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B-Trix 2k24, March 20th – 22th , 2024


Day two of BTRIX-24 burst forth with anticipation and excitement as participants geared up for another day of spirited competition and intellectual engagement. The morning kicked off with the highly anticipated B-Quiz Competition, where teams put their knowledge, quick thinking, and strategic prowess to the test in a fast-paced battle of wits.

Amidst fierce competition and nail-biting rounds, Team Big Leagues emerged as the triumphant victors of the B-Quiz Competition. Their comprehensive knowledge, sharp reflexes, and effective teamwork propelled them to the top spot, earning them well-deserved acclaim and admiration from their peers and spectators. Following closely behind, Team KNOW IT ALES and Team Warriors showcased impressive performances, securing the titles of 1st and 2nd Runner-up, respectively. Their quick thinking and adept handling of challenging questions demonstrated the depth of talent and dedication present among all participants.

As the day progressed, the excitement continued to build with the commencement of the MAD Squad Competition, captivating participants and spectators alike with its unique blend of creativity, innovation, and teamwork. In a showcase of imagination and ingenuity, teams competed in a series of challenges designed to test their ability to think outside the box and collaborate effectively under pressure.

Amidst cheers and applause, Team Doraemon emerged victorious in the MAD Squad Competition, showcasing exceptional creativity and teamwork in their approach to the challenges. Their innovative solutions and cohesive teamwork set them apart, earning them the esteemed title of champions. Meanwhile, Team Toon Squad delivered a commendable performance, securing the position of runner-up with their imaginative approach and collaborative spirit.

Overall, day two of BTRIX-24 was a thrilling and unforgettable experience, filled with moments of triumph, camaraderie, and celebration. The achievements of the winning teams, as well as the impressive performances of all participants, served as a testament to the spirit of excellence and innovation that defines BTRIX-24 and the Department of Management at BIT Mesra.





BTRIX-24, the flagship event hosted by the Department of Management at BIT Mesra, commenced with a captivating inauguration ceremony, setting the stage for an engaging and intellectually stimulating series of competitions and activities. The event opened with a ceremonial lighting of the lamp, symbolizing the enlightenment and auspicious beginning of the proceedings. Dr. Shradha Shivani, the esteemed Dean of Alumni & International Relations at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, and Dr. Utpal Baul, Head of the Management Department, graced the occasion with their presence, adding prestige and gravitas to the event.

The first day of BTRIX-24 saw the commencement of two highly anticipated competitions: the B-Plan contest and the Case Quest contest. Participants showcased their ingenuity, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills as they competed fiercely for top honors.

In the B-Plan contest, Team Bagboutique emerged as the victors, impressing the judges with their innovative business proposal and comprehensive strategic vision. Their meticulous planning and compelling presentation secured them the coveted top spot. Meanwhile, Team Mapping Mind and Team Stylin demonstrated exceptional talent and creativity, earning the titles of 1st and 2nd Runner-up, respectively. Their outstanding performance underscored the depth of talent and entrepreneurial spirit present among the participants.

In the Case Quest contest, Team Phoenix soared to victory, navigating through complex business scenarios with finesse and precision. Their analytical prowess and strategic acumen set them apart from the competition, earning them well-deserved recognition and acclaim. Additionally, Team Analysis Aces and Team Himawari showcased remarkable problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills, clinching the titles of 1st and 2nd Runner-up, respectively.

Overall, the first day of BTRIX-24 was marked by intense competition, exemplary talent, and spirited camaraderie. The achievements of the winning teams and the commendable performances of all participants exemplified the spirit of excellence and innovation that defines BIT Mesra's Department of Management and its commitment to nurturing future leaders in the field of business and management.



Internico, March 6th, 2024

On March 6, 2024, the Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, orchestrated Internico'24: Where the Apprentices Tussle, an eagerly anticipated annual summer internship competition. This event served as a platform for budding talents from diverse colleges to showcase their internship experiences, presenting a rich tapestry of insights and accomplishments garnered through practical engagement in various professional environments.

Participants from esteemed institutions across the region contributed to the vibrant atmosphere of Internico'24, offering a diverse array of perspectives and research findings derived from their immersive internship engagements. Their presentations exhibited a commendable depth of research quality, demonstrating a nuanced understanding of industry dynamics and showcasing innovative approaches to addressing real-world challenges.

Following a rigorous evaluation process, Naman Jaju from the Great Lakes Institute of Management emerged as the deserving winner of Internico'24. His exemplary performance and insightful presentation captivated the audience and impressed the panel of judges, earning him the coveted title and accolades from his peers and mentors alike.

Adisha Anant from BIT Mesra secured the position of the first runner-up, showcasing exceptional proficiency and dedication in her internship endeavors. Her impactful contributions and keen analytical insights distinguished her among the competition, earning her recognition and praise for her commendable achievements.

Furthermore, Subendu Kumar Das and Kumar Abhishek showcased remarkable talent and potential, securing the positions of second runner-ups in the fiercely competitive Internico'24 competition. Their innovative approaches and diligent efforts in navigating the complexities of their internship experiences reflected a commitment to excellence and a passion for professional growth.

Overall, Internico'24 proved to be a resounding success, providing participants with a platform to exchange ideas, showcase their capabilities, and forge meaningful connections within the professional community. The event not only celebrated the achievements of the winners and runners-up but also highlighted the collective spirit of innovation and excellence that defines the academic and professional endeavors of the Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra.



Alumni Lecture

On March 1, 2024, the Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, orchestrated a captivating alumni session featuring Mr. Prabhanshu Mittal, an esteemed member of the MBA class of 2006-08. Currently holding the esteemed position of Head of Education Partner Relationships at ACCA, Mr. Mittal brought with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the realms of education and professional development.

During this enlightening session, Mr. Mittal delivered a compelling discourse on the critical role of technological integration in enhancing organizational and individual efficiency. He articulated how embracing and leveraging technological advancements can significantly streamline operations and empower individuals to achieve greater levels of productivity and effectiveness in their respective roles.

Furthermore, Mr. Mittal underscored the essence of professional etiquettes, highlighting their indispensable role in fostering success within the professional sphere. He emphasized the importance of conducting oneself with integrity, respect, and professionalism, both in interpersonal interactions and in the execution of tasks and responsibilities.

In addition to discussing the practical aspects of professional conduct, Mr. Mittal shared a profound insight: "Beyond the mere 'what', lies the indispensable 'why'." He elaborated on the significance of understanding the underlying motivations and rationale behind actions and decisions, emphasizing the importance of strategic thinking and purpose-driven approaches in achieving sustainable success.

Moreover, Mr. Mittal encouraged attendees to cultivate a mindset of innovation and curiosity, urging them to think outside the box and embrace a culture of continuous learning and growth. He emphasized the value of proactive inquiry, suggesting that it is always better to seek clarification and guidance rather than risk making avoidable mistakes.

Overall, Mr. Mittal's session was both enriching and inspiring for all participants, providing them with valuable insights, practical strategies, and thought-provoking perspectives to navigate the complexities of the modern professional landscape with confidence and purpose.

Alumni Lecture

On February 10, 2024, the Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, organized a webinar featuring Mr. Kunal Srivastava, an esteemed alumnus from the batch of 2004-06. Currently holding the position of Director (DITO) for the North America region at Hexaware Technologies Inc., Mr. Srivastava brought to the virtual stage a wealth of experience and expertise garnered from his successful career trajectory.

During the webinar, Mr. Srivastava delivered insightful perspectives on the dynamic landscape of various industries, emphasizing the paramount importance of cultivating passion and knowledge within them. He stressed that a deep understanding of industry nuances not only enhances professional competency but also fuels individual growth and success.

In addition to industry-specific insights, Mr. Srivastava underscored the pivotal role of effective communication skills in today's interconnected world. He encouraged participants to prioritize regular practice and supportive interactions among peers, recognizing communication as a cornerstone of effective leadership and collaboration.

Furthermore, Mr. Srivastava addressed the inevitable challenges of failure and setbacks in professional endeavors, advocating for resilience as a critical attribute for navigating through adversity. He urged individuals to embrace failure as an opportunity for growth, emphasizing the importance of analyzing, learning, and gracefully letting go when necessary.

Moreover, Mr. Srivastava highlighted the significance of continuous personality development and mental growth through grooming. He emphasized the value of investing in oneself, whether through acquiring new skills, seeking mentorship, or engaging in self-reflection exercises, to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving professional landscape.

Overall, Mr. Srivastava's webinar provided attendees with invaluable insights and practical strategies for personal and professional development. His emphasis on industry knowledge, communication prowess, resilience, and continuous self-improvement resonated with the audience, empowering them to navigate their careers with confidence and purpose.



Alumni Lecture

On February 10, 2024, the Department of Management , Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, organized a webinar featuring Ms. Divya Sonali Minz, an esteemed alumna of the MBA batch of 1996-98. Ms. Minz, currently holding the position of Director of Human Resources at Avnet India Pvt Ltd, brought with her a wealth of experience, boasting over 20 years in the HR industry and holding certifications as a professional behavior analyst.

During the webinar session, Ms. Minz shared invaluable insights into career development, drawing from her extensive professional journey. One of the focal points of her discussion was the importance of setting clear and achievable goals. She emphasized the significance of having a roadmap in place to guide individuals through their career trajectories, highlighting that clarity of purpose lays the foundation for success.

Furthermore, Ms. Minz underscored the necessity of perseverance and passion in pursuing one's goals. She encouraged participants to maintain unwavering determination, even in the face of challenges or setbacks. According to her, resilience and dedication are key attributes that distinguish those who thrive in their careers from those who merely exist within them.

Throughout the session, Ms. Minz's insights resonated with the audience, providing them with practical strategies and inspiration to navigate their professional journeys effectively. Her emphasis on proactive goal-setting, coupled with a steadfast commitment to personal growth and development, served as a guiding light for aspiring professionals seeking to carve out their paths to success in the dynamic landscape of human resources and beyond.

KARTAVYA’23 – 11th October 2023

Team Sustainability in collaboration Student Activity Forum of Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra hosted KARTAVYA 2023, a case study competition on 11th October, 2023 in which the students from various colleges were to select a social issue and design an innovative solution to it. The theme of the event was “Empowering Communities for a Sustainable Future.” It aimed to bring various students from different institutes from across the country, to pitch their ideas and innovations on how they plan to solve various pertaining social issues.  

The event commenced with the welcome address by the Head of Department of Management, Dr. Shradha Shivani, she emphasised on the importance of responsibility and innovation in today’s dynamic business environment. The distinguished panel of judges included the esteemed faculty members of the Department of Management; Dr. Anupam Ghosh and Dr. Shailendra Kumar Singh. Their presence added a layer of credibility and expertise to the competition. 

The participating teams went on to address several social issues pertaining in the real world and showcased their innovations by elaborating on how these would tackle the real-world challenges. After much deliberation and rigorous evaluation process, Team Hope was declared the winner. Their proposal focused on improving and providing permanent solutions to the visually disabled individuals, showing their innovation and promise in addressing this pressing issue. 

Team Agriviz came up as the 1st runner up, having proposed a data-driven approach to support the farmers in optimising their agricultural practices and maximising their overall agricultural productivity. Their dedication to enhancing the livelihoods of the farmers was evident in their approach. 

Team Green Bastion secured the position of 2nd runner up with their proposal on ocean waste management, demonstrating a commitment to preserving our environment and marine ecosystems. The team showed a genuine interest and concern in improving the environment and reducing the waste dumping in the ocean bodies, thereby taking a step towards preserving water, a vital natural resource. 

