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The Department houses one Instrumental laboratories with state of the art instruments. Along with this it has a complete computational and molecular modelling laboratory with thirty-six computers, which are connected by LAN. Various molecular modelling software from Schrodinger and Fujitsu has been installed in the laboratory. Wi-Fi facility is also available in the Department for easy accessibility of internet and intranet by students and staff.

Infrastructure added to the existing facilities include -

  1. Microwave Organic Synthesis system
  2. Milli Q Water Purification Unit (Millipore)
  3. Non Invasive Blood Pressure System
  4. Plethysmometer
  5. Randal Selito Instrument
  6. Electro von frey Instrument
  7. Table Top anaesthesia machine
  8. Operon Lyophillizer
  9. Camag HPTLC
  10. Agilent Preparative HPLC
  11. Buchi Rotary Evaporator
  12. Rectangular Maze
  13. Stanford Precision Melting Point Apparatus
  14. FlexX Molecular Modelling software
  15. Scigress Explorer 7.7 Ultra
  16. Statistica
  17. ADME Works 3.0
  18. Graph Pad Prism

List of Major Instruments

Last Updated - 13-Feb-2024