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There are four different student bodies in the department to manage the various student activities:

• The Student Activity Forum (SAF) is responsible for organizing extracurricular events.
• The Academic Forum (TAF) looks after the academic activities and ensures smooth student-faculty relations.
Team Sustainability coordinates the social and other extension activities of the department.
Team Media & PR is responsible for bringing out the quarterly newsletter cum magazine, Mange-A-BIT, managing alumni relations and handling social media pages of the department.

The SAF, TAF and Team sustainability over the last few years have greatly contributed to taking the department forward.

Students Activity Forum
The key to a successful Management programme is through practical implementation of the theoretical learning. This student body contributes to achieving this goal. SAF organizes a series of innovative extracurricular intracollege and intercollege events throughout the year. It provides a platform to the students to inculcate a practical approach to solving management problems.

The Academic Forum
To strengthen classroom learning and complement the objectives of the courses, The Academic Forum in coordination with the faculty members, keeps organizing various events throughout the year. These events include guest lectures, panel discussions, industrial visits, sessions for technical skill improvement, soft skills classes and pre-placement training.

Team Sustainability
Professionalism infused with humility. This is what makes a successful leader. And thus, Team Sustainability came into existence with its motto to infuse humility into the budding manger through various activities that it plans out to uphold the essence of CSR in professional way. IT was associated with prestigious UNESCO MGIEP DICE program this year.

Team Media & PR
A new body established with the motive to reach out to our alumni and create a platform where everyone can join us. Media & PR is tasked with quarterly publication of departmental newsletter and magazine and to build a platform where everyone can join us, managing sustainable relations with alumni and liason work of department. It is also tasked with to build the brand image of department along with handling of departmental social media pages and website. There are Three teams working under Media & PR. They are:

  • Manage-A-BIT, Quarterly Newsletter Cum magazine of the department
  • Alumni Communications, Alcom
  • Socia Media Team





Last Updated - 14-Jun-2023