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We, at Entrepreneurship Development Cell, are dedicated to fostering the culture of innovation-led startups and entrepreneurial mindset amongst students of our esteemed institution. We are a body of budding individuals, with interests in the financial and business world along with an aim to bridge the gap between innovations and opportunities and bring together seasoned entrepreneurs and students on a single stage in today’s labyrinth of evolving technology and business. We are proud flagbearers for all entrepreneurial activities in the college. With a variety of events, guest lectures, webinars and workshops organized throughout the year, we at EDC thrive to provide a plethora of opportunities to turn bright thoughts into ideas leading to the road to success.
The EDC team consists of members from all branches and years, all willing to change the world with ideas and innovations, one bit at a time. With several start-ups already functioning under the banner of the cell, our members have constantly proven that nothing is impossible if you have the perseverance to succeed and will power to strive continuously. Fostering its inveterate tradition to cultivate inventive start-ups and trendsetting ideas, EDC takes immense pride in hosting the annual entrepreneurial extravaganza of our college, E-Summit, the largest entrepreneurial fest in the whole state to escalate professional outreach and test the entrepreneurial panache through a plethora of opportunities, competitions and sessions sketched for participants from all walks. The Entrepreneurship Development Cell is thus that place in BIT which inspires and celebrates innovation along with promoting the buzz of entrepreneurship and creating an electric environment replete with eminent personalities and exuberant audience.
Message from Faculty Advisor
Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra has a long pedigree as institution par excellence for engineering and allied sciences. Our decades of experience in guiding and enlightening thousands of young minds to become world-class engineers, innovators and leaders have given us a storied history and alumni network second to none. But none of this would have had happened if we didn%27t provide them with an enterprising environment to inculcate them with an entrepreneurial spirit. The responsibility of providing such an environment on our campus falls on the capable shoulders of Entrepreneurship Development Cell, which strives to foster an open and inclusive system where everyone gets an equal opportunity to innovate, research, ideate, incubate and develop their dreams according to their vision.

Within a few years, the Cell has grown from a handful of members to a team of 80+ members who have shown their mettle in entrepreneurship, technology, research, management and innovation. Throughout the years, we have successfully organised numerous insightful guest lectures resulting in fruitful networks, enlightening workshops and exhilarating events helping students to better shape their future with a pragmatic plan. EDC has proved to be the perfect fusion of expediting innovative startups, generating ideas and inspiring novices to expand their vision and explore themselves. Our success isn%27t limited to our home base only but also across Jharkhand where numerous colleges under our guidance have established their E-Cells. As a culmination of all our time, energy and efforts we have put in promoting entrepreneurship, for the past three years we are organizing the %27E-Summit%27 a celebration of the spirit of entrepreneurship, the largest in the state of Jharkhand. The lessons gained from it has allowed us to emerge victorious in events such as E-SUMMIT%2717 (IIT Bombay) and BITOSA Shark Tank.

%22Don%27t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.%22 In the beginning, everyone aims to be the best, then settles for the good and at last, ends up mediocre. It is the drive to succeed and the efforts required to maintain that drive that separates the winners from the also-ran. I hope that all of you find in yourself the hunger for success and the thirst for knowledge that will set you upon the path of the extraordinary.
Faculty Incharge
Vishal H. Shah
Executive Body(2020-21)
S. No. Name of Student Roll No. E-mail Mob. No. Position
1 Utkarsh Mishra IMH/10051/17 8340235961 President
2 Khitij Yash BE/10510/17 9082499159 Vice President
3 Hritik Shubham IMH/10064/17 9123499293 Vice President
4 Ankur Gupta BTECH/10636/18 8957664851 General Secretary
5 Vedang Raj BTECH/10033/18 9905503894 General Secretary
6 Sharwadi Shatank BTECH/10280/18 9525288960 Treasurer
S.No. List of Major Activities (2020-21) Proposed Scheduled
1. E-SUMMIT’21 January 2021
2. Virtual Stock Simulation Octorber 2020
3. Workshops November 2020