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List of Publications


  1. Sharma, S., & Vijayvargiya, S. (2022). An optimized neuro-fuzzy network for software project effort estimation. IETE Journal of Research, 1- 12.,, Taylor & Francis. (Web of Science - SCIE & Scopus Indexed, UGC Care List Group II)
  2. Sharma, S., & Vijayvargiya, S. (2022). Modeling of software project effort estimation: a comparative performance evaluation of optimized soft computing- based methods. International Journal of Information Technology, 1-10., Springer, Singapore. (Scopus & ProQuest Indexed, UGC Care List Group II)
  3. Hemraj Saini, Madan Mohan Agarwal, Mahesh Chandra Govil, Madhavi Sinha (2021).Design of fuzzy controlled routing protocol to save energy in ad hoc networks, International Journal of Services Technology and Management, 27(1- 2), pp:51-71, Scopus (Elsevier)
  4. Sharma, S., & Vijayvargiya, S. (2021). Soft Computing Approaches for Software Project Effort Estimation (SPEE) - A Review. International Journal of Grid and Distributed Computing, 13(2), 1788 -1799. ( Web of Science - ESCI Indexed, UGC Care List Group II)
  5. Sharma, S., & Vijayvargiya, S. (2020). Enhancing Software Project Effort Estimation (SPEE) Using Neuro-Fuzzy System. Solid State Technology, vol.63 (6), 2986-2998.
  6. Kashinath Chandelkar and Piyush Gupta. “India towards Global Ranking standards: A move towards data Curation” International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE) , Scopus Indexed Journal, Vol. 9, Issue.3, Jan. 2020
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  8. A Kumar , Madhavi Sinha (2019).Design and development of new framework for detection and mitigation of wormhole and black hole attacks in VANET, Journal of Statistics and Management Systems 22 (4), PP: 753-761,
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  10. Anju Sharma, Madhavi Sinha, 2019, A differential evolution-based routing algorithm for multi-path environment in mobile ad hoc network, International Journal  of  Hybrid  Intelligence,   volume   1,   Issue   1,         pp 23-40, DOI: 10.1504/ IJHI.2019.099670
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  4. Rinkey,.Piyush Gupta ,.Archana Bhatnagar,” Performance Analysis of E-Learning Websites Using Online Tool”, Volume 6(2), pp:662-668,April 2018
  5. Vishwambhar Pathak, Prabhat Mahanti , Analysis of Directional Functional Connectivity During Perceptual Decision Making Using Autoregressive Immune System, Journal of Next Generation Information Technology (JNIT), 9(1), 22-31, Convergence Information Society(CIS), Korea, 2018
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  7. Seema Gaur, Praveen Dhyani, Vishwambhar Pathak, Reformation of Co-Author Communities with Metagraph, International Journal of Engineering Science Invention (IJESI), 7(3), 47-50, e-ISSN: 2319 – 6734, 2018



  1. Vishwambhar Pathak, Prabhat K Upadhyay, Vivek Gaur, Deep Learning Framework for Causal Connectivity based Epileptic Neuromarkers from Multi- channel EEG, ACCS8: 8th Annual Conference of Cognitive Science, 20-22 Jan 2022, Amrita Mind Brain Center, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapitham, Amritapuri.
  2. Kashinath Chandelkar, Piyush Gupta “Technology Enhanced Learning: A simulated cloud based initiative for smart university” Accepted for publication in IEEE Explorer, Scopus Publication, IconDSC, Christ University Bangalore, 1-2 march 2019


Book Chapter

1. Sharma, S., & Vijayvargiya, S. (2021). Applying Soft Computing Techniques for Software Project Effort Estimation Modelling. In Nano-electronics, Circuits and Communication Systems, vol. 692, pp. 211-227, Springer, Singapore. (Scopus Indexed, UGC Care List Group II)

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