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The Department of Production and Industrial Engineering at Birla Institute of Technology has following major laboratories and central workshop to impart the state of art knowledge to the students in the field of production and Industrial engineering 

LABORATORIES:                                                           CENTRAL WORKSHOP
•  FMS and Robotics                                                       • Pattern making shop
• Metrology                                                                     • foundry shop
• Metallurgy                                                                    • Welding shop
•  Manufacturing Mechatronics                                         • Forging shop
• Work Study  & Ergonomics                                            • Machining shop
• Metal forming       
• Machine tool   & Automation     
• Non Traditional Manufacturing 

A number of sophisticated equipments are available in these laboratories/ shops, which not only being utilized for the training of undergraduate and postgraduate students but also utilized for the Research work of the department and giving support to the other research work going in the institute. These facilities are also being utilized for supporting the medium and small scale industries situated in and around Ranchi.



Some of the major equipments available in the department are as follows:


i) Flexible Manufacturing Systems & Robotics

FMS is an integrated, computer controlled, automated manufacturing system covering material handling system, CNC machine tools, inspection, storage and retrieval system that can simultaneously process medium-sized volumes of a variety of parts.
The FMS lab provides excellent facility, equipment, and information systems for hardware-based experiments, computer-based modeling, simulation and analysis and education.

ii) VMC 800M 5-axis Machining Center

  The 5-axis CNC milling-machines are used for manufacturing extremely complicated geometries, such as a human head can be made with relative ease with these machines. This machine is widely used in defense and automobile sector. They are used for finishing the product made out of rapid prototyping

ii) Wire EDM
In order to impart flexibility in the manufacturing process wire EDM can play a very important role in manufacturing complex items. It is completely computer controlled and the hardened materials can be easily processed with substantial ease and satisfactory levels of accuracy. A sophisticated Indian make Maxi cut Wire EDM machine has been installed in the nontraditional manufacturing laboratory.

iii) Laser Cutting and Welding Machine
Laser machining is an important nontraditional manufacturing application. It is becoming more and more popular due to its flexibility, accuracy and ease of operation. One laser-processing machine set has been mounted in the nontraditional laboratory of the department. The machine can be used for welding, drilling, cutting, cladding, hardening, of different materials and composites.

iv) Water Jet Machining
Water jet machining is also one of the important nontraditional manufacturing processes. A full-fledged hydraulically controlled abrasive water jet machine has been installed in the department of Production Engineering funded under the AICTE project. This machine is suitable for cutting hard material and very soft material. In future the system will be developed as a cutting tool for Indian mining industry. 


Last Updated - 22-Feb-2022