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Ehsaas is the ​ Dramatics society of ​ BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, MESRA​ . It has seen great heights since its inception. We are a group of 100+ Drama enthusiasts, and together we have represented BIT Mesra at ​ major Intra and Inter College fests across the Country. Ehsaas is one of the most active societies inside college too and Informative Workshops are also part of our pursuits.
Message from Faculty Advisor
“Art is an effort to create, beside the real world a more humane world” and with that musing, I want to take this window to welcome you to BIT Mesra on behalf of Ehsaas Dramatics Society. We are an institution that believes in educating students and helps them build a personality and hone their sense of individualism. We have unwavering faith that our students not only strive and reach for their goals academically and in life, but also that they graduate from the institute as ethical beings with a moral compass, a sense of righteousness and a predisposition to do the right thing and make a difference in the society. Along with excellent technical and scientific culture around the campus and the various opportunities we provide our students, we also ensure that recreational activities are given equal importance to strike a balance in the studious atmosphere and immense pressure of excelling in academic circle. BIT considers exposure to arts enormously valuable and for that, we have a plethora of options presented to you in the form of clubs and societies. I can assure you that this establishment not only encourages but also nourishes our student's dreams and aspirations. We promote our students to make use of various research and educational opportunities provided by the college and the various departments and engage the expertise of our sterling professors. I have full conviction that from the beginning of the academic year, like a skilled trapeze artist, our students will also grab the pole every time it is swung at them and never leave a chance to evolve and learn and carry forward the legacy of being a BITIAN. I wish you all the luck and perseverance you need to succeed in life as well rounded , groomed, and most of all good human beings.
Faculty Incharge
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Singh

Executive Body(2020-21)
Name Roll no. Phone No. Email ID Position
Chaitanya Tyagi BE/10517/17 7292022169 President
Muskan Srivastava BE/10011/17 7463990321 Joint-President
Soham Pankaj Antrolikar BE/10392/17 7307344144 Vice-President
Suraj Kumar BE/10055/17 8092504655 Vice-President
Event/Activity Date
1st Position, Street Play, Ensemble Valhalla, XLRI Jamshedpur 1st Nov. 2019
2nd Runners-up, Play, Ensemble Valhalla, XLRI Jamshedpur 2nd Nov. 2019
1st Runners-up, Street Play, Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay 26th-29th Dec. 2019
Play, Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay 26th-29th Dec. 2019
Student Activities Date
Musical skit, Induction for 2019 batch 13th Aug. 2019
Independence Day Street Play 15th Aug. 2019
Mime,Ek Shaam Desh ke Naam 15th Aug. 2019
Dramanite 30th Aug. 2019

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