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Guest Lecture

Ms. Sanchita Mukherji


''A person either disciplines his finances or his finances disciplines him.'' ― Orrin Woodward.
The Department of Management, BIT Mesra was delighted to host an Expert Talk on Financial Literacy on 8th February 2022. The speaker for the session was Ms. Sanchita Mukherji . Sanchita Mukherji is the Co-Founder and Partner of Blue Edge is a transformative business leader & entrepreneur having 20 years of experience in Private Banking with banks such as HSBC Bank, HDFC Bank. She is also a renowned panelist in various media channels, both financial and general.
Ms. Sanchita unfolded the session by emphasizing the skills that are required for being a quality financial literate. Then, she discussed the Time Value of Money (TVM) and explained the concept that the money you have now is worth more than the identical sum in the future due to its potential earning capacity.
During the session, She also discussed career planning in the subject of finance in a unique approach, as well as the many career opportunities accessible in the industry.


Miss Mridula Shekhar


The Department of Management, BIT Mesra, was delighted to host Ms. Mridula Shekher who conducted a webinar on the concept of "Digital Marketing". She is one of the most eminent alumni (1999-2000) of the Department of Management BIT Mesra, Ranchi. She started her career as an executive assistant in TATA Steel and was promoted to Head of Retail Marketing. Currently, she is head of marketing at JCB India.  

She shared the core digital marketing values and the crux required to gain a competitive advantage over our competitors by using digital marketing tools. She spoke about how to impact and achieve the consumers' attention and how digital marketing influences buying a product. She also described how to gain insight from the collected data and plan to acquire more promising results. It was an insightful and engaging session; we thank her for giving us her valuable time and look forward to more of such enriching sessions with her in the future.


Mr. Raj Vardhan

An online academic session on the topic" Direction setting: The Corporate Core Process" was organized by the Department of Management, BIT Mesra under the chairmanship of Mr. Raj Vardhan, Independent Director of Mcleod Russel India Ltd and Ex.Sr.Vice President of Olam. He is one of the eminent alumni of The Department of Management.
Mr. Raj commenced the session by providing students an insight into the corporate process framework he would discuss as a must to know for every MBA student. He stated that an organization requires this framework once it becomes significant, complex, and scaled.
The session focused on- The Olam Way, which is Olam's business model. Olam is a significant food and agribusiness company operating in 70 countries, with its HQ in Singapore. Olam is amongst the largest suppliers of cocoa beans.
He motivated the students by sharing his learning over the years and urged the students to build a feeling of entrepreneurship and be proactive.
Towards the end, he answered all the queries of the students. He concluded by saying, " You must know how to pitch yourself as what makes you different from others, and you have a wide canvas, so do your best."

The session was informative and interactive. We thank Mr. Raj for his time and look forward to such an enriching session with him in the future.

Webinar: No-Code Citizen


The Department of Management, BIT Mesra, in association with Quixy team, hosted a “No-Code Citizen development” awareness workshop.
The workshop was conducted by Mr. Vivek Goel who is an esteemed alumnus of our college. He created awareness on how to use digital technologies to create a well-organized digital business model. He also introduced us to digital solutions based on visual and No-code platforms like drag & drop, cloud or on-premise, citizens developers, etc.
Quixy is a cloud-based, user-friendly digital transformation platform that enables individuals to create customized business applications without prior coding knowledge expeditiously. These technologies aid easy integrations and one-click deployments, and these tools can help build websites, applications and automate processes. The workshop provided a lot of insights to the students and introduced the No-code world in a simple manner.

Alumni Webinar Series

Mr. Aloke Singh, CEO of Air India Express

On the second day of the orientation, the fresh batch had an opportunity to interact with our distinguished alumnus Mr. Aloke Singh, CEO of Air India Express. Subsequently Mr. Praveen Shrivastava- Hostel and mess in charge also introduced the new batch to BIT Welfare Society, a student's society founded on 23rd October 2017.
Then, the ex-core members of various student bodies addressed the new batch and explained their work and responsibilities.