This event served as a platform for these visionary teams to share their solutions and ideas, highlighting the importance of social responsibility, innovation and collaboration. It also exemplified the institute’s commitment to nurturing talent and addressing societal challenges through creative solutions.




NAV DISHA MDP, September 27th, 2023 – Day 2

The second day of the program began with a reputable oration to the participants by Prof. Niraj Mishra (Assistant Professor, Department of Management, BIT Mesra), where he pointed out the "Best Sales Practices" that can be taken by the dealer and had a fruitful interaction with them.

After that, we had Dr. Shradha Shivani, Head of the Department of Management, BIT Mesra as the resource person for the second session on "Brand Management." She gave prominence to the importance of treating one’s product like a brand and building an individual brand for each distributor. She also highlighted the necessity of internal marketing and the development of the brand image.

The event concluded with a keynote session and farewell speech by Mr. Tarun Kumar and Mr. Aditya Tiga (Manager at LPGS, IOCL Ranchi), where they mentioned the new initiatives taken by LPG distributors to promote the advantages of technology to the customers.


NAV DISHA MDP, September 26th, 2023 – Day 1 

The Department of Management, BIT Mesra organised a Management Development Program on the 26th and 27th of September, 2023 in joint efforts with Indian Oil Corporation Limited. The event was titled "NAV DISHA -LPG Dealer Training Program". The purpose of the event was to provide information and give knowledge to the LPG distributors to subsist with the current challenges they are facing.

The resource people for the event were Mr. Sameer Sinha, Divisional Sales Head (LPG-S),Ranchi;Mr. Sourav Chandra,GM LPG,Bihar State Office; Mr. Tarun Kumar and Mr. Aditya Tiga (Manager at LPGS, IOCL Ranchi),Prof. (Dr.) Taposh Ghosal, Principal Mentor Astra Knowledge Foundation (Ex-Dean School of Management Sciences, Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi), Prof. (Dr.) Niraj Mishra (Assistant Professor, Department of Management, BIT Mesra). 

The first speaker of the day was Mr. Sameer Sinha, Divisional Sales Head (LPG-S), Ranchi. He explained the progress of the LPG Training program at full length. He also highlighted ways to transform as a distributor into a dealer.

Furthermore, we had Prof. (Dr.) Taposh Ghoshal, Principal Mentor, Astra Knowledge Foundation (Ex-Dean School of Management Sciences, Central University of Jharkhand, Ranch) having vast experience in teaching management programs elucidated the art of self-management and self-development as a key point. He also made dealers aware about customer orientation and CSR activities.

Mr. Sourav Chandra, GM LPG Bihar State Office IOCL acquainted dealers with a Keynote Session. The event was concluded with a reputable oration to the participants by way of a Discussion Session.



QUIZZARD 2023 - 13th  September 2023

On 13th September 2023, the Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra organised QUIZZARD a business quiz competition to test the business acumen.

The competition was held in a total of 4 rounds consisting of interesting questions covering various topics from general knowledge, entrepreneurship and business. The event began with the motivational speech by Dr. Sujata Priyambada Dash (Assistant Professor, Department of Management, BIT Mesra), Dr. Rohini Jha (Assistant Professor, Department of Management, BIT Mesra) & Dr. Ravindra Nath Bhagat (Professor, Department of Management, BIT Mesra) which spurred the students to battle well in the Quizzard.

The competition aimed to test the knowledge of the students on the most recent business news, advertising campaigns, taglines of different companies, brand logo identification and emerging startups. The competition was grouped into two segments: Prelims & finals. Both segments included questions from current affairs of the business world, general awareness, entrepreneurship, innovation and the latest developments worldwide.

The students avidly Participated and demonstrated their excellence by expeditiously answering the questions. The top two performers got the opportunity to compete in the final round. The event witnessed tremendous enthusiasm from the students.

The event concluded with the enriching remarks by Dr. Shradha Shivani the Head of The Department of Management, BIT Mesra.

After an enthralling contest, ‘Team Meteors’ were Declared the winner

‘Team Learners’ were the 1st runner up

‘Team ‘A3 M’ were the 2nd runner up

The department celebrates QUIZZARD’23 as a success and eager for future events fostering learning, collaboration & spirited competition enriching student’s experiences.




International Literacy Day - 8th September, 2023 

An event of inspiration and knowledge on an auspicious occasion on International Literacy Day where ideas coverage and creativity took centre stage virtually on 8th September 2023 by the Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra.

The Webinar was themed on “Lifelong Learning & Skill Enhancement Under NEP 2020”. The guest speaker was Prof. Rajesh from the Department of Adult & Continuing Education and Extension, University of Delhi. His presence added immense value to the event. He shared his valuable views and expertise about advanced learning techniques under the New Education Policy {NEP}.

He focused on the main aim of the policy, which is to bring changes in the education system from school to higher education levels; NEP also promotes continuous and comprehensive evaluation over summative assessment. He also emphasised the various policies that suggest the integration of vocational education into mainstream education and the introduction of a four-year undergraduate program with multiple exit options, the policy that proposes reforms in teacher education to ensure high-quality training and continuous professional development for educators. Overall, he highlighted the importance of technology in education. 

He stated some strategies and approaches to enhance learning and skill development, such as the designing of the curriculum with a focus on developing specific skills alongside academic knowledge, including virtual reality, online simulations, and collaborative online platforms that facilitate interactive and engaging learning, were also a part of the discussion. He elaborated about promotion of collaborative learning environments where students work together on projects, share ideas, and learn.

His insight focused on advanced digital literacy, including proficiency in using technology for communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.




Orientation 2023, August 01st ,2023

The Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra organized UDGAM’23 to welcome the new batch of MBA 2023-2025. The event started with the institutional prayer, which was followed by a welcome address by Dr. Shraddha Shivani, HOD, Department of Management. She also elaborated on the department's mission, vision, and historical background, fostering a deeper understanding and pride among the students.

Dr. Nisha Gupta, the Dean of Post Graduate Studies at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, took the stage to enlighten the students about the institution's comprehensive curriculum and discussed the new schemes launched to encourage excellence. We also had Dr. Bhaskar Karn, Dean Of Students Affairs, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra who extended his congratulations to the new batch and encouraged them with motivational words.

Furthermore, during the event, the faculty introduction session left a lasting impact as distinguished members inspired the new batch to embrace their potential and strive for greatness.

The department was honored to welcome Dr. S. Shadab Hassan, the esteemed founder and Ex-Director of H.H High School, Brambe, presently serving as a distinguished faculty member in the humanities department at IIIT Ranchi and Mr. Pratyay Das, Analytics Analyst at Accenture as the keynote speakers.

Commencing his address with a poignant thought Dr. Hassan emphasized that it doesn't matter where you come from, it matters where you make it to. He adeptly shared his personal journey, offering invaluable insights to the incoming batch for their forthcoming management endeavors. Emphasizing communication skills, he encouraged students not to be disheartened by setbacks, drawing from his experiences in education for underprivileged children. Dr. Hassan advised them to showcase talents, understand strengths, and take ownership of actions.  

Whereas Mr. Das shared his invaluable experiences from college to corporate. During his presentation he threw light on various opportunities and career paths in the field of finance and analytics. He also advised the batch the importance of having skills to stand out from others.

The session also witnessed some vibrant cultural performances by the batch.




The MBA 2022-24 batch at BIT Mesra witnessed the highly anticipated event, Evolution'23, organized by the Department of Management on 18th June 2023. The event focused primarily on harnessing the potential of internships and their significance in career development. The session commenced with an engaging welcome address from Dr. Shradha Shivani, the Head of the Department, who emphasized the importance of utilizing the internship period effectively, particularly with regard to upcoming campus placements.

The event featured four distinguished guest speakers who shared their invaluable insights. The first keynote speaker, Miss Deepti Priya, currently an Associate Consultant at EY, shared her experience with EY's open office culture while underscoring the significance of networking. She provided essential tips to the batch, such as acquiring technical skills and actively participating in departmental activities to develop time and crisis management techniques.

Next, Mr. Amit Kumar, a Technical Consultant at EY, highlighted the importance of internships as valuable exposure for future professional endeavors. He emphasized the importance of being enthusiastic about learning new things within the organization and encouraged interns to gain knowledge and contribute valuable insights. He advised interns to maintain proper documentation of their learning during the internship period.

The third keynote speaker, Mr. Aditya Nair, who will be an Assistant Manager at IDBI Bank, guided the tailoring CVs according to specific companies and domains. He also stressed the importance of adhering to guidelines while creating work reports and urged interns to utilize their internship duration to acquire additional in-demand skills.

The final speaker, Mr. Pratyay Das, an Analytics Analyst at Accenture, shared his internship experience at Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Limited. He encouraged students to interact with new people, communicate freely, and overcome hesitation in the workplace. Mr. Das advised interns to maintain a proper timeline for projects and collaborate with their respective guides. He also highlighted the significance of solving diverse problems at work, leaving a positive impact wherever they go. Mr. Das emphasized the need for concise and accurate CVs, cautioning against including unfamiliar skills. Lastly, he urged students not only to learn but also enjoy their time during the internship.

The event concluded with an interactive Q&A session where students had the opportunity to address queries to all the speakers. Overall, Evolution'23 proved to be an enlightening and invaluable experience for students, equipping them with the knowledge and guidance to make the most of their internship period.






B-Trix 2k23, March 14th – 16th , 2023

Day 3

The annual B-school event Btrix’23 was hosted by the Department of Management at BIT Mesra, and the final day of the event featured two thrilling competitions - Ad Mad and Case Quest - held through an online platform. The day started with the Ad Mad competition, which highlighted the challenge that brands face to cut the clutter of the customers.
The Ad Mad event showcased the creativity and marketing knowledge of the participants, who presented short and engaging advertisement clips. Five finalists from top B-schools made it to the final round.
Astha Singh from BITSOM, Mumbai, was declared the winner of the competition. She impressed the judges with her creative advertisement for protein bars with the catchy tagline, "It's not just delicious but bodylicious," to entice customers. Adarsh Bansal from Goa Institute of Management was the first runner-up, presenting his innovative idea of an Oreal toothpaste tablet that could revolutionize the toothpaste market. The second runner-up was Ravi Raj Patel from Symbiosis Institute, who showcased his advertisement for Spekky specs - customizable frames designed to attract the Gen Z audience.
The afternoon began with the event Case Quest which was a case study competition where the participants were required to present their case on companies which are no longer carrying out their operations.
After the first round of synopsis presentation, six final teams were shortlisted in the case study competition. The teams were very enthusiastic, and the competition was a testament to their passion and dedication. Team Anos Voldigold of BIT, Mesra was declared winner of the competition. Team SWAP of IIM, Ranchi was the first runner-up and Team Yamete of Jadavpur University, Kolkata was declared as the second runner-up.
The Btrix'23 Annual Business Competition came to an exciting conclusion leaving a lasting impression on all the participants and attendees. The event had been a showcase of creativity, innovation, and business acumen throughout its duration, with teams from various universities presenting their unique business ideas to the panel of expert judges.





