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1. Analytical Services: 

Sample Preparation: The  CIF provides facilities and assistance in sample preparation to the users. 

Sample Analysis : The CIF carries out  analysis of samples received from researchers and provides spectra/results of analysis on routine basis.

Testing facility : The CIF caries out testing of quality of raw materials  and end products for industries.

Water Quality Testing  : The CIF carries out water quality testing as per the CPCB norms.

2. Short Term Courses/ Training Programmes : The CIF organizes the following types of short term courses/Training Programmes / Workshops on application and use of various instruments and analytical techniques for UG /PG  students, research scholars, faculty members, teachers and personnel from other academic institutions, R&D Labs and industries. Repair/maintenance and operation of sophisticated instruments for technicians.

3.  Consultancy  on analytical problems: The CIF  offers consultancy on solution to analytical problems including development of analytical methods for specific needs, sampling problems, spectrum analysis and interpretation of results etc. as well as on R&D problems/issues.

4. Repair and maintenance of high end instruments: The CIF personnel make a concerted effort to develop expertise to repair and maintain the high end instruments available with them.

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