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Some important research achievements of the Department are in the field of forming Technology for New Materials, Manufacturing Automation & Robotics for specific Tasks and Work Space Design Considering Ergonomic Parameters.

The main areas of interest in Research are-

            Manufacturing Technology related works

           1. Production of Metallic Foam 
2. Microwave-assisted manufacturing processes         
3.Incremental sheet metal forming 
Production of Aluminium Nano Metal Matrix Composite 
Micromachining of metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites, and analysis of machining quality, performance, and process efficiency. 
6. Welding of metals, polymers and hybrid structures and analysis of weld efficiency, weldability, mechanical performance of the weld. 
Semi-Solid Metal Processing 
Additive Manufacturing  
Surface Engineering 
Fabrication of composite material through powder metallurgical routes

Industrial Engineering

          1. Sustainable supply chain for perishable materials
 2. Lean manufacturing and fuzzy theory applications to reverse engineering 
3. Value Stream Mapping 
4. Modular Product Development 
5. Industry 4.0 

Patent Granted : 

Name of the PatentAluminium Metal Foam and a process for Preparation thereof

Patent grant date 09.06.2020.

Patent No  Indian Patent  vide no. 338236

Inventor: Joyjeet Ghose, Vinay Sharma & Surender Kumar

 Projects Completed:


Funding Agency Project Title Funding Amount ( in Lakh) Funding Year Duration (in Years) Status


Development of CAM Lab

12 1995-96 2 C

Process Automation in Steel Industry

5 1996-97 2 C

Agile Manufacturing Technology

4.12+PA 1997-98 2 C

Effect of Ergonomic Status of Industrial works in Tribal area of Production

10 1998-99 2 C


Design and allocation of work under extreme environmental conditions

6.5 1998-99 3 C

Formability of Sintered Preforms

18.3 1998-99 2 C

Water Jet Technology Lab

10 1998-99 3 C

Modernization of laboratory

08 1998-99 2 C

Development of Manufacturing System Design Lab

05 1999-00 2 C


Centre for Advanced Material Processing

49 2001 5 C

Development of manufacturing Mechatronics Laboratory

12 2001 2 C

Electro Chemical Machining

5 2002 2 C


Deformation and Fracturing Behaviour of Metallic Foams

20 2006 3 C


Creating infrastructural facilities for training and research in precision forming.

32 2007 5 C


Centre for Advanced Material Processing

110 2008 5 C


Enhancing productivity and competitiveness of rural brassware manufacturing units of Jharkhand state through cluster development.

3.5 2008 3 C


Microwave Assisted Welding

5.55 2013 3 C
State Govt.

Time and Motion study for payment of waged to workers in the Jharkhand state under National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005(NREGA). The model developed is being used for fixing wages under MNREGA

10 2005 1 C

Book Published :

1. Tool Design, SIE, 5th Edition, Cyril Donaldson, George H. LeCain, V. C. Goold, Joyjeet Ghose, McGraw-Hill Education, 2017, ISBN 9789352605798

2. Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials, Sixth Edition, SI Edition, Serope Kalpakjian, Steven R. Schmid, SI Edition Contributions By Joyjeet Ghose, Pearson, 2018, ISBN 978-93-530-6291-0



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