Mr. Pranay Mital, Chief Operating Officer, Global Midmarket & SME Business at SAP

The Department of Management was delighted to host a webinar under “The Alumni Webinar Series” by Mr. Pranay Mital an alumnus of MBA 1991-93 batch, currently serving as Chief Operating Officer, Global Midmarket & SME Business at SAP and previously working with ITC Ltd. and Bharat Petroleum, with experience of working in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.A.
He mentioned the strong values and principles imparted to him during his management studies in BIT Mesra. He urged students to enjoy their studies and advised them to focus and build a strong base in whichever domain they chose. In this regard, to quote him, “Fundamentals work better than complex things.” Mr. Mital emphasized the importance of hard work in achieving success and asked students to make minor improvements and push themselves towards betterment.
During the session, he interacted with the students. Answering a question of a student, he said "For performers, job security is not an issue. They will excel in whichever field they step in."

We thank him for his time and looking forward to such enriching sessions with him in the future.

Miss Jayita Sarkar, HR Director at PayPal.


In the endeavour to mark the starting of a transformational journey, The Department of Management, BIT Mesra, was delighted to host Miss Jayita Sarkar for ‘The Alumni Webinar Series’ on July 8, 2021. She is currently working as the HR Director at PayPal, USA. The session commenced with a brief introduction about her responsibilities as an HR director and her journey. She motivated the students to be prepared for changes, decide how to steer their careers, and take them to greater heights. She primarily focused on questions like "How can students prepare themselves to face the challenges of the corporate world?” and “What are the skill set one must inculcate to succeed in the future as a manager?” She also motivated the students by sharing her learnings over the years while putting forth her observations. She urged the students to work hard, enhance their communication skills, master their business skills, and stay focused on doing significant work. Overall it was a very engaging and interactive session.

We thank Miss Jayita for her time and look forward to such engaging sessions with her.



Mr. Raj Vardhan, Independent Director of Mcleod Russel India Ltd.


Mr. Raj Vardhan showed his commitment and generosity to his alma mater and addressed the students through a virtual webinar. Mr. Raj Vardhan is an illustrious alumnus of the Department of Management, BIT Mesra. He is an industry stalwart currently on the board of McLeod Russel India Ltd., one of the world’s largest tea producers as its Independent Director. He is also the President of IFAMA.
He motivated the students to be the best version of themselves. Illustrating his journey through his life experiences and the choices he made, he encouraged the students to stay determined. He concluded by saying “Success is not a destination or the end of the journey. It lies along the pathway and is a function of how well one has traveled on that pathway.”
He imparted his practical knowledge and interesting perspectives to the new students and answered all the queries that were raised. Answering one of the questions of a student, he said "Courage is the most important thing a person must have to become an entrepreneur."
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to him for his time.


Mr. Pulkit Trivedi, the Director of Google Pay, India.




The Department of Management was grateful to host a webinar by Mr. Pulkit Trivedi an alumnus of the 1996-98 Batch. He is currently the Director of Google Pay, India.
In the one-hour session, he emphasized three extremely valuable career lessons. Firstly, the students should always have an open mind and not be handcuffed to one particular mindset. Diversity is the key to success. Secondly, he insisted on taking ownership for gaining knowledge and enhancing soft skills like communication skills, analytical skills, etc. Lastly, students should be responsible ambassadors of their college and have to initiate the change they want to see.
Towards the end, he had a short interaction with the students.
The session was packed with valuable information and career lessons. We are looking forward to more such enriching sessions with him.

Ripudaman Magon, CEO of Natural Support Consultancy Services Private Limited and Director of Conserve Info Tech (P) Ltd. 


"Alumni are the building blocks of every Institution" 

In this respect, The Alumni Committee of the Department of Management, BIT Mesra was delighted to host Mr. Ripudaman Magon an alumnus of the 1989-91 Batch. He is currently working as CEO of Natural Support Consultancy Services Private Limited and Director of Conserve Info Tech (P) Ltd. Prior to that, he was the Associate VP at HCL Info system Ltd.

He recounted his journey from campus to corporate and provided valuable insights to the incoming batch. He inspired them to celebrate their success whilst ignoring failures and embark on the path of knowledge. He urged the budding managers to be an achiever. "Think big to beat world powers” was the motto upon which Mr. Magon laid his emphasis. Towards the end, he answered all the queries of the students on digitalization, entrepreneurship, and many more. Overall the session was informative and very enriching.