Day 2

BTrix’23, annual B-school event of Department of Management, BIT Mesra themed on “Technology, Innovation and their Applications” witnessed its day 2 of the event comprising of B-Quiz competition, Branding Rebranding followed by ‘Unmad’, a cultural event. The forenoon started with B-Quiz, in which participants were put to the test with mind-boggling questions to gauge their level of business acumen.
The teams went through two phases, screening round and final round which covered questions from various areas: finance, business knowledge and general awareness. The finalists were from different B-schools from the region.
The winner of the B-Quiz competition was Team Met-A-Four from BIT, Mesra, first runner-up was Team Aegon of BIT, Mesra, and second runner-up position was held by Team Phoenix from St.Xaviers College.  
The second half for the day started with the event Branding Rebranding which focused on the idea of creating a different identity for the existing brand in the market. It aimed to promote creative thinkers to ideate and showcase their plan of action.
Top five finalists from different B-schools were selected, who presented their innovative ideas for different brands. The winner for this event was Team Vhagar of BIT, Mesra who rebranded Titan Company Limited under the Boho concept for furniture, first runner-up was Team Brainy Buddy from XISS who rebranded Kelloggs as a frozen food company and second runner-up position held by Team Escorts of BIT, Mesra with the idea of rebranding Nykaa as a fashion retail company.   
The day concluded with the cultural program ‘UNMAD’, where the students of the department unveiled their talents which showcased a beautiful blend of music, dance, and poetry. The performances were truly mesmerizing, and it was a delightful evening filled with joy and entertainment.  The audience left the venue with high spirits, feeling rejuvenated and inspired. This event has not only provided a platform for showcasing talent but has also brought people together to celebrate diversity and culture. It was a wonderful experience, and we look forward to more such events in the future.







Day 1

The Department of Management, BIT Mesra is hosting their three-day annual B-school event BTrix’23 themed on “Technology, Innovation and their applications”
This event is aimed to provide a platform to the management students of the country to share their ideas and showcase their talents.
The event started with the welcome address by Dr. Shradha Shivani, The Head of the Department of Management, BIT Mesra, followed by the keynote address by the Guest of Honor, Dr. Bhaskar Karn, Dean of Student Affairs, BIT Mesra.
The Day 1 of the event saw an enthusiastic participation of 5 different teams with their exceptional green startup ideas. The B-plan competition started by team Slagger led by Sudeept Sikder from BIT Mesra, who presented their idea of “Agro Mitra “. The next team was from A S College led by Nikhil Ranjan who presented their idea of “EV Charging Infrastructure using Solar System” . Team Phoenix led by Shruti Pandey highlighted the importance of medical assistance on one’s finger tips by their b-plan “Shushruta-a”. Next team Avalanche led by Rutuja, presented their idea “Farmezy” , an app to help the farmers with their day to day transactional activities. Last but no the least team Vhagar led by Kashish Jain, presented their idea on Boho inspired easy home furnishing.
The presentations were followed by a rigorous Q&A session by the judges of the event Dr.Vishal H Shah , Associate Dean Alumni and International Relations, BIT Mesra and Dr. Satyajit Mahto, Assistant professor- Business Analytics, BIT Mesra. The Q&A round was aimed to test the novelty and feasibility of the business ideas and give the audience a chance to understand these ideas better.
The Event was concluded with the jury members addressing the audiences followed by the result declaration where team Avalanche won the event, the first runner up position was held by team A S college and the second runner up position was held by team Slagger. Team “Shushruta” received special appreciation for their excellent B-plan presentation.




International Women’s Day, March 10th, 2023

The Department of Management organized a webinar on 10th March 2023 to celebrate International Women's Day. The event focused on the theme "Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women to Lead and Succeed in a Changing World" and featured Dr. Papiya Mitra Mazumdar, Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Engineering, as the guest speaker and Ms. Anika Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer, Orient Electric (C.K Birla Group Company) as the keynote speaker.

Dr. Shradha Shivani, Professor and Head of the Department of Management, gave the welcome address, and Dr. Papya Mitra Mazumdar, who is also the chairperson of the Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) at BIT Mesra, emphasized the importance of taking action to bring about change.

Ms. Anika Agarwal shared her personal journey and discussed the role of family and corporate support in the success of women. She highlighted the significance of role reversals for breaking the gender stereotype and embracing gender equity. The Q&A session was interactive, and the event ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Shailendra Kr. Singh, Faculty Advisor of Team Sustainability at the Department of Management. It is encouraging to see BIT Mesra taking steps to promote gender equality and empower women in academic and professional settings.



Webinar on Organizational Roles : The Changing Landscape, March 04th, 2023

In today's world, organizational structure is considered to be one of the fundamental pillars of any successful enterprise. It plays a pivotal role in providing employees with a conducive work environment that enables them to contribute to the growth and development of the organization.
The Department of Management BIT Mesra recently had the privilege of hosting our alumnus, Mr. Pramit Basu who shared his insights about the evolving roles in the contemporary organizational settings. 
In the session, he also highlighted the importance of developing the necessary skillsets for building a successful career.

The Department is grateful for Mr. Basu's time and contribution to the students' learning experience. 




Internico, December 28th, 2022

"Believing that your competition is stronger and better than you pushes you to better yourselves" - Simon Sinek
The Department of management BIT MESRA was back again with yet another lucrative event INTERNICO, an annual flagship event of the department of management highlighting experiences of the summer internships. The event was organized on 28th December 2022 on the MS teams platform.
INTERNICO provides an opportunity for students to showcase their hard work, dedication, and experience in front of experts from industries.
We had several luminaries as judges for the event. The panel of judges comprised Mr. Ripudaman Magon (Banking language expert with 35 years of corporate experience, he is also an esteemed alumnus of our college). The Assistant professors Dr. Satyajit Mahto and Dr. Niraj Mishra were also part of the judging panel.
The Summer Internship Project competition was held where students across different streams and colleges participated and showcased their talent and knowledge of the domain which they learned during their internship.
The event was jam-packed with lots of questions-answers from the judges and the audience.
The event culminated on an optimistic note with a vote of thanks from our professors and our chief guest.
The winners of the event were -
1st Jenifer Jagose (K.J Somaiya)
2nd Abhishek kumar (Hansraj College)







Kartavya 2022, December 11th, 2022

The price of greatness is responsibility.
                            -Winston Churchill

Team Sustainability of  Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra in collaboration with Premsons Honda organised and hosted Kartavya 2022 on 11th December, 2022. Kartavya is an interdepartmental group discussion program, where the students were invited to participate in a group discussion competition on Sustainability and CSR.

The event commenced with a welcome address by the faculty advisor Dr. Shailendra Kumar Singh where he welcomed our guest for the event Mr. Abhishek Rajgariah, who is a CA & CS  and currently is a partner in Premsons Bajaj LLP and has previously worked in EY as an assistant manager wherein he has received numerous awards for his performance. He also welcomed our jury members Mr. Pratyay Das (Analytics Associate, Accenture) and Ms. Adya Singh (Senior Analyst, Deloitte)

Furthermore Dr. Shailendra Kumar Singh gave a remarkable deliverance where he promulgated the three salient aspects of CSR; society, environment and business as a whole.

Our guest Mr. Abhishek Rajgariah, lighted upon the concern of how important it is for any organisation to be involved in CSR activities. He further added that one should have faith in themselves whereas ups and downs are a part of life but struggling is important. One should keep polishing his skills because it is the only thing that remains forever. According to him, for every organisation economic viability should be the first priority and Sustainability as well as CSR are a means of giving back to society. 

After the enriching words by dignitaries the group discussion was started, where there were 4 groups of 5 members each. There was a preliminary round where in each group was given a topic to be discussed upon, later the best 5 participants were chosen and the final round was held. The topic for the final round was
“CSR is Hypocrisy”. The participants expressed their views on the given topic.
After the GD got over, the jury members provided their valuable insights and feedback to the participants. 

The event ended with a warm and gratuitous vote of thanks to the guest and jury members for the event for their valuable guidance. The winners will receive a gift prize of rupees ₹5,000 . 

The winners of Kartavya 2022 are as follows :

1st  : Sneha Singh
2nd : Shruti Pandey
3rd : Akshit Samad 

We thank our sponsor Premsons Honda for believing in us and to make this event a success. It is the premium Honda 2-wheeler dealer in the Ranchi city extended in 7 other districts of Jharkhand with the aim to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. The Ranchi showroom is located in Shanti complex, Harmu Road with excellent presentation of bikes and scooters. They have the best of the sales staff to cater the buying needs of the customers and also have skilled professionals to take care for the two-wheeler services and other requirements. 



NAV DISHA MDP, October 18th, 2022 – Day 2

The second day of the program began with the session of Dr. Nitin Madan Kulkarni, IAS. He explained the concept of "Leadership & Team Building". He talked about the evolution of leadership and how it helps to excel in developing new and better business strategies.
After that, we had Dr. Shradha Shivani, Head of the Department of Management, BIT Mesra as the resource person for the second session on "Brand Management." She emphasized the importance of treating one’s product like a brand and building an individual brand for each distributor. She also mentioned the necessity of internal marketing and the development of the brand image.
The third session was headed by Dr. Bishwajit Choudhary, former GM, of SAIL, on "Improving Profitability." As we all know profit is one of the most important aspects of any business so for improving it, efforts should be made accordingly to remain in the competition and to expand their market operations.
The event ended with the distribution of certificates of participation to all the dealers and a vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Shelly Srivastava, Assistant Professor, BIT Mesra.




NAV DISHA MDP, October 17th, 2022 – Day 1

The Department of Management, BIT Mesra organized a Management Development Program on the 17th and 18th of October, 2022 in collaboration with Indian Oil Corporation Limited. The event was titled "NAV DISHA-CAPABILITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME FOR INDANE LPG DISTRIBUTORS". The objective of the event was to provide information and give knowledge to the LPG distributors in coping with the current challenges they are facing.
The resource persons for the event were various experts from different fields. Mr. Sarvesh Sinha, DGM (LPG-S), Bihar State office, Patna; Mr. Tarun Kumar and Mr. Aditya Tiga (Manager at LPGS, IOCL Ranchi),  Dr. Rajasekhar David, Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi,  Prof. (Dr.) Taposh Ghoshal, Principal Mentor Astra Knowledge Foundation (Ex-Dean School of Management Sciences, Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi), Prof. (Dr.) Niraj Mishra(Assistant Professor, Department of Management, BIT Mesra) was the resource person for the event.
The first speaker of the day was Mr. Sarvesh Sinha, DGM (LPG-S), Bihar State office, Patna. He explained the evolution of the LPG Distribution System from "where it started" to "where it is now". He also emphasized how important it is to transform from a distributor into a dealer.
The next speaker was Mr. Mohammad Amin (Divisional LPG sales head, Ranchi Indane division office), who highlighted the consequences of a stagnant business environment and the significance of coping with changes to stay in the long run.
After that, the event moved ahead with an inauguration speech and a keynote session by Mr. Tarun Kumar and Mr. Aditya Tiga (Manager at LPGS, IOCL Ranchi), which highlighted the new initiatives taken by LPG distributors to promote the advantages of technology to the customers.
Furthermore, we had Dr. Rajasekhar David, from the Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi, who has vast experience in teaching management programs. He elucidated the art of self-management and self-development which is very much important in today’s scenario.
Our next resource person was Prof. (Dr.) Taposh Ghoshal, Principal Mentor, Astra Knowledge Foundation (Ex-Dean School of Management Sciences, Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi). He made dealers aware of how important it is to make customers happy and satisfied.
Day -1 of the event was concluded with a virtuous address to the participants by Prof. (Dr.) Niraj Mishra (Assistant Professor, Department of Management, BIT Mesra), emphasized the "Best Sales Practices" that could be taken by the dealer and had a healthy interaction with them.
With this, the first day of the event came to an end.




