) December
8. Industrial Visit Industrial Visit: To gain an overview of Industrial working and practical knowledge February
9. Workshop (Offline or Online as situation permits) PCB Designing February- March 2020

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