Online Guest Lecture Series by Mr. Shiva Botchu, Associate Director, CS & AD, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC

The Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, Ranchi organized lectures by Mr. Shiva Botchu. He is an esteemed BIT Mesra alumnus of (MBA 2001- 2003). Mr. Botchu have over 16 years of diverse experience working with financial services, retail and Publishing clients in North America, Europe and India. Mr. Shiva has extensive experience in CIO / CTO advisory, Managing Transformational Engagements, Digital strategy, Operation model, Enterprise architecture. The lectures focused on to equip students with the latest theory and practices of IT. He discussed about IT Operating model, Service delivery and Operations. Further he elucidated on scope and categories of E-commerce. The series of guest lecturer also focused on the Consulting Management program. So that students jump-start their professional consulting career, equipping themselves to lead not just in one business but many. The session threw light on the career options for professionals and the students pursuing consulting management. The session also focused on diverse range of topics like basics of writing consulting, Design thinking, Business agility, and Basic consulting approach. The whole session was interactive and informative and was attended by all the senior batch students. It was a great initiative taken by department for conducting wonderful session of knowledge sharing and gaining virtually especially during this pandemic.


Webinar on Legal Aspect of Domestic Enquiry


The Department of Management, BIT Mesra, had organized an online guest lecture on “LEGAL ASPECT ON DOMESTIC ENQUIRY “for the students of MBA. The speaker of the webinar was Ms. Sweta Sinha, Assistant HR Manager, TATA Metaliks Ltd. Her lecture was focused on “highlighting the procedure for conducting of fair and proper domestic enquiry to avoid unfavorable legal consequences” She unfurled the meeting by asking everyone to answer this question “What do you think is disrupting HR?”. The objective of this webinar was to highlight the procedure for conducting a fair and proper domestic inquiry to avoid unfavorable legal consequences. She told us about what actually domestic inquiry is “Domestic inquiry is like a preliminary in an official courtroom, however while a preliminary in a court is for violations done against society, domestic enquiry is directed for offenses submitted against the foundation for unfortunate behavior, culpable compelled/rules and guidelines of the association”. Followed by disciplines, indiscipline’s, complaint, preliminary enquiry, principle of natural justice in domestic enquiry, charge sheet.

In an organization domestic enquiry or preliminary enquiry is essential to eliminate any kind of discrepancy in work culture if any kind of conflict arises, she said while finishing off the lecture. Her lecture was extremely insightful and also enhanced the knowledge of various aspects of HRM for the students.


Webinar with Mr. Ayush Nigam (Co-Founder and CEO, Distinct Horizon)


Students of BIT Mesra were mystified by the presence of Mr. Ayush Nigam, disseminated his knowledge about his entrepreneurial journey, Mr. Nigam enlightened how self believe and knowing oneself empowers a person. He shared enormous information discussing about the 7 pillars for entrepreneurial success. Well explained by him how technology and technologists play a significant role in framing a society of today’s world. Illuminating the young mind, he stated that more and more start-ups and technologies should be encouraged primarily focused on “REAL SOCIETAL PROBLEMS rather than just focusing on SOCIETAL NEEDS”. He asked students to lay more stress on themselves so that they would be able to identify the purpose beyond oneself as the world needs young talents and compassion with out of the box ideas. Mr. Nigam said how a youth has the energy and passion which could break and smash any barriers because as said by Elon Musk he loves to work with interns because they don’t know what cannot be achieved and that is the true power because people restrict themselves from the fear of the nature of the task that it couldn’t be completed. Webinar with Mr. Ayush Nigam (Co-Founder and CEO, Distinct Horizon) Overall, it was a mind-blowing session which enhanced and filled the students with immense knowledge and light.