Abhyudaya 2k22, September 18th, 2022​​​​​​

 Jharkhand Small Industries Association ‘JSIA’ in collaboration with Department of Management, BIT Mesra organised the second edition of “Abhyuday 2022- All India Business Plan Competition on 18th September 2022” with the aim to push, protect and produce Jharkhand State as a hub of  MSME units with excellence within the working atmosphere. We had Mr. Abhijeet Dey, HOD Department of Business Administration, St. Xavier College; Mr. Jyoti Pandey, Regional Director (Retired), Reserve Bank of India; Mr. Mahesh Poddar, Former Rajya Sabha Member; Mr. Raj Kumar Singh, AGM, SIDBI, Ranchi; Mr. Vishal H Shah, Prof. Incharge EDC, BIT Mesra; Dr. Satyajit Mahto, Prof. Department of Management, BIT Mesra as the jury members for the competition.
The event started with the address of Head of Department of Management, BIT Mesra Dr. Shraddha Shivani and the Chairman of JSIA Mr. Phillip Mathew. There were 5 finalist teams who presented their business idea in front of the jury. The teams were Rapt Looms, Team AgriQulture, Team Mavericks, Team Wasper Tech and Team EGG. All the ideas were brilliant and outstanding which addressed the requirement of the plan to be implemented in the State of Jharkhand. 
The jury members had a very interactive Q&A session with the presenters. The event was a great success under the guidance of Mr. Kanishk Poddar, secretary JSIA coordinated by the students of MBA programme, BIT Mesra.
The best business plan was awarded to team Wasper,  which was presented with an amount of ₹1,00,000 as investment for their B-plan. The second runner up.position was backed up by team AgriQulture. They were presented an amount of ₹25,000.








Quizzard 2k22,  09th September 2022

On 9th September 2022, the Team Media and PR of the Department of Management, BIT MESRA, organized QUIZZARD`22- a Business quiz competition to judge the business world awareness among the students.

Quizzard aims to enhance knowledge & build confidence among budding managers. The event consisted of 4 rounds, which covered interesting questions from various areas: general awareness, entrepreneurship & business.
The event started with words of encouragement by Dr. Anand Kumar, Assistant Professor, BIT MESRA and concluded with enriching and motivating remarks from Dr. Shradha Shivani, the Head of the Department of Management, BIT Mesra.

Winner – The Thought Bots
1st Runner Up - Team AJAA
2nd Runner Up - Team Learners

Congratulations to all the winners !!!
We look forward to organizing more such captivating events with highly enthusiastic teams.







Orientation 2022, August 08th , 2022 

"New beginnings bring new possibilities to grow’’.

Department of Management, BIT Mesra organized UDGAM'22 to welcome the new batch of M.B.A. 2022-2024.
The event started with an institutional prayer, which was followed by an address by Dr. Shradha Shivani H.O.D., Department of the Management.
Dr. Nisha Gupta, Dean Post Graduate Studies, BIT Mesra, discussed BIT's curriculum and explained the institution's nuances.
Prof. Utpal Baul congratulated the new budding managers with his motivating words. Prof. Baul also highlighted the importance of good communication skills, which should be inculcated in everyone's skill set.

This was followed by the faculty introduction session, where the faculty introduced themselves to the new batch and motivated them to be the best version of themselves.

Here the fantastic two-year journey has taken a step forward in reaching the dreams of upcoming budding managers.

The keynote speaker for UDGAM'22 was Dr. S. Shadab Hassan. He is the Founder and Ex-Director of H. H. High School, Brambe. Dr. Hassan is currently teaching in the Humanities Department at IIIT Ranchi.
He highlighted the importance of mental peace to help stay motivated throughout life. He said to cherish even small achievements in their life and to dream big. He also resisted many live examples of his journey to inspire students. He concluded the session by saying, "Together we can build the tomorrow".
It was a pleasure to have Dr. S.Shadab Hassan for the program. We thank him for taking his valuable time and sharing his experiences with us and wish him much more success in his future endeavours. 




Evolution 2022, June 19th, 2022

“What I hear, I conceptualize. What I read, I understand.
But what I do, becomes a part of who I am”

This quote clearly signifies the importance of internship in a student's life. 

The Department of Management, BIT MESRA, therefore organized a webinar, “Evolution 22" on 19th June 2022, to assist the budding managers to take the best possible advantage of their “internship period". 




International Conference on Sustainability, 30th & 31st May, 2022

The Government of India has launched the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav to honour and celebrate 75 years of progressive India and the magnificent history of its people, culture, and achievements. The Department of Management of BIT Mesra, Jaipur, Lalpur, Noida, and Patna campuses are together hosting the two days International Conference on Sustainability: Research, Education and Practice on 30-31May, 2022.

This conference provides a platform for deliberations on sustainability as a form of celebration of the progress of the country. In the contemporary world, sustainability has emerged as an important area of focus in research, education, and practice. Sustainability is a paradigm concerned about the future in which environmental, societal, and economic considerations are balanced in the pursuit of improved quality of life.

The conference has Three main tracks:
1.Sustainability and Human Resource Management
2. Sustainability in Marketing Practices and Research
3. Sustainability in Public Services and General Management.  



DAKSHAM - Build  The Change 2022, March 27th, 2022  

T e am Sustainability of Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, organised and hosted DAKSHAM: Build the Change 2022 with the theme of Eco Innovation held on March 27th. DAKSHAM is the annual event of Team Sustainability which had two competitions this year namely, EcoWriter and EcoMaker. We collaborated with Made Differently by Divyangjan, a social entrepreneurship firm that helps in the sales of promotion of products made by people with special needs. Participants were observed from various educational institutes in India. The commencement of the event was marked by welcome speech presented by the Head of the Department, Dr. Shradha Shivani. She welcomed the representatives of Made Differently, the judge Dr. Rohit Pandey, the faculty advisors, faculty, students and the participants. The faculty advisor of Team Sustainability, Mr. Shailendra Singh provided their insights on CSR and highlighted the motto of their team. Dr. Akansha Pandey from Made Differently briefed everyone about their work and initiatives undertaken for the betterment of the society. She also appreciated the generous association of Made Differently with Birla Institute of Technology.



B-Trix 2k22 Day 2, February 27th, 2022

The Department of Management, BIT Mesra organized 2nd day of B-Trix 2022 on February 27th. There were various events lined up for the participants and the first event on the day was B-plan competition which was followed by Branding-Rebranding & Prachaar.



B-Trix 2k22 Day 1, February 26th, 2022 

The Department of Management, BIT Mesra organized Symposium on the theme " Unleashing Entrepreneurial Energy 2.0" as a part of B-Trix 2022 on February 26th.
The keynote speaker for the day was Mr. Arvin Sahaym Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship & Huber Dean`s Fellow in Entrepreneurship at Washington State University. He unfolded the session by stating his journey. Further, he mentioned entrepreneurial initiatives that should take place at the local, community, and state & country levels. Illuminating the young mind, he stated that everyone should unleash entrepreneurial energy and think of social and sustainable entrepreneurial initiatives that help to meet the triple bottom line of economic, social, and ecological goals of a business.
Towards the end, Mr. Arvin also took on many questions from the batch and provided great information about various aspects of entrepreneurship, and motivated the students.
Department of Management, BIT Mesra extends its warm gratitude to Mr. Arvin Sahaym for his valuable insights and a great session.



EXPERT TALK on Financial Literacy, February 08th, 2022   

''A person either disciplines his finances or his finances disciplines him.'' ― Orrin Woodward. 
The Department of Management, BIT Mesra was delighted to host an Expert Talk on Financial Literacy on 8th February 2022. The speaker for the session was Ms. Sanchita Mukherji . Sanchita Mukherji is the Co-Founder and Partner of Blue Edge is a transformative business leader & entrepreneur having 20 years of experience in Private Banking with banks such as HSBC Bank, HDFC Bank. She is also a renowned panelist in various media channels, both financial and general.
Ms. Sanchita unfolded the session by emphasizing the skills that are required for being a quality financial literate. Then, she discussed the Time Value of Money (TVM) and explained the concept that the money you have now is worth more than the identical sum in the future due to its potential earning capacity.
During the session, She also discussed career planning in the subject of finance in a unique approach, as well as the many career opportunities accessible in the industry.
After that, she had a Q/A session with the students and showed the right path to all the young intellectual brains.
At last, she ended with the famous quotes of Steve Jobs, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you have not found it yet, keep looking, do not settle.''
We thank Miss Sanchita Mukherji for her time and look forward to such engaging sessions with her.



SANSHRAY, Jnauary 6th, 2022

The Department of Management, BIT Mesra, had a review meeting with NHRDN Ranchi about Project Sanshray. Project Sanshray aims to provide the best career counselling to the underprivileged youth and children to enable them to make informed decisions about their career paths. The project is being executed by Team Sustainability, Department of Management in collaboration with Pratigya in association with NHRDN, Ranchi, since June 2021.
In the meeting, Sumeet Raj , Shivani Agarwal, and Riya Tiwari from Team Sustainability presented Team's work, which was well appreciated. They further highlighted their learning and experiences from this project.
Department of Management will continue to work on Project Sanshray and various other social and CSR related projects.


Management Development Program’21 Day 2, December 08th, 2021

The second day of the Management Development Program on Business Innovation was organized by the Department of Management, BIT Mesra, on December 08, 2021. Two technical sessions were covered in which the first session emphasized Customer Orientation & CRM Activities and the concluding one- Leadership and Team Building.
The first session was guided by Prof. (Dr.) Taposh Ghoshal- Principal Mentor at Astra Knowledge Foundation who highlighted the “Q” factor in the viewpoint of customer i.e. Quality, Quantity, and Quick Service, and also talked about various issues faced by pump dealers.
The second session was conducted by Dr. Swati Dhir- Associate Professor in OB/HRM area with International Management Institute New Delhi. She explained the framework to lead and manage in the corporate world and talked about the importance of teamwork and ways to create an effective team. At last, she described different factors promoting working relationships like staff meetings, job description review, and personnel evaluation.



Management Development Program’21 Day 1, December 07th, 2021

The first day of the Management Development Program was organized by the Department of Management, BIT Mesra on December 07, 2021. The objective of the program was to provide knowledge and skills to petroleum dealers in business innovation which will help them to, adapt and thrive to the challenges they face.
The program comprised three sessions and was attended by around 14 petroleum dealers.
The first session was delivered by Mr. Roshan Rana – Senior Manager- Sales, BPCL Ranchi who emphasized how Business Innovation can lead to change in the business and adapt to the changes.
The second session was conducted by Mr. Sanjay Singh – Founder of Strategic Concepts (I) Pvt. Ltd., an alumnus of BIT Mesra. He briefed about "Romancing with the Customer" involving processes like thinking, courting, developing relationships, and knowing about the likes, lifestyle beliefs, and customers' attitudes.
The third and the final session of Day 1 was addressed by Dr. Hari Haran, Management Consultant, Trainer, and Former GM (HRD) of SAIL Management Training Institute. During his session, he spoke about Change Management and its necessity in today's context in business to adapt and survive in this changing scenario.
The day ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Niraj Mishra, Associate Prof. Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, and coordinator of MDP 2021.



Faculty Development Program’21 Day 2, November 30th, 2021

Day 2- ATAL Faculty Development Program at BIT Mesra

On the second day of the ATAL Faculty Development Program at BIT Mesra three resource persons addressed the program -Dr. Ramakrishnan and Dr. Ramnath Prabhu Faculty, School of Design Thinking, Chennai, and Dr. Rohit Swarup, Founder Chairman of Innovation and Research Foundation and Founder Director Explorra Education Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Ramakrishnan discussed the CATWOE concept explaining the Customer, Actor, Transformation, Worldview, Owner and Environmental Concept. Dr. Ramnath gave input on the importance of listening, dialogues, and observation in 360-degree design thinking. The Concept of Anticipate, Enter, Engage, Exit and Reflect in design thinking was explained by him. 
Dr. Rohit discussed how design thinking can be integrated into curriculum development. He concluded his session by stating that a significant challenge in any innovation is identifying potential challenges.



