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We are a congregation of tech aficionado trying to inculcate technological knowledge and programming skills in the student community. We have a vehement commitment towards new technologies and programming for the advancement of the society. Our ultimate goal is to feed the grey matter of our learners and aggrandize their dexterity in programming and other technical fields.
From the foundation of the Society of Telegraph Engineers in 1871 to the creation of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the primary motive of the world renowned organization has been to %22Inspire, Inform and Influence the global engineering community to engineer a better world%22. The IET On Campus, BIT Mesra has been an ardent supporter of this cause, with its indefatigable efforts to deliver information to the masses about the latest cutting edge technologies and scientific advancements. At the same time, we try to stimulate and rouse innovation and curiosity in the minds of students.
Our progressive vision is materialized through the multi faceted and proliferated seminars and workshops, well spaced throughout the academic year. We also provide active contributions to the annual techno-cultural fests of our institute, %22Pantheon%22 and %22Bitotsav%22. Since 2018, we also have been an organizer to East India’s largest student hackathon, %22Hack-A-BIT%22. Moreover, we continuously strive to bring academia in contact with the experience of the industry to create a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge.
Message from Faculty Advisor
Students come to a technical institute with the hopes of developing an applied and practical mindset. Software development is one field where such analytical skills are put to test quite often and students require guidance to learn it. In order to help them in achieving this goal through interactive student activities, we at IET, on campus BIT Mesra, strive hard to organize relevant events and workshops. We aim to provide highly inclusive, thought provoking and competent opportunities for all.
Faculty Incharge
Dr. Dileep Kumar Upadhyay
Executive Body(2020-21)
S. No. Name of Student Roll No. E-mail Mob. No. Position
1. Gyan Prakash Karn BE/10546/17 8051005416 President
2. Ankit Gupta BE/10027/17 8235562193 Vice-President
3. Abhishek Aryan BE/10130/17 7667855124 Vice-President
4. Jasbinder Singh Loomba BE/10226/17 8294621971 Director
5. Nikunj Agarwal BE/10092/17 8294645733 Sr. Executive Member
6. Archit Gupta BE/10320/17 7891840204 Sr. Executive Member
7. Shivam Raj BE/10106/17 9304163852 Sr. Executive Member
8. Amit Kumar Tiwary BE/10155 /17 9031187057 Sr. Executive Member
9. Rashi Gupta BTECH/10142/18 7667838880 General Secretary
10. Vaibhav Raj Singh BTECH/10687/18 7525955719 General Secretary
11. Aryan Khandelwal BTECH/10594/18 7906224093 Joint Secretary
12 Swapnil Ghosh BTECH/10281/18 6204369710 Joint Secretary
13. Krishna Pratap Singh BTECH/10093/18 7295931558 Treasurer
14. Soumyajit Behera IMH/10052/18 8984468201 Web-Master
15. Nehal Srivastava BTECH/10282/18 9430197988 Web-Master
16. Shubhangi BTECH/10111/18 9113398716 Event-Head
17. Sajal Shraddha BTECH/10239/18 8709628870 Event-Head
18. Abhilasha Sinha BTECH/10177/18 8789351376 Tech Lead
19. Tanmay Sinha BTECH/10491/18 7004910132 Tech Lead
20. Ishaan Gupta BTECH/10584/18 7506781228 Tech Lead
21. Abhay Charan Patro BTECH/10021/18 6362677092 Tech Lead
22. Kushal Srivastava BTECH/10205/18 7376664861 Tech Lead
23. Bhavya Kala BTECH/10481/18 9179273044 Tech Lead
24. Kanjal Dalal BTECH/10350/18 7600590613 Tech Lead
25. Rahul Harlalka BTECH/10229/18 9771314844 Tech Lead
26. Saksham Arora BTECH/10201/18 9599344676 Tech Lead
27. Atulya Arya BTECH/10466/18 6204595688 PRC
28. Rohan Nishant BTECH/10053/18 8292721595 PRC
29. Ritikesh Raj BTECH/10134/18 8809344321 PRC
30. Rishav Raj BTECH/10139/18 9955493463 Executive Member
31. Ayush Shah IMH/10014/18 6295793540 Executive Member
32. Sourav Jain BTECH/10317/18 6205337627 Executive Member
33. Vibhu Bhatia BTECH/10669/18 7705982980 Executive Member
34. Priyanshu Kumar BTECH/10377/18 9570141290 Executive Member
35. Tanweerul Haque BTECH/10590/18 9155220513 Executive Member
S. No. List of Major Activities (2020-21) Proposed Scheduled
1. BITSoC 25th July - 30 August
2. Online remote workshops on System Design 10th September - 10th October