Webinar on Emotional Intelligence for Future Workplace



Ms. Tuhina David is the Manager employee engagement at Mahindra Finance. She addressed the students in this arduous time of pandemic on a very important topic, “Emotional Intelligence and its impact on the individual and society as a whole”. In this tough time of Covid19 when the entire world stands on the edge of problems and recession at its peak, Emotional Intelligence has been constantly ignored at the most. Ms. Tuhina shared how emotional intelligence impacts an individual and their surroundings. Sharing her perspective on the topic, there was another factor which she talked about, IQ vs EQ in which she explained even a higher IQ doesn’t guarantee a successful life. At the same time a higher EQ could help in achieving one. She also spoke about sophisticated and high-tech technologies such as automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

She very well stated how a CEO is presented Machiavellian in the movies but in real there are some prominent Emotionally Intelligent CEO’s like Satya Nadela, Indra Nooyi, Ellon Musk who have had broken the stereotype of the Machiavellian image of CEOs. Introducing students to another exotic term “Amygdala Hijack”, a condition in which our brain responds to some higher emotional situations she displayed how self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills are need of the hour. World Economic forum ranked Emotional Intelligence as 1 of the top 10 skills needed for the 4th industrial revolution in 2020 and beyond. Entire session was packed with vibrant and exciting information which grabbed everyone’s attention throughout.



Webinar on Plagiarism and Intellectual Property Rights


The Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra was honored to have Mr. Vishal Charan, an esteemed alumnus (MBA 2006-2008) as the speaker for the webinar on - "Plagiarism and IPR". He graced the virtual stage with his presence on September 9th. At present he is serving as a HR Manager in SAIL Bokaro. Prior to this, he has worked with IDBI Bank. He unfolded the session by highlighting the importance of safeguarding our intellectual property, ideas, expression and creativity so that it remains our own original work. And as the whole academic world has shifted to the online mode, he also made the students aware regarding how they can get rid of piracy. He acquainted the students with the term "plagiarism" and its different types. Enlightening the students on how to protect their ideas, information, expression or thoughts he said- "Before disseminating any information we should get the information copyrighted or protected in terms of patent".

He apprised the students by saying that people who are in track of plagiarism they don't have knowledge about the scientific advances and hence, they get caught in domain of plagiarism. Along with that he also mentioned that some people do it intentionally as it is a faster way of writing whereas coming up with something new and innovative takes a lot of time. The webinar ended with Mr. Charan throwing light on the various ways through which one can avoid plagiarism. Overall, the session was engaging and enriching which gave important takeaways to the students.



Online Guest Lecture Series by Rahul Kashyap (Reg. Head HRBP and L&D at Arvind Lifestyle Brand Ltd.)

Mr. Rahul Kashyap, Senior Manager Learning & Development at Godrej & Boyce was invited by the Department of Management, BIT, Mesra, to take sessions on Retail Management for the senior batch of MBA. He has more than 15 years of vast industry experience in Operations and L&D in the retail sector in companies like Pantaloons and Arvind Lifestyle Brands Limited. Mr. Kashyap was heartily welcomed by Dr. Shradha Shivani, HOD, and all the students specializing in Marketing. He addressed the students and began by telling them about his 15-year journey in retail industry. He also mentioned that he had taken a very calculated decision of shifting to FMCG from retail but with his extensive experience he would be able to deliver as much of his learning as he possibly could and help the students who are aiming to make a career in the retail sector. According to Mr. Kashyap, the students must expect short learning with rapid growth in the retail industry. It is extremely important to be presentable at all times, he said so in the light of the fact that retail is the last component in the distribution channel after which the product is generally used for consumption by the end customer. He took a significant amount of time to deliberate about what retail actually is as he believed that it was crucial to get an understanding of retail before exploring deeper into the subject.

Over the course of his lectures, Mr. Kashyap discussed the various topics of retail management such as the formats and classification of retail, consumer buying behavior, functions, roles and responsibilities of retailers, category management and store layout and store planning. The Marketing students really enjoyed the five sessions that they had with Mr. Kashyap and had definitely taken copious notes and learning throughout the lectures. Apart from the retail topics that were discussed, the biggest takeaway would be that we must focus on data interpretation and not data presentation alone. It is extremely crucial to be able to read the data that we as marketers will work with. All in all, the sessions were very productive and interactive. He expressed his confidence in the students and wished them luck in their respective endeavors to building a career in retail.