Faculty Development Program’21 Day 1, November 29th,2021

A Five-day extended Online-ATAL Faculty Development Program commenced on November 29, 2021, in the Department of Management, BIT Mesra. The FDP is being attended by 200 faculty members from several disciplines. Day one of the FDP program began with the Institute's prayer and address by the coordinator of the FDP, Dr. Shradha Shivani, HOD, Department of Management, BIT Mesra.

Manu Vora, Chairman and President, Business Excellence, Inc., USA and Member, AICTE NEP 2020 Implementation Plan Committee, joined the inaugural session as a Peer Reviewer for the FDP. Dr. Sudipto Bhattacharya, Professor, VIT Vellore and an expert in Innovation and Design thinking, introduced the concept of design thinking in an exciting and impactful manner. Dr. Ramakrishnan R, Faculty, School of Design Thinking, Chennai concluded the session by emphasizing that in the design thinking process, "Less is More." 

The day ended with a vote of thanks presented by Dr.Shradha Shivani , Joint Coordinator of the FDP and HOD, Department of Management , BIT Mesra.



Internico’21, November 07th, 2021

"The expert in anything was a beginner "
- Helen Hayes
An Internship is a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to a particular field or industry.
The Department of Management, B.I.T MESRA hosted another edition of INTERNICO on November 7, 2021, an inter-college internship competition where management students across various B-schools participated. INTERNICO provides an opportunity to the students to showcase their hard work, dedication, and experience in front of experts from the industries.
The department was privileged to have Mr. Ripudaman Magon Alumnus (1989-91), and Director of Natural group & conserve infotech, and Ms. Tuhina Roy, HR Manager at Mahindra Finance.
Amongst the various synopsis received seven best synopsis were selected to present in the final round. Several projects like employees assistance, service operation, supply chain management, digital underwriting were presented, followed by the Q/A session by the judges.
The event ended up with motivating words of judges and the announcements of winners.
1st Prachet Prakash – IIM ,Lucknow
2nd Aurnob Banerjee – SIOM, Nashik
3rd Shreya Chawla – NMIS, Mumbai
Congratulations to all the winners and to the participants & we wish them luck for their future endeavours.





Quizzard’21, September 26th, 2021

Quizzard'21- Hark, Think & Crack! was organized by the Student Bodies of the Department of Management, BIT Mesra, on September 26th, 2021, via the digital platform on MS Teams in the presence of Dr. Shradha Shivani, HOD Department of Management, BIT Mesra.

Quizzard aims to put the existing knowledge of young minds in the field of business, social and technical innovations in testing. 
The competition was divided into Prelims and Finale Rounds, which covered various areas of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Management, and General Awareness.

Based on the end scores
'Team Karma' was declared as the winners, 
'Team Amigos' was the first runner-up, followed by 'The Losing Team' as the second runner-up. 

Congratulations! to all the winners and also to the other participating teams.
Winning or losing is part of a competition, but it's the effort and the will to participate which matters the most.





Award Giving Ceremony of ABHYUDAYA 2021, July

In collaboration with Jharkhand Small Industries Association(JSIA), the Department of Management organized the 'Award-giving Ceremony' of Abhyudaya 2021- An all-India B-Plan competition.
The event was graced by the presence of the following renowned guests.

1.Smt. Annapurna Devi, the honorable minister of state for Education with the Government of India.
2. Mr. Mahesh Poddar, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha, Jharkhand)
3. Mr. Philip Mathew, President of JSIA.
4. Mr. Kanishka Poddar - JSIA member
5. Mr. R P Shahi, former president and member of JSIA

A glimpse of the event.





Orientation of the MBA batch 2021-23, July 23 & 24, 2021

The Department of Management, BIT Mesra, warmly welcomed the new batch of incoming students. The program was started with the institute prayer by Aditi Singh, as per the institution's tradition. Dr. S. Shivani, Head of the Department of Management, gave a heartfelt welcome speech. She walked the students through the basic details about the institute.
Dr. A. K. Sinha, Dean of Student's Welfare, honored the program with his presence.
The Management department's professors then introduced themselves, encouraging the students to be enthusiastic, and wishing them a good journey ahead. Ph.D. students also shared their experiences with the students.
Next, the representatives of various clubs and societies of BIT Mesra briefly introduced their objectives and values, and invited the newly admitted students to be a part of their club, and exhibit their talent which brought the event to a close for day 1 of the orientation program.

On the second day of the orientation, the fresh batch had an opportunity to interact with our distinguished alumnus Mr. Aloke Singh, CEO of Air India Express. Subsequently Mr. Praveen Shrivastava- Hostel and mess in charge also introduced the new batch to BIT Welfare Society, a student's society founded on 23rd October 2017.
Then, the ex-core members of various student bodies addressed the new batch and explained their work and responsibilities.

Glimpse of the event.




ABHYUDAYA 2021, 4th & 5th June 2021

Jharkhand Small Industries Association (JSIA), in collaboration with the Department of Management BIT Mesra organized "Abhyudaya'21"- a business plan competition to ignite the entrepreneurial energy in the state of Jharkhand. Abhyudaya is a new endeavour in JSIA's quest to promote an entrepreneurial culture in the state. JSIA has signed an MOU with the Department of Management to identify young entrepreneurs and support them with assured hand holding and prize money.
The two-day event was graced by a panel of dignitaries;
Mr. Mahesh Poddar, a renowned Industrialist.
Mr. Philip Matthew, President JSIA
Mr. Ganesh Natrajan, Chairman of 5F World.
Ms. Malavika Sharma, Butterfly Project.
Mr. Milan Kr Sinha, Certified Associate, Indian Institute of Bankers.
Mr. Saurabh Sinha, Executive director of RBI
We also had a Guest of honour, Mr. Niraj Biyani, the promoter, partner director of the paper boat, a well-known fruit beverages brand. He took the audience through Paper Boat's journey and shared his valuable insights with the young aspiring entrepreneurs. The session concluded with a very interactive question and answer session.
The winner of the event was Mr. Chinmaya Naik, for his start-up idea called "BlisCare".
Viresh Singh was the 1st runner up for his idea "SAFARNAMA" while Avishkar Gupta was the 2nd runner up for his idea "Avishkar Analytics".The session overall was packed with a very interactive questions and answer session. The event succeeded in highlighting the schedule. It concluded with a strategic mission on how to create a joint approach for development.



AURA’21, a virtual farewell 30th May 2021

The most beautiful things in life are moments & memories. If you don't celebrate those, they can pass you by. 
"The more we praise & celebrate our life, the more there is in life to celebrate."- Oprah Winfrey

With this thought on 30th May 2021 Department of Management, BIT Mesra organized AURA'21, a virtual farewell.
AURA- Activate, Unleash, redefine , Accomplish

 It was an exhilarated event that left the outgoing batch with lots of memories to remember and cherish.
The event unfolded with motivating words of our respected professors wishing them best for their future endeavors. The event continued with series of fun events that revived the memories of their beautiful journey.

The Batch of 2020-22 wishes them a very healthy and prosperous future.




Evolution 2021, 16th May 2021

The Academic Forum (TAF) of The Department of Management, The Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra organized Evolution'21. Students from the senior batch shared their internship insights and experiences and highlighted the importance they play in shaping one's career. The foreground of the session was to explain to the current students the kind of pragmatic approach one must have while doing a project. The event unfolded with words of motivation from Prof. Dr. Shradha Shivani H.O.D of The Department of Management. 

Beginning with Manvi Singh, she inspired the students to learn every day through their internship as it can help them gain the required skill set.

Swati Sinha elucidated the structure of making a valuable report. She also stressed "curving the learning process" according to the changing trends of the industry. 

Pramit focused on the vitality of knowledge management in career building and also highlighted the roles that job portals play in finding a suitable job. 

Raj Vardhan explained how internships can help us break our limits and evolve to become a better version of ourselves. 

Shreya Sharma emphasized the importance of having a clear approach and plan in achieving our goal.

The entire session turned out to be a motivating and enriching one.



Stock Mind, 7th Apr. 2021

“Take risks in your life: If you win, you can lead; if you lose, you can guide.” -Swami Vivekananda

Department of Management, BIT Mesra was back again with a webinar session on "Stock Mind" on April 7th, 2021. The guest speaker of the session was Ms. Smita Chakraborty, Zonal Head-Marketing (East and South).

Deliberations focused on the importance of the capital market for investors and the significance of the virtual stock market game StockMIND for students in career building. Ms. Chakraborty explained the dynamics of the stock market and how does it operate. Analysis, critical thinking, decision making, and calculated risk are key skills that a student undergoes after getting into this virtual trading platform. She also illustrated the process by which one can easily get involved in stock mind.

The objective of the seminar was to give the exposure and understanding of stock market operations to the students. Enriching the session with examples made the conclave more engaging. The session concluded with questions from students and important things one should cogitate before making investments.

Kartavya 2021, 3rd Apr. 2021

Team Sustainability of Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, organized and hosted KARTAVYA 2021: an intradepartmental group discussion on 3rd April. This year, Team Sustainability collaborated with Made Differently by Divyangjan, a social entrepreneurship firm that helps in marketing products made by people with special needs.
The commencement of the event was marked by a welcome speech by Dr Sraboni Dutta. She welcomed the representative of Made Differently, the judges, Dr Shadab Hassan and Dr Neha Kaur. She also appreciated the generous association of Made Differently with Birla Institute of Technology.
After the beautiful words of dignitaries, the group discussion was started. The topic for GD was "CSR in Indian reality – A Serious brand building or marketing gimmick". After the GD got over, our judges provided with their insights and feedback to the students.
The event ended with the vote of thanks given by the faculty advisor Mr. Shailendra kumar Singh. He also provided insights on CSR and the TEAM Sustainability Group.
The winners will receive goodies from Made Differently by Divyangjan
The winners of KARTAVYA 2021 are as follows:
1st prize – Nikita Jha
2nd prize – Sheetal Shikha
3rd prize – Shivani Singh



BTrix 21, The Annual Management Fest, 20th - 21st Feb. 2021


Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, hosted its Annual Management fest BTrix. This year, BTrix was themed on Unleashing Entrepreneurial Energy In The Times of Adversity and spread over a period of two days. Day 1 of the event witnessed a symposium on the title theme and day 2 consisted of various inter-college competitive events. The 2-day Annual event started by the welcome address by HoD of the department, Dr. Shradha Shivani. The Inaugural Address was initiated by one of the most inspiring personality Dr. C Jeganathan, Dean of Research, Innovation Entrepreneurship (DRIE). He addressed the students about the need of entrepreneurship in the present era. He motivated the students to be entrepreneurs and be the job creators & be a part of the development of one of the biggest nation’s i.e. India. His words left a long lasting impressions on the students. The Department of Management was privileged to have him on stage.

Day 1, 20th Feb

Keynote Address: Dr. Rashmi Assudani, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs; Professor-Management & Entrepreneurship at Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Initiating the Keynote Address as part of symposium, Keynote Speaker Dr. Rashmi Assudani, (Associate Provost for Academic Affairs; Professor-Management & Entrepreneurship at Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) has highlighted two important terms Entrepreneurial' and the Adversityy'. She has explained the entrepreneurial Adversity from the stand point of personal and Macro adversity.

Talking about Personal adversity she has discussed about the life achievements and the adverse situations faced by the three Greatest Personalities Oprah Winfrey, Albert Einstein & Richard Branson .

Coming to the Environmental Adversity She has discussed about the three one of the top Companies like General Motors, General Motors , Disney & 3M .These companies were started as Entrepreneurial ventures during times of difficulties and economic challenges and had converted adversity into the opportunity.

