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Firebolt Racing is the official off-road racing team of BIT Mesra. A team of 30 ardent automobile rookies from multi-disciplinary engineering streams make one of the most premier and well acclaimed automobile racing teams that is, in the country. Since the time of its inception, Firebolt Racing has nurtured love for automobiles in the students and fueled their passion for speed. With the knowledge of top-notch designing softwares and simulation techniques, ours has been a team riding high on perseverance and focus. We believe that a calm disposition and phlegmatic approach in times of adversity is of utmost importance in today’s world. Firebolt makes sure that in the course of venturing into a domain replete with setbacks and roadblocks, we come out as stronger individuals with a broader perspective in life. We constantly push our boundaries by learning new technical skills every year and using them to fabricate and design the All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) of our dreams. This very group, participates in an event called BAJA SAE INDIA which takes place at Pithampur, Indore, every year. The event sees a participation of more than 150 teams from colleges across India who clear various levels of preliminary inspection before competing in the final and the toughest round in Pithampur. The event comprises both management and technical type sub-events. We have a legacy of receiving laurels for our performance in BAJA SAE INDIA and as of now, stand as the 3rd fastest ATV in the country. Apart from BAJA SAE INDIA, we also participate in Mega ATV Championship and ESI International. We plan on taking our team abroad for BAJA SAE International if the resources and scenario permits. Along with hardcore technical prowess, we organize fun events in our fests and also conduct workshops all year long to instill a sense of understanding of automobiles amongst the students
Message from Faculty Advisor
It is a proud moment for us, at BIT MESRA to witness a multitude of students graduating every year with good grades and an even better outlook towards life. Our curriculum is such, that it ensures the holistic development of a student, be it academics or be it extra-curricular activities. We always stress upon the fact that every student is entitled to duties towards his nation, his elders, his family and then self. Following this hierarchy, we facilitate learning beyond the books to enable them to become great citizens of the country who in future, take steps to eradicate social stigmas, bring about an analytical change in thinking and inculcate ability to reason and question. It is here that all the club activities and responsibilities play a major role. Students venture out of their comfort zones and take up initiatives to bring about a change, which is very necessary at the age they themselves are. It is imperative to provide a platform which fastens the sharing of ideas and resolve conflicts amongst each other. BIT MESRA has had a legacy of nurturing the best minds in the country and continuing to be the torch bearers in the field of research and development. Firebolt Racing is one such medium, by means of which, students widen their technical domain knowledge and ensure that they represent the college in National and International competitions. I feel glad to have been associated with an institution of this stature and proud to have been a part of Firebolt Racing. The grandeur of the place is enough to take up a huge place in our hearts. I wish good luck to all my students for future endeavors
Faculty Incharge
Dr. Paritosh Mahata
+91 7607487861
Executive Body(2020-21)
Name Roll no. Phone No. Email ID Position
Utkarsh Raj BE/10096/17 9546156631 Captain
Y. Tarun Raghav BE/100513/17 9060673069 Vice Captain
Trishant Agarwal BE/10604/17 8016872980 Vice Captain
Student Activities Date
BAJA SAE INDIA 2021 Last week of Jan 2021
FMAE 19/02/2021- 23/02/2021

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