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At IEEE, we believe in disseminating what we know and learning what we don%27t.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a non-profit professional association headquartered in New York City dedicated to advancing technological innovation. Founded on 1st January 1963, IEEE is the amalgamation of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) (the institute with prominent scientist members such as Thomas Alva Edison and Nikola Tesla) and Institute of Radio Engineers(IRE). IEEE is one of the leading standard making organizations in the field of electrical, electronics, telecommunication and computing industry with over 1100 active standards.
IEEE Student Branch BIT Mesra believes in a constant endeavour to inculcate among students the requisite knowledge to catch up with their peers across the global community. The club ensures this through quality workshops on contemporary topics and through events which are aimed at sharpening cognition among participants and organizers alike. A great combination of students from different branches not only increases the diversity of the club but also helps one to explore different aspects of engineering and even increases the scope of their knowledge.
Message from Faculty Advisor
It gives me immense pleasure to bring out the flyer of IEEE Students’ Chapter, BIT, Mesra and share my views with all of you. It is the identity which gives an indication of various activities of IEEE Students’ Chapter, BIT, Mesra.
Apart from academics, extracurricular activities are also important. By gathering only knowledge/information, the overall development of a student is impossible. All the students must be focused to utilize the gathered information to help people in different domains. Overall development is the need of the hour to enhance students’ ability in various aspects of life. Through individual contributions, one can discover their hidden talent towards building their career. The IEEE Students’ Chapter provides a platform to explore one’s talent, share their knowledge and experience in the form of technical events.
I congratulate all the new members of executive body and hope their endeavor would help the IEEE Students’ Chapter, BIT, Mesra to touch new heights.
I extend my gratitude to our Patron, Dr. I. Manna, Vice-Chancellor, Dr. S. Konar, Ex-vice Chancellor and Dr. Anand Kumar Sinha, Dean (SW), BIT Mesra for their constant guidance and valuable suggestion in various aspects.
I wish all the best wishes to each student to discover new hopes, aspiration and achievements to follow their dreams.
Faculty Incharge
Dr. Vijayalaxmi
Executive Body(2020-21)
S. No. Name of Student Roll No. E-mail Mob. No. Position
1. Nikunj Agarwal BE/10092/17 +91 8294645733 Chairman
2. Suyash Bhagat BE/10264/17 +91 8700093502 Vice-Chairman
3. Asmita Paul BE/10389/17 +91 96319 93631 Vice-Chairman
4. Saksham Arora BTECH/10201/18 +91 95993 44676 General Secretary
5. Anshuman Singh Bias BTECH/10496/18 +91 6377108449 Treasurer
S. No. List of Major Activities (2020-21) Proposed Scheduled
1. Mega Project Symposium 11th-13th Sept.2020
2. Cicada(Online Treasure Hunt) 9th-11th Oct. 2020
3. IEEE L.E.A.D( Learn Explore And Develop) 2.0 15th-30th Dec.2020
4. C/C++ Workshop 15th-17th Jan. 2021
5. Data Structures and Algorithms Workshop 12th-14th Mar. 2021
6. Lost Code 3.0 3rd Apr. 2021

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