Dr. Swarupkumar Y. Jejurkar

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Email - swarup@bitmesra.ac.in
Phone - +91 99356 49852

My Research Activities at BIT Mesra

We have initiated work on the following topics focused on micro thrusters, beginning Mo-2021.


  1. With Yogesh S (MT/SER/10012/20): Study of a micro thruster based on catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide
  2. With Rahul Dubey (MT/SER/10015/20): Study of fuel film cooling during pulse firing of a bipropellant micro thruster
  3. With Mohini Priya K (MT/SER/10016/20): Investigation of deflagration-to-detonation transition for application in micro thrusters


Last Updated on: 8 August 2021