She concluded her part by saying ' No matter where we are & in what industry we are, the only constant is entrepreneurial energy. Keeping one foot today in the today and thinking about the future will be absolutely instrumental as you step into workspace.

Proceedings can be viewed on :


Panel Discussion I : Theme: Harnessing the Entrepreneurial Energy: Aligning the expectations of Academia and Industry

1. Mr. Ashish Khetan, CIO & President, Indigram Labs
2. Dr. Srikanth Sola, Founder, Devic Earth
3. Mr. Ayush Nigam, Co – Founder, Distinct Horizon
4. Prof. Sudipto Bhattacharya, VIT Business School

5. Mr. Jitendra Kumar Singh, IAS, Director, Industries, Govt. of Jharkhand
6. Mr. Dipan Sahu, Assistant Innovation Director, Innovation Cell, AICTE & Ministry of Education, Government of India
7. Moderator: Dr. Sraboni Dutta, Associate Professor, Dept. of Management, BIT Mesra

Initiating the first panel discussion as part of symposium, Started with Dr. Sraboni Dutta, Associate Prof., BIT Mesra, as the moderator for the panel, introduced the topic and highlighted its importance.

Mr. Dipan Sahu, Asst. Innovation Director, and Mr. Jitendra K Singh, IAS, representing the govt., briefed on the current policies at the centre and state level to promote entrepreneurship and improvisation that can be done at the institutional to exploit the side of entrepreneurship.

Prof. Dr. Sudipto Bhattacharya highlighted how various schemes launched is being implemented and commented on challenges that are being faced at the institute level.

Mr. Ashish Khetan, CIO & President at Indigram Labs Foundation - TBI, Supported by DST, GoI talked about recent reforms helping to overcome the insufficiency of private capitals and the fact that the technologist can solve various puzzle faced by industries.

Dr. Srikanth Sola, CEO of Devic Earth and Mr. Ayush Nigam, Co-Founder, Distinct Horizon underlined the fact that hard work, family support, mentorship and teamwork play a vital role in making a successful entrepreneur and elaborated challenges faced during adversities on the business can be used as an opportunity.

Proceedings can be viewed on :


Talk : Theme: Entrepreneurial Finance, Mr. Salil Ravindran, CFO, Technosoft Corp.


After a short break, in second half of the day, symposium resumed with a talk on “Entrepreneurial Finance” by Mr. Salil Ravindran, CFO, Technosoft Corp. with over two decades of finance transformational experience with an emphasis on business partnership and value creation.

He started the talk by stating the facets of entrepreneurial finance, he stated “whatever business you run or plan to launch, you need the essential tools and know-how to build a sturdy foundation that will support it for many years to come." He highlighted various funding stages and the purpose behind them.

He depicted a startups success journey and explained about operating metrics, optimizing costs, budgeting & planning, financial management and corporate governance in startups.

At the end of the talk Mr. Salil illustrated the various financial challenges faced during entrepreneurial journey, - “valuation is more an art than science”

This talk was extremely fruitful and also it was a wholesome learning process for all the attendees and provided them the knowledge of various aspects of entrepreneurial finance.

Proceedings can be viewed on :


Panel Discussion II : Theme: Unleashing Entrepreneurial Energy in The Times of Adversity

1. Mr. Rachit Gupta, SSSIHL
2. Mr. Rishav Raina, IIM Raipur
3. Mr. Ojasvi Khattar, IMI New Delhi
4. Mr. Utkarsh Mishra, BIT Mesra
5. Mr. Pulkit Singal, IIM Kashipur
6. Moderator: Mr. Shadab Hassan, Acclaimed Social Entrepreneur, Director, H. H. High School, Ranchi

The 2nd panel discussion started with Mr. S. Shadab Hassan as the moderator for the panel. He introduced the topic by a tag line “what is that few could and many couldn’t” and further stated, adversity is not the problem but how you react to it and how you deal with it is what its matter.

Mr. Utkarsh Mishra, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. He shared his experience of his journey to a startup and the motivation behind it.

Mr. RISHAV RAINA, Indian Institute of Management Raipur, along with his entrepreneurial journey, he stressed on that for any start-up we need to know the market well and the consumer’s base that we are targeting.

Mr. Pulkit Singal, Indian Institute of Management Kashipur, who was a finance an analytics enthusiast he highlighted on how during this pandemic different sectors suffers from financial crisis while some sectors took the advantages of this situation.

Mr. Rachit Gupta, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, stressed upon the different channels of education being delivered.

Mr. Ojasvi Khattar, International Management Institute - IMI, New Delhi, he added the points about the upcoming competition in every sector how to tackle it in a proper manner.

Proceedings can be viewed on :


Paper Presentation by Students

Opportunity comes with a lots of challenges but leads to a fruitful result. So as to showcase and bring up the ideas and creativity of the young entrepreneurs, Paper Presentation as a part of symposium was organized. Synopsis were invited across the country and 4 synopsis were selected among all the participants.

Panel of judges included:

Dr. Hari Haran, Former GM, MTI, Steel Authority of India Limited

Ms. shelly srivastava, Asst. Prof., BIT Mesra

Ms. Sujata P Dash, Asst. Prof., BIT Mesra

This event saw a various of ideas worth sharing. Selecting a winner was definitely tough but, every competition has a winner, so is the case with this Paper Presentation. Mr. Alister Toppo from Indian Institute of Management, Indore, won the event.

Department of Management has always nurtured young minds and has always thought in the direction of enlightenment and growth. We wish to continue this legacy forever.

The event came to an end with vote of thanks given by Ms. SHYAMLI HEMBROM.

With this Day 1 came to its culmination

Proceedings can be viewed on :

Day 2, 21st Feb

B-Plan Competition

Day - 2 of BTrix witnessed a series of competitions like BPlan, BQuiz and Prachaar.

First in line, Business Plan Competition (BPlan) began with HoD, Dr. Shradha Shivani, welcoming the Chief Guests, Mr. Nirmal Dayani, Co-Founder of Expereal India and Mr. Raj Vardhan, Independent Director, Mcleod Russel India Limited, both esteemed alumni of the department.

The BTrix Business Plan Competition aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship among students. BPlan challenged the teams to devise a new service or product offering and create a business plan aimed at sharing their venture idea. A jury of business professionals and academics selected six best submissions to compete in the final round. After each presentation, there was also Q&A session by the panel of judges which enriched the participants with some useful insights.

All the teams worked incredibly hard, but the rather brighter ones who performed both diligently and inventively stood as the ultimate champions. Following are the winners of BPlan -

1st position - Team Spectrum G.H. Raisoni College of Engineering(GHRCE), Nagpur

2nd position - Team Sanrakshak, Vellore Institute of Technology Chennai

3rd position - Team Rivaayat Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi

Proceedings can be viewed on :

B-Quiz Competition

BQuiz was organised as part of BTrix (Day 2).

BQuiz aimed at putting the existing knowledge of young minds in field of business and technical innovations to test.

The competition was divided into three rounds which covered the various areas of Entrepreneurship. Each round had a set of five questions. The presentation of questions in first and second rounds was text based whereas there was visual representation in the third round. The winners of round one were Cosmic Quizzers and Metalheads who bagged 20 points each.

The second round had the same story to tell with Cosmic Quizzers and Metalheads scoring additional 20 points each. As incredible as it sounds, both Cosmic Quizzers and Metalheads scored 20 points in the third round as well.

So if the math serves right, BQuiz ended with a tie between Cosmic Quizzers and Metalheads and they were declared champions with 60 points each.

Proceedings can be viewed on :


On the second day of BTrix, a fun filled event - Prachar, was organized, which focused on giving the students from across the country a platform to exhibit their creativity, innovation and knowledge of Marketing through interestingly designed short advertisements. Prachar was all about letting the budding entrepreneurs learn how to promote the products of their choice through advertising.

Prachar recorded participation from various B-schools across pan India, out of which, ten teams were shortlisted to showcase their ideas and the objectives of their advertisements.

The winner of Prachar was the team The Purple Pandas, who created an advertisement on WhatsApp featuring ‘forward equality’. The second position was grabbed by two teams - Team A2 and Team Zombies. Team A2 presented an ad on Doodlage which was based on manufacturing of women's clothing line, whereas Team Zombies presented the idea of Mackin which includes different flavors of chips and nachos.

With this BTrix 2021, the Flagship Annual Event of the Department of Management, BIT Mesra, came to a successful end.

Proceedings can be viewed on :


Conference on Women Leadership in the Corporate World, 6th Feb. 2021

Department of Management, BIT Mesra organized a short conference on titled- “Women Leadership in The Corporate World” on February 6, 2021.

Ms.Vinita Chauhan, Director, Enterprise Sales, Darwin Box delivered the keynote address at the conference.

The conference speakers like Ms. Ritu Goyal who is working as a Soft Skill and HR trainer and has served in Global institutes as a training and placement officer.

The conference began with the welcome note by Dr.Shradha Shivani , HoD Dept. of Management, BIT Mesra.

Professor Dr.Papiya Mitra Mazumder (Pharmaceutical Science and Technology) and Chairperson, Internal Complaint Committee, BIT Mesra was chief guest for the occasion.

This was followed by a students’ panel discussion on the theme, where

Mr. Pramit Basu of BIT Mesra moderated the panel which included the panelists,

Ms. Niharika Ghose (IIM Amritsar),

Ms. Shankhmala Dutta (SIBM Nagpur),

Ms. Chitrita Roy (IISWBM Kolkata),

Ms. Aparna Sharma,

Mr. Swapnarun Banarjee and

Ms. Sadiya Fatima of BIT Mesra.

The panel discussed on gender inequality in corporate workplace, need for reservation of women’s in CXO Levels and main causes of patriarchy in corporate workplace.





Doctoral Colloquium 2021, 30th Jan. 2021

The Department of Management organized its third Doctoral Colloquium on January 30th, 2021 virtually through Google Meet platform.

The objective of the doctoral colloquium was to provide an opportunity to the doctoral students to present their ongoing research work and obtain valuable inputs from brainstorming and discussion with experts and peers.

It was an honour for our department that the session was chaired by Dr. Hari Haran, former General Manager, MTI SAIL. Currently he is a Management Consultant, Corporate Trainer and Advisor with various institutions.

Fifteen doctoral students from numerous Indian institutions with diverse research background were selected to present their work. A panel of experts both from industry and academia evaluated the presentations and gave their valuable feedback to the scholars.

