Dr. Sudipta Goswami

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Email - sdptgoswami@bitmesra.ac.in
Phone - 9431991789

Research Grants

Completed Sponsored Projects:

  • Principal investigator’ of the project entitled “Study on PS/PP and PS/PE blends with Improved Weldability” sponsored by UGC, Govt. of India, from 1998 to 2000, project no.- F 14-7/98(SR-1) (Rs.5.5 lacs)
  • ‘Principal investigator’ of the project entitled ‘Interpenetrating Networks based on Hydrophilic-Hydrophobic Acrylics’, sponsored by DST, Govt. of India, 2010-2013, project no.-SR/FT-ET-002/2009 (Rs. 10.2 lacs)
  • ‘Co-investigator’ of the project entitled ‘Development of Infrastructure for Polymer blends and Nano-Composite Laboratory’ supported by FIST, DST, Govt. of India,2010-2013,(Rs.65 lacs)
  • Developer of the subject Polymer Science and Technology in National Mission Project on Education through ICT under Developing Suitable Pedagogical Methods for Various Classes, Intellectual Calibers and Research in e-learning-Pilot phase-Coordinated by IIT, Kharagpur, Ministry of Human Resource development Govt. of India,2013