Online Guest Lecture Series by Dr. Manish Kumar (Asst. Professor in Dept. of IT, IIIT-Allahabad)

Dr. Manish Kumar is one of the distinguished alumni of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. Presently he is working as an Associate Professor in Department of IT, IIIT-Allahabad. He is coordinator of research lab Data Analytics Laboratory (DAL) at IIIT-A. His research interest includes Data aggregation, data processing, inference, Compressive sensing in WSNs & big data analytics. His Area of Interest is in Wireless Sensor Networks, Data Management in WSN (Aggregation, Query Processing, Compressed Sensing, Routing), Distributed Database, Mobile Database System, Data Mining, Big Data Analytics. His lectures focused upon Data Mining as part of Business Analytics Specialization


Guest Lecture by Mr. Saurabh Sahu, Social Entrepreneur

The students were addressed by Mr. Saurabh Sahu,a renowned social entrepreneur from Pothole Raja.

Entrepreneurship is hard nut to crack and Social Entrepreneurship is even more so difficult. So it is a great learning opportunity if we get know someone who has cracked it and take inspiration from it. Sourabh Sahu a renowned social entrepreneur and Chief Operating Officer of Pothole Raja talked about his journey of becoming a social entrepreneur and the work his start up does of fixing potholes by collaborating with companies through CSR. It was a very enriching and engaging session

Mr. Sahu shared the real life challenges, opportunities and achievements on the way to become a social entrepreneur.He also discussed in brief the working model of Pothole Raja.



Guest Lecture by Mr. Manish Piyush (Distinguished Alumnus, BIT Mesra)

The Department of Management hosted Mr. Manish Piyush, a distinguished alumnus of BIT Mesra for a guest lecture on 27th of Febuary, 2020. Currently an entrepreneur, he has industry experience of nearly 15 years. Mr. Manish shared his experience with the students and spoke about how to remain calm during crisis and learn from those situations. He also urged everyone to be active in the college sphere and be involved in extra-curricular activities along with academics. The interaction was very interesting and wholesome. The students learned a great deal from it.

Guest Lecture by Shri Pulkit Trivedi, Director, Google Pay - India

Mr. Pulkit Trivedi, Director at Google Pay India and a distinguished alumnus of Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra addressed the management students on January 24, 2020 and talked about the challenges faced by young minds in the corporate world. He spoke about the expectations a company has from its employees and the work culture at Google.

Mr. Trivedi has worked with Microsoft, Intel, Facebook and Google across multiple job roles and functions.

Mr. Trivedi was truly inspiring and left a lasting impact on the students, motivated them to keep learning and acquiring new skills. He was happy to answer the questions of inquisitive students. On this occasion, he relaunched the Department’s e-news magazine ‘MANAGE-A-BIT’.

Guest Lecture by Dr. Alok Chaturvedi, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University, USA

Professor of Information Systems at Krannert School of Management, Purdue University, USA who is also an Adjunct Faculty of the department visited the department on 8th February 2019 to interact with the faculty and students. He delivered a talk to look upon on the recent developments and applications of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Big Data in improving efficiency of businesses. The talk was followed by a very interesting question & answer session.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Naveen Kejriwal, General Manager at Lenovo for Eastern India & and Overseas

Mr. Naveen Kejriwal, General Manager at Lenovo for Eastern India & and Overseas delivered an enlightening lecture open to all the students of the department. The session witnessed important insights in the fields of centralization, change in decision making and specialist jobs. In the discussion many crucial questions were answered such as: Who advances further and faster in their career – the specialist or generalist? Will a company pigeon-hole you if you are a specialist so that you’re doomed to the same role again and again? Or will a company think you’re too shallow if you are a generalist and you appear not qualified enough when compared to the specialists? He also said on the topic of centralization that we find it useful to start with four qualities most executives want their organizations to have: responsiveness, reliability and efficiency. The current data market was also a topic which was covered by him. He explained how the marketers tap and use the customer info available on the internet to customize the advertisements and others information to push market strategies.