Three best presentations were awarded in this Doctoral Colloquium. One of the participants, Ms. Anupurba Nandi from Computer Science and Engineering , Ms. Yasmin Yaqub and Ms. Ritika Sharma jointly from Management and Ms. Smiriti Tripathi from Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Internico 2020, 16th Nov. 2020

Internships are a key way to get a step up when it comes to jumping into the real world.
So to provide an opportunity to showcase hard work, dedication and experience in fronts of experts from the industry the Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra organized Internico'20
The event was carried out on the digital platform. Participants from all over the country from various B- School participated to show case their knowledge and experience which they gained from their respective internships.
BIT Mesra was grateful to have Mr. Nirmal Dayani, Co-founder of Expereal India as the chief Guest of the event. The Head of the Department of Management, Dr. Shraddha Shivani graced the event with her presence.
All the students across the nation who had done their MBA and BBA summer internships had to submit their synopsis in 200 words. After careful screening five students were selected from the leading institutes of India for the final presentation. After the successful completion of the event the winners were as follows-
1st - Nandini Choudhury from K J Somaiya Institute Of Management, Mumbai
2nd - Pankaj Goyal, Fore School of Management, New Delhi
3rd - Pratyay Das, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra




Webinar on Legal Aspect of Domestic Enquiry

The Department of Management, BIT Mesra, had organized an online guest lecture on “LEGAL ASPECT ON DOMESTIC ENQUIRY “for the students of MBA. The speaker of the webinar was Ms. Sweta Sinha, Assistant HR Manager, TATA Metaliks Ltd. Her lecture was focused on “highlighting the procedure for conducting of fair and proper domestic enquiry to avoid unfavorable legal consequences” She unfurled the meeting by asking everyone to answer this question “What do you think is disrupting HR?”. The objective of this webinar was to highlight the procedure for conducting a fair and proper domestic inquiry to avoid unfavorable legal consequences. She told us about what actually domestic inquiry is “Domestic inquiry is like a preliminary in an official courtroom, however while a preliminary in a court is for violations done against society, domestic enquiry is directed for offenses submitted against the foundation for unfortunate behavior, culpable compelled/rules and guidelines of the association”. Followed by disciplines, indiscipline’s, complaint, preliminary enquiry, principle of natural justice in domestic enquiry, charge sheet.

In an organization domestic enquiry or preliminary enquiry is essential to eliminate any kind of discrepancy in work culture if any kind of conflict arises, she said while finishing off the lecture. Her lecture was extremely insightful and also enhanced the knowledge of various aspects of HRM for the students.


Webinar with Mr. Ayush Nigam (Co-Founder and CEO, Distinct Horizon)


Students of BIT Mesra were mystified by the presence of Mr. Ayush Nigam, disseminated his knowledge about his entrepreneurial journey, Mr. Nigam enlightened how self believe and knowing oneself empowers a person. He shared enormous information discussing about the 7 pillars for entrepreneurial success. Well explained by him how technology and technologists play a significant role in framing a society of today’s world. Illuminating the young mind, he stated that more and more start-ups and technologies should be encouraged primarily focused on “REAL SOCIETAL PROBLEMS rather than just focusing on SOCIETAL NEEDS”. He asked students to lay more stress on themselves so that they would be able to identify the purpose beyond oneself as the world needs young talents and compassion with out of the box ideas. Mr. Nigam said how a youth has the energy and passion which could break and smash any barriers because as said by Elon Musk he loves to work with interns because they don’t know what cannot be achieved and that is the true power because people restrict themselves from the fear of the nature of the task that it couldn’t be completed. Webinar with Mr. Ayush Nigam (Co-Founder and CEO, Distinct Horizon) Overall, it was a mind-blowing session which enhanced and filled the students with immense knowledge and light.


Webinar on Emotional Intelligence for Future Workplace


Ms. Tuhina David is the Manager employee engagement at Mahindra Finance. She addressed the students in this arduous time of pandemic on a very important topic, “Emotional Intelligence and its impact on the individual and society as a whole”. In this tough time of Covid19 when the entire world stands on the edge of problems and recession at its peak, Emotional Intelligence has been constantly ignored at the most. Ms. Tuhina shared how emotional intelligence impacts an individual and their surroundings. Sharing her perspective on the topic, there was another factor which she talked about, IQ vs EQ in which she explained even a higher IQ doesn’t guarantee a successful life. At the same time a higher EQ could help in achieving one. She also spoke about sophisticated and high-tech technologies such as automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

She very well stated how a CEO is presented Machiavellian in the movies but in real there are some prominent Emotionally Intelligent CEO’s like Satya Nadela, Indra Nooyi, Ellon Musk who have had broken the stereotype of the Machiavellian image of CEOs. Introducing students to another exotic term “Amygdala Hijack”, a condition in which our brain responds to some higher emotional situations she displayed how self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills are need of the hour. World Economic forum ranked Emotional Intelligence as 1 of the top 10 skills needed for the 4th industrial revolution in 2020 and beyond. Entire session was packed with vibrant and exciting information which grabbed everyone’s attention throughout.


DAKSHAM: Build the Change, 2020, 20th Sept. 2020

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” â€• Margaret Mead

With this idea, Team Sustainability of Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, organised and hosted DAKSHAM: Build the Change, 2020, on September 20th. DAKSHAM is conceptualized to be an annual event of the department. This year Team Sustainability collaborated with Made Differently by Divyangjan, a social entrepreneurship firm that helps in the sales of promotion of products made by people with special needs. Participants were observed from various educational institutes in India.

The commencement of the event was marked by welcome speech presented by the Head of the Department, Dr. Shradha Shivani. She welcomed the representatives of Made Differently, the judges namely Dr. Rajanish Gupta, Assistant Professor, DSM Degree College, UP, and Dr. J.B. David who unfortunately couldn’t join the event, the faculty advisors, faculty, students and the participants. The faculty advisors of Team Sustainability, Dr. Sraboni Dutta and Mr. Shailendra Singh provided their insights on CSR and highlighted the motto of their team. Mr. Ankur Mahapatra from Made Differently briefed everyone about their work and initiatives undertaken for the betterment of the society. He also appreciated the generous association of Made Differently with Birla Institute of Technology.

After the beautiful words of dignitaries, selected posters and videos were displayed through a PowerPoint presentation, after which the result was announced and many congratulations came in for the winners. The participants were awarded with a participation certificate and the winner received certificates of achievement and goodies from Made Differently.

Later in the event, Dr. Rajanish Gupta apprised everybody of the various parameters of judgment and his experience throughout the process.

The event ended with the vote of thanks, given by the secretary of team sustainability.

The winners of DAKSHAM ‘20, are as follows:

Make the change

1st position- Keshav Rateria, Handmade is Heart made from st. Xavier Calcutta

2nd position - P Siva Raman, Being socialist from Vel Tech Rangarajan, Dr. Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology, Avadi

3rd position - Mohit Nagpal, Pearl Academy

 Draw for change

1st position - Sujoy Barua - SIBM Bengaluru

2nd position- Swati Duhan,  Shivaji College, University of Delhi

3rd position - Aayushi Anand,  Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra

Write for change

1st position – Ananya Raj, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, pune

2nd position – Gourav Saikia, Kaziranga University, Assam

3rd position – Abhishek Kr. Choudhary, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra



Webinar on Plagiarism and Intellectual Property Rights

The Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra was honored to have Mr. Vishal Charan, an esteemed alumnus (MBA 2006-2008) as the speaker for the webinar on - "Plagiarism and IPR". He graced the virtual stage with his presence on September 9th. At present he is serving as a HR Manager in SAIL Bokaro. Prior to this, he has worked with IDBI Bank. He unfolded the session by highlighting the importance of safeguarding our intellectual property, ideas, expression and creativity so that it remains our own original work. And as the whole academic world has shifted to the online mode, he also made the students aware regarding how they can get rid of piracy. He acquainted the students with the term "plagiarism" and its different types. Enlightening the students on how to protect their ideas, information, expression or thoughts he said- "Before disseminating any information we should get the information copyrighted or protected in terms of patent".

He apprised the students by saying that people who are in track of plagiarism they don't have knowledge about the scientific advances and hence, they get caught in domain of plagiarism. Along with that he also mentioned that some people do it intentionally as it is a faster way of writing whereas coming up with something new and innovative takes a lot of time. The webinar ended with Mr. Charan throwing light on the various ways through which one can avoid plagiarism. Overall, the session was engaging and enriching which gave important takeaways to the students.

Webinar with Mr. Ayush Nigam, Co-Founder and CEO, Distinct Horizon

Once someone said, “If we tried to think of a good idea, we wouldn’t have been able to think of a good idea. You just have to find the solution to the problem in your own life”. Keeping this mantra in mind, the Department of Management along with the Entrepreneurship Development Cell, BIT Mesra tried to solve a problem that emerges in the mind of many and that is “How do we become an entrepreneur?”. To help us find the answer to this question we had with us Mr. Ayush Nigam, CEO & Co-founder of Distinct Horizon

In the precious one-hour session the students experienced something very valuable, from a person who himself grew from the wisdom he imparted upon us. ‘Inspiring’ is the word in which everyone could relate to everything he said. He brought light upon the things which are still undiscovered in the field of technology and innovations. Mr. Nigam advocated to think big and break the conditioning done since his childhood in our society. He pointed out how a child is brought up in our country being treated as a dependent human being in contrast with any developed nation. Defining our level of the playing field is also an essential part of the process of making an entrepreneur. He taught us how Thinking BigDoing Big and Acting Now is important. We are really confident that the session rekindled the thought of becoming an entrepreneur in the minds of many and we shall look forward to several such sessions in the future.



Orientation Program 2020, 17th & 18th August 2020

Day 1, Orientation Programme
17th August 2020

"New beginnings brings new experiences"

The department of management,bit mesra warmly welcomed the new batch of incoming students.
Following the convention of the institution, the programme was inaugrated with the institute prayer.
The event was marked by a heart warming welcome speech by Dr. S. Shivani, Head Department of Management, as She guided the students through the rules and regulations of the institution. 
The programme was graced by Dean, Alumni and International Relations and Professor In-charge of Training and Placement Division, Dr. Utpal Baul. He informed the students regarding the placement process at the campus and suggested them to focus on developing new skills, which would help them in building their career.
Dr. A.K Sinha, Dean of Student's Welfare, also graced the programme by his presence.
The faculties of the Management department then took turns to introduce themselves and encouraged the students to stay motivated, no matter what the future holds.
Thereafter, Representatives of the various clubs and societies of BIT Mesra gave a brief introduction of their objectives and values which brought us to the conclusion for the day 1 of the orientation programme.

Day 2, Orientation programme
18th August 2020

"There is no real ending. It is just the place where you stop the story"- Frank Herbert.

The second and final day of the orientation program was addressed by Mr. Shadab Hassan, Director, H. H. High School, Acclaimed Social Entrepreneur and Alumni. Mr. Hassan is a philanthropist working closely on UNESCO Dice program and has recently received "Malaysian Mastery Award" for Excellence in Education. Throughout his address he promoted the importance of positivity in perspective.
The students were then addressed by Mr. Sourabh Kumar, Co-founder and COO of “PotHole Raja”, a Bangalore based social startup that fixes potholes in an ecofriendly way. Mr. Sourabh shared some of his experiences as an entrepreneur and story that drived him to build his own startup.
Mr. Md. Nadim Quaiser, Assistant Registrar to the Dean of Academic Programme, guided the student through the process of examinations at BIT Mesra and academic procedures to be followed by the students.
The students were briefed about the role of BIT welfare society, by Dr. Praveen Srivastava, Assistant professor, Dept. of HMCT.
The two day Orientation programme concluded with the briefing by remaining clubs and societies of BIT mesra.


Webinar for newly admitted students by Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Sharma, Alumnus (1997-1999) and Chief Communication Officer and Vice President, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd., 2nd August 2020

The Department of Management was delighted to host a webinar by one of its most distinguished alumni, Mr Kamlesh Kumar Sharma, Vice President and Chief Communications Officer at Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages (HCCB), the manufacturing arm of Coca-Cola India. An MBA from 1997-1999 batch, Kamlesh has had an illustrious career, starting with Rediffusion Y&R in 1999, where he contributed to the genesis of brand ‘Bharti Airtel.’ Since joining Coca-Cola in 2006, he has served in multiple roles, including in crisis response, sustainability communications, as well as brand and corporate reputation management.
For the incoming batch of MBA 2020-2022, Kamlesh’s session was a fitting conclusion to a series of pre-orientation webinars by various alumni. In the midst of a pandemic and an economic slowdown, what better way to learn than from someone who has weathered a similar storm at the start of his career but still keeps spreading happiness with Coke!
Through this session, the students developed an understanding of the philosophy that goes behind the creation of different Coca-Cola products. Kamlesh also explained the process of building a brand identity for HCCB. He beautifully demonstrated how the iconography and fonts incorporate HCCB’s common message of “soul and scale” inspired by India. Kamlesh’s business unit, HCCB, is at the forefront when it comes to leveraging contemporary marketing tools. He introduced listeners to a relatively new concept – sonic branding (“mogoscape”), which organizations like HCCB are nowadays increasingly using to make consumers aware of what the brand sounds like.
Ms Amita Sagar, head of social media and communications at HCCB, also spoke. She shared snippets of her journey at HCCB and answered students’ questions very patiently, devoting much time and attention.
The session concluded with a beautiful HCCB anthem composed by the legendary Gulzar and set to music by renowned music director Ilaiyaraaja. Overall, it was a truly enriching and enjoyable session!



