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Abhimanyu Dev

Dr. Abhimanyu Dev is basically a Molecular Biologist and having a Pharmaceutical Biotechnology specialization at his post graduate level. During his master’s internship in a reputed CSIR laboratory at Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow, he worked in the area of cloning and expression of ribosomal proteins for development of suitable vaccine in mycobacterium tuberculosis. During his doctoral research, he has worked on the topic entitled “Development of Micro encapsulation of Vibrio Cholerae and its Proteins to Study the Immunological Importance as Oral Vaccine”. In his doctoral research work, he worked on the development of various formulations using various drug delivery polymers like chitosan, HPMC & sodium alginate. He has long expertise in development of drug delivery devices either for natural antigens or chemically derived therapeutic molecules using Carbon Dots, Polymeric Nanoparticles such as Gold or Silver Nanoparticles, Nanoemulsion, Liposomes, Niosomes etc. Recently, his research group has shifted its focus on development of diagnostics for viral infection like dengue and identification of suitable anti tubercular target using bioinformatics and Insilco docking studies for the discovery antitubercular therapeutic moiety through the concept of repurposing. Besides number of research publications to his credit in national and international journals, He has published number of book chapters of international repute. He has completed one Government of India sponsored project as principal investigator and currently handling two government of India sponsored research projects as co-principal investigator. His current DST-SERB sponsored research grant as Principal Investigator has added new domain to his feathers for the development of diagnostic kit against COVID 19.