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Name of the Student Bodies Faculty Advisor
   National Social Service (NSS) Dr.O.P Pandey
   National Cadet Corps (NCC), BIT Mesra Lt(Dr).K.K.Senapati
Association of Computer Machinery (ACM) Dr. Itu Snigdh
Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) Vishal H. Shah,Dr.R.Jha
Environment Protection and Awareness Club (EPAC) Dr. N.Kumari
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Dr. Ajay Kumar
The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Dr. Dileep Kumar Upadhyay
The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) Dr. Gauri Shanker Gupta
Robolution Dr.Binay Kumar
Team Firebolt Racing Dr. Paritosh Mahata
Team Srijan Dr. Somak Datta
Team Aveon Dr.S.S Tripathy
   Dance Club Dr.Supriti K
Music Club Prof Mrinal Pathak
Dramatics Society Dr. A.Naresh
    Fine Arts Society (FAS) Dr.P.Prasad
Leo Club Dr. Amit Sharan
Literary Society (LitSoc) Dr. Niraj.K.Singh
News and Publication Society (NAPS) Dr. Mrinal Pathak,Dr.S.Mishra
Photographic Society (PSOC) Dr. Priyank Saxena,Dr.D.K.Singh
Rotaract Club Dr.S.K.Mishra
Sports and Adventure Club Dr.S.P Singh
Aerospace Society Dr. Priyank Kumar
Society for Industrial Management and Engineering ( SIME ) Dr.L.N.Pattnaik
Unnat Bharat Abhiyan(UBA) Dr.Rajeev Kumar
Society for Data Science(SDS) Dr.Kirti Avishek,Dr.M.K.Pandey
   Finance Club Dr.A.P Sinha
   180DegreeConsulting Dr.A.Ghosh
   IE(I)Civil Dr.S.Chakraborty
   Indian Insti.Chemical Engineers(IIChE) Dr.A Mondal
(Society for Biotechnologists&Bioengineers(Biots) Dr.D.Prasad
SPIC-MACAY Dr.R.Chatterjee

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