Supply Chain Mnagaement in Dairy Industry

MR MILTON SHRIVASTAVA, FORMER CEO, SUDHA DAIRY Chief executive with 30 plus year of experience in dairy management. Our renowned guest delivered a guest lecture on “supply chain management “in dairy firms. The process and management problems in the critical operations involved in the supply chain for the same were brought forward. The session was fascinating and made the young minds crank up their thoughts. The internal structure and the flow of things were made acquainted. The interactive audience made his words worthwhile furthermore. 

Organisational Behaviour

DR. ALOK KUMAR SEN, FORMER FACULTY MDI GURGAON Dr Alok Kr Sen brought his rich experience in HR AND Organization Behavior from MDI Gurgaon and an adjunct faculty in MDI Murshidabad. The 2-day session was filled with knowledge transfer clubbed with enriched exercises. Dr. Sen came down a jovial and frolicsome personality.

How to be industry ready(24/10/2019)

The Department of Management, BIT Mesra organized a guest lecture for MBA students of first year, on 24th October, 2019. The lecture was delivered by Dr. J.B David , a former faculty of BIT Mesra. She talked about what the corporate world expects from a fresh management graduate. She shared the skills like communication, integrity and behaviour, required for a manager to excel in the job. The session was very informative and interactive.

HR Guest Lecture (24/10/2019 )

Students with HR specialization(2nd year) were given the opportunity to interact with Mrs.Tuhina David (ManagerEmployee Engagement, Center of Excellence ,Mahindra Finance) .
She introduced students to the concept of employee engagement , digital disruption , Artificial intelligence, needs for specialist roles in organisation and the modern skills required to acquire a job.

Ms. Swati suramya (Alumni Department of Management BIT Mesra 2006-’08).(25/09/2019)

A freelance content writer, author and blogger, she discussed about the problems faced by people in the corporate world, importance of failure and shared her own experience of being a cancer survivor, mother and an author.

Adevrtising and IMC guest lecture (18/09/2019 & 19/09/2019)
The Department of Management conducted a guest lecture on Integrated Marketing Communication where Dr Tanmay Chattopadhyay (Principal Consultant at Littler Associates), who holds rich experience in consulting and managing brands  by conceptualizing and implementing promotional campaigns, interacted with the students to enable them to integrate their classroom learning and implement it at beginners level, to prepare a model fit for IMC-tactics to an organisation.

BA GUEST LECTURE- (13/09/2019 & 14/09/2019)
The department of Management, BIT Mesra has been putting all its efforts to make the students future ready by making them well versed with the data science and analytical skills which have changed the way market works. To give the students, hands on experience with data analytics, a guest lecture was organised where Market Researcher and Senior Research Executive in ACNIELSEN ORG-MARG. Mr PRASENJIT DAS PURKAYASTHA conducted sessions focussing on the basic concepts of R- LANGUAGE and real time case studies using various analytical tools.


Mr. Pratyush Sharma (6/09/2019)

Mr. Pratyush Sharma, Doctoral fellow at the United Nations – Mandated University for peace in Costa Rica Delivered  a Lecture on “Debates around Global Development and International Cooperation. 


HR Guest Lecture (24/08/2019 & 25/08/2019)
Students with HR specialization were given the opportunity to interact with Mr. Shivesh Singh (Head Business HR, Bandhan Bank) who has 14 years of rich experience in Human Resource and strategic HR functions. The students were introduced to the implications of the HR strategies in the corporate world with discussions on crucial HR topics including performance management system with the help of case studies.

The department of Management BIT Mesra organized an interactive session on retail management by Mr Rahul Kashyap, a certified SHL Assessor, NLP practitioner and expert in retail training. With his rich experience in retail industry with companies like Pantaloons, Shopper’s Stop etc. He gave a realistic and impactful training to the students with insights about recent trends in the modern retail industry and also discussed career opportunities in retailing.The department of Management BIT Mesra organized an interactive session on retail management by Mr Rahul Kashyap, a certified SHL Assessor, NLP practitioner and expert in retail training. With his rich experience in retail industry with companies like Pantaloons, Shopper’s Stop etc. He gave a realistic and impactful training to the students with insights about recent trends in the modern retail industry and also discussed career opportunities in retailing.


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