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Department has state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with advanced equipment and software essential in the field of Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics to cater the postgraduate students and Research Scholars.

Department has the following laboratories.

  • Geographic Information System Laboratory.
  • Digital Image Processing Laboratory.
  • Digital Photogrammetry Laboratory
  • GPS and Satellite Navigation Laboratory
  • Cartography and Image Interpretation Laboratory.
  • Analog Photogrammetry Laboratory.
  • Map Production and Reprography Laboratory
  • RS Research & Project Laboratory – I.
  • RS Research & Project Laboratory – II.

Equipment in the above laboratories includes the following significant hardware and software.

Hardware     Software
   Leica Total Station       Arc GIS   
    Trimble Juno SB (GPS)        Erdas Imagine   
    Trimble Geo XT (GPS)        WMS    
    Leica GPS GS20        Voxler   
    Laser Range Finder         Terrset    
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone) with Optical and Thermal Sensor        Pix 4D    
    Soil Moisture Meter        Arc GIS Pro   
    Leaf Area Index Meter        ENVI   
    Spectro-Radiometer        Leica Photogrammetry Suit   
    Sunphotometer     MATLAB   
    Ground Penetrating Radar     Intergraph Edu Kit
    Digital Camera        
    Signal Stacking Resistivity Meter        

    High-End Workstations

     Desktop Computers  
     Smart Board  


Last Updated - 28-Jul-2022