Webinar for newly admitted students by Mr. Pankaj Sinha, Alumnus (1996-1998) and Managing Director, The Coca-Cola Company, Sri Lanka & Maldives, 1st August 2020

The exigent situation caused by the novel coronavirus is undoubtedly challenging the world on all fronts. The management perspective of these encounters particularly in the marketing environment for industries related to consumer good is an important theme of debate among scholars from academia and industry.

 The Department of Management, BIT Mesra was delighted to host Mr. Pankaj Sinha, MD, The Coca-Cola Company, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Mr. Sinha talked about his leadership experience across Asia-Pacific with The Coca-Cola Company and ExxonMobil Corporation. The session helped the students understand the essential factors required for a successful organizational turnaround. The discussion also helped the students understand how organisation can future proof themselves. He emphasized that corporate culture is being tested in these lines and both, organisations and individuals need to adapt to the paradigm shift taking place through proactive planning and action. His corporate journey has always been about building new models and adhering to those. He left the students with his understanding of corporate life summarized as:

A: Ambition
A: Agility in action
A: Ability to handle failures
B: Belief in yourself
B: Be a critique of your behaviour
C: Common sense
C: Curiosity, ability to lead
C: Courage to take bold decisions
C: Change, ability to adapt
C: Competitiveness with yourself
D: Dream, ability to dream big
D: Developing Critical thinking
D: Determination

We were grateful to Mr. Pankaj Sinha for such motivational and inspiring session!


Webinar for newly admitted students by Mr. Nirmal Dayani, Alumnus (1989-1991) and Co-Founder, Expereal India, 31st July 2020

The Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra had the privilege of hosting Mr. Nirmal Dayani a distinguished BIT Mesra alumnus for a July 31st 2020 webinar. He is currently a consultant on branding strategies and a co-founder at Expereal India. The event focused on leading the new 2020 batch and giving them some insight as to how exactly work should be approached in order to achieve excellence in that particular domain. The theme of the webinar was how the strategies and approaches one may choose to take different decisions in management are so close to those in sports. The students were encouraged to have a holistic view of the job they might do as a potential manager.
To all management enthusiasts it was an informative hour of learning. He spoke about the various facets of the industries that he came across when going through his more than 25-year industry experience.
He actively and enthusiastically answered all the queries asked by the students explaining with the knowledge and wisdom that he has gain while working in the Industry.
Hosting sir has been an utter pleasure and privilege and we extend our sincere appreciation for the same.


The Show Must Go On...

As the legendary actor Raj Kapoor has rightly said, The Show Must Go On. So, carrying on with the show we had another interesting online event for the incoming MBA batch of 2020.
We all have that one movie which has impacted and inspired us so much that we have a constant urge to make everyone watch it. In marketing terminology, we call this advocacy marketing So, to give the new batch a chance to share their movie experiences with a slight touch of marketing, the student bodies of the Department of Management organized a fun event called The Show Must Go On. The participants in the event were given 45 seconds to pitch their favourite movie which they would want everyone to watch. Within this time, they had to briefly describe the plot of the movie and convince the attendees to watch it.
We saw some really innovative pitches and a showcase of great communication skills from the participants. The event was designed to be both to be entertaining as well as to test their communication skills. The pitches will be evaluated on various parameters by our faculty members and the best movie pitch will win.



Webinar for newly admitted students by Ms. Mridula Sekhar, Alumnus (1999-2001) and Chief Marketing Officer, TATA AIA Life Insurance


The Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra had the privilege to host Mrs. Mridula Shekhar a distinguished alumnus of BIT Mesra for a webinar on 25th July 2020. Currently she is the Chief Marketing Officer at Tata AIA Life Insurance. The event focused on guiding the upcoming marketers and giving them a hint about how exactly companies are using digital marketing to increase conversions. Mam advised the students to be honest in their approach, in whatever they are trying to achieve in life. Mam talked about the importance of social media marketing and SEO and how businesses are evolving using such strategies. It was an insightful hour of learning for all the marketing enthusiast. She told the students about the changing dynamics of marketing in the given Covid-19 scenario. She said digital marketing can cut the cost of traditional advertising and areas such as content management and SEO can bring quality customers at a very lower cost. She motivated the students by sharing her challenges as a student and how she overcame those challenges and evolved as a better individual.
She actively and enthusiastically answered all the queries asked by the students quoting examples from the Industry.
It was an absolute delight and honor to host mam.

Kuch To Logo Kahenge...

Kuch to Logo Kahenge,
Logo ka kaam hai kehna...
We live in an age of over communication, including by companies and brands. Admit it!
The department organized a quiz competition for the fresh batch of enthusiastic students (BIT Mesra MBA 2020-22 batch) at the threshold of their journey. The participants had already brushed up their marketing knowledge and they came guns blazing in the competition. Various logos and taglines were tossed at them and everyone seemed to have a great time in the activity. They did well! Of course, they were expected them to do well.
Having this event online was real fun and a bit challenging. And definitely a success. These small little steps are continuously taken by the department and the senior batch (BIT Mesra MBA 2019-21) in order to smooth the entry of new students into the new, shiny, and challenging world of business administration. The faculty and senior students are doing everything they can to ensure the students don't feel disconnected, especially in these tough times. Wishing them good fortune. And there are many more exciting and educational events lined up…


Webinar for newly admitted students by Mr. Pritam Pritu, Alumnus (1997-1999) and Global IP CoC Leader, IBM Japan

The Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra had the privilege to host Mr. Pritam Pritu, Global IP CoC Leader Japan at IBM, an alumnus from the 1997-99 batch in an interactive session, as a part of pre-orientation. This event focused on guiding the incoming batch and making them aware about Cognitive Enterprise, and how businesses are transforming with the fourth Industrial revolution.
Mr. Pritam Pritu has a experience of two decades in driving Business & IT transformations that span multiple industries, domains and technology platforms covering the full span of value chain. He adroitly answered all the questions asked by the students quoting examples from the industry.
It was an absolute delight and honor to host Sir and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for the same.

Webinar for newly admitted students by Mr. Pulkit Trivedi, Alumnus (1996-1998) and Director, Google Pay India

The Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, welcomed Mr. Pulkit Trivedi, Director , Google Pay India an alumnus from the 1996-98 batch for a webinar to address the leaders of tomorrow. This event focused on guiding the incoming batch and making them aware of the nuances of the corporate world. This incorporation of Industry and academia turned out to be guiding light for everyone.

Mr. Trivedi’s 19 years of extensive experience across Top Tech companies; diverse business roles is like an essential addition to his skills and capabilities. Mr. Trivedi emphasized on how this lockdown is a blessing in disguise and one must take the best use out of the current time. Mr. Trivedi has always been a helping hand to his Alma Mater. Mr. Trivedi carries with him a strong understanding of the ecommerce , retail, technology, telco and consumer internet sector. He adroitly answered all the questions asked by the students quoting examples from the industry.
With great hopes, we wish to have more interactions with him in near future.

Webinar for newly admitted students by Mr. Rakesh Singh, Alumnus (1988-90) and Faculty, Ghaziabad, 11th July 2020

On 11th July 2020, the Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra organised a webinar for the new 2020 batch on "Leadership: How to self-manage or self-lead." The speaker for the webinar was Prof. DR. Rakesh Singh, core faculty of sales management and B2B marketing at IMT Ghaziabad. He is one of the prestigious alumni of the department from the 1987-89 batch. He shared his real-life experiences from the private sector. He worked for nearly 20 years with the Times of India group. Dr. Rakesh talked about Leadership and how to use some of the popular strategies to execute it. In general, he explored mental and behavioural cognitive techniques such as Natural Reward Strategy, Positive Self Talk Strategy, Mental Imagery Strategy, evaluating and challenging negative thinking, and the power of positive elimination technique. The webinar was concluded with a Q&A session in which Dr. Rakesh Singh answered questions including how to stay motivated using various cognitive strategies.


Webinar for newly admitted students by Mr. Raj Vardhan, Alumnus (1989-91) and Independent Director, Mcleod Russell Ltd, 5th July 2020

Risk comes from not knowing, what you are doing- Warren Buffet. This quote beautifully divulges the secret of making it big by taking the “road not taken”. Mr. Raj Vardhan emphasized on the pinnacle of ardent experiences in the instrument part of our journeys. Keeping in with the affable spirit of ecstasy, Mr. Vardhan endeavored to satiate the curiosity and conundrum of the new batch with his expertise. By being one of the best in the industry.
The ongoing crisis of COVID ’19 has tested our patience and sanity. However, when circumstance beyond your control forces you to wait with baited breath knowing the outcome will affect your life substantially, that is the truest test of patience. Nonetheless it did not deter the vision of Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra in providing quality education to the students of the management fraternity.
A small cheer and a great welcome makes a merry feast and by taking this sight forward the department welcomed its new batch of students through an online QA session hosted by the faculty and senior students of the department.
No river can return to its source yet all rivers must have a beginning with a vibrant flow .Taking the first step of faith in good health forward, MR.RAJ VARDHAN showed his commitment and generosity to his ALMA MATER and addressed a group of 120 students through a virtual webinar.
Mr. Raj Vardhan is an illustrious alumnus of the Dept. of Management, BIT Mesra. He is an industry stalwart currently on the board of Mcleod Russel Ltd., one of the world’s largest tea producers as its Independent Director.
He commenced the session by welcoming the budding managers to the esteemed organization of BIT Mesra.
He illustrated his journey through his life experiences and the choices he made. He stressed upon meeting the challenges one might encounter in his or her professional journey and the lessons one must derive from it and put it into play. He kept the agenda of the whole session on making people encode and decode the perspective of local history to understand the forces that shape the present and the future.
He imparted his practical knowledge and interesting perspectives at global parlance to the new students and answered all the queries that were raised.He adroitly answered all the questions thrown to him at his court .
We extent our heartfelt gratitude to him for his time and overtly positive energy.




Faculty Development Program, 29th June – 3rd July 2020

The Department of Management in collaboration with Department of Hotel Management & Catering Technology organized a five-day long Online Faculty Development Programme on Outcome Based Education (OBE) & Online Learning-Teaching.
The FDP was primarily focused upon employability of graduates of Management programmes and Hospitality Management programmes of our country as it has often been observed that employers are of the view that graduates need to possess better skills in areas such as, decision making in real life problem situations, critical & creative thinking, communication, and other soft skills. This concern has been compounded by the challenges posed due to the COVID – 19 pandemic which has made off-line classroom learning impossible.
Outcome Based Education (OBE) is a student centric approach to education in which decisions about the curriculum design, contents and learning -teaching methods are driven by the exit learning outcomes that the students should display on completing the course.
Over the last few months, countrywide Lockdown and social distancing practice has led to focus on Outcome Based Online