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Electrical Machine Lab
•    DC Series/ Shunt / Compound Generators-DC Motor set
•    DC Series/ Shunt Motors with mechanical load
•    Single-phase and Three Phase Transformers
•    Single Phase and Three Phase Induction Motors
•    Synchronous Generator and Synchronous Motor
•    Cut Section of DC/ AC Machines

Power System Lab
•    Synchronization panel with generators
•    Air Circuit Breaker (Digital Trip Relays) Industrial Setup 
•    Numeric Relay with Test Kit
•    Over current relay-Test Kit
•    Transformer Differential Protection
•    Transformer Oil Test Kit
•    Transmission Line Setup

Control System Lab
•    Qaunser QNET DC Motor 2.0 board for NI ELVIS
•    Quanser QNET Rotary Inverted Pendulum board for NI ELVIS
•    Quanser QNET 2.0 VTOL Board for NI ELVIS
•    Quanser QNET Energy Conversion board for NI ELVIS II/II+
•    Data Acquisition Card (DAQ)
•    DC Motor / AC Servomotor Study kit
•    PI Controller kit/ Linear System Simulator Kit
•    DC Motor Speed Control/ DC Motor Position Control kit

Power Electronics Lab
 Micro-Lab Box
•    dSpace 1104 with controller
•    Mosfet, Triac, Step up/down chopper and single phase PWM Inverter units
•    Variable DC Power Supply
•    Speed Control of Three - Phase Induction Motor using 3 - phase VSI
•    R, RC, UJT Triggering of SCR
•    IGBT Characteristic/ MOSFET Firing Circuit /Single - phase fully controlled Rectifier
•    Cycloconverter, AC Voltage Controller, Three - phase fully controlled Rectifier

Measurement and Instrumentation Lab
•    Strain Gauge
•    LCR Qmeter
•    Bridge/ Dielectric Constant/ Transducer/ Temperature units
•    Dual Channel Oscilloscope
•    Spectrum Analyzer

Basic Electrical Engineering Lab
•    Measuring Instruments: AC and DC Voltmeters, AC and DC Ammeters, Wattmeters, Multimeters, Dual Channel Oscilloscope, Power Factor meter, Synchroscope.
•    Electrical Elements: Single Barrel Rheostats/ Inductors/Capacitors.
•    Loads: Star/ Delta connected Lamp Loads, Single - phase Resistive/ Capacitive/ Inductive Loads

Simulation Lab Major Software
•    MATLAB 2018a
•    Power World Simulator
•    PSIM
•    LabVIEW
•    ETAP
•    PSCAD

Last Updated - 7-Jun-2023