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The Environment Protection and Awareness Club of BIT Mesra, popularly known as EPAC is a club whose sole motive to instigate the students of our campus to proactively contemplate about the detrimental effects on our environment in the current scenario. It has been observed that rapid urbanization, and industrialization has led to a serious global environment crisis. We, as a student body aim at, improvising the exisiting systems which lay in the favour of nature. We have started a plethora of initiatives in our lush green Institute campus to aid the upliftment of the environment and make the students aware of the repercussions of an unhealthy environment. With an objective to nurture nature in return to what all it has done for us, we selflessly carry out activities with paramount dedication and unequivocal semblance of ideas to save what has been ours for so many years. We work in consonance with the latest advancements in technology to bring about small differences which might lead towards a huge change.
As a club, we organize JSEF which is the Jharkhand Science and Environment Festival, the largest Science festival in the East Zone exclusively for the school students as we believe that they are the future torch bearers of the world. It is of utmost value to instill in them a sense of belongingness with the environment they grew up in. Apart from JSEF, we organize treasure hunts, online essay and poster making competitions, quizzing activities with the central focus on how to save Earth. All through these years, we have worked with devotion and unflinching dedication in every aspect that we could, our members hold the credit for introducing dustbins everywhere in the campus and switching to a non plastic campus for the very first time. These events have been monumental in laying the foundation of a club that makes sure that we prioritize our environment before anything else.
Message from Faculty Advisor
It is a matter of honor and immense pleasure to welcome you to this club. Since technical education in our country has become quite dynamic and competitive, institutions and individuals have to be ready and equipped with the required abilities and capacities to acquire the latest knowledge. Higher education is intended for innovative professional wisdom and make one lead a life in harmony and co-existence.
BIT Mesra is intended to improve the education to best of its quality through latest learning technologies with concurrent academia progress monitoring mechanism. Co-currilcular programs are the inseparable part of learning goals for today%27s progressive generation. BIT Mesra places strong emphasis to equip the students with knowledge and life skills. Our Institute endeavors to help students to generate innovative ideas, knowledge and skills requisite for social benefits.
Our university strategy is governed by four major goals - excellent teaching, students satisfaction, realistic research and social responsibility. Thus, our academic curriculum is designed to ensure continued teaching, learning, research and innovation. Accordingly, we have established different platforms where students can excel in. Students find the campus to be the best and the safest place to explore themselves and progress with the development phase of their lives. Our club provides a solid platform for environmental protection and awareness to students with main objectives to practice and follow what they learn in classrooms and laboratories. Hereby I welcome you all for joining this esteemed Institute and wishing you all the best for all your future endeavours.
Faculty Incharge
Dr. R. Naresh Kumar
Executive Body(2020-21)
S. No. Name of Student Roll No. E-mail Mob. No. Position
1. Shivam Malviya BE/10118/17 8003695313 President
2. Shikha Priya BPH/10001/17 7319777801 Vice President
3. Bhavesh Agarwal BPH/10008/17 8674837010 Vice President
4. Dhyan Hembrom BTECH/10189/18 9523952623 General Secretary
5. Samanvaya Reddy ICH/10001/18 7892635514 General Secretary
6. Anurag Rai BTECH/10498/18 8853612772 Treasurer
S. No. List of Major Activities (2020-21) Proposed Schedule (Tentative)
1. Jumanji V5.0 November 2020 (Duration - 1 Day)
2. Jharkhand Science and Environment Fest February 2021 (Duration - 1 Week)

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