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Email - sk.sinha@bitmesra.ac.in
Phone - 9304915953


 Research Projects/consultancy

1) Preparation and characterization of lithium titanate ceramics pebbles for breeder blanket application, Grant -Rs 12 Lakhs, Agency- BRFST (Dept. of Atomic Energy) Government of India, Duration-2007 to 2010.
2) Preparation and characterization of modified lithium titanate ceramics for low activation energy, Grant -Rs 30 Lakhs, Agency- BRFST (Dept. of Atomic Energy) Government of India, Duration-2010 to 2013.
3)Consultancy -Atmospheric plasma for food Processing Technology, Grant -Rs 6.5 Lakhs, Agency- NMFP (Dept. of Food processing) Government of India, Duration-2013 to 2015.
4) Preparation and charecterization of lithium titanate cathod for battery application, Grant-Rs 0.80 Lakh, Agency- SMS project, BIT Mesra.


Indian Patent filed on “ Waste materials composites as NPK fertilizer” (Application No- 201731042729)

Publications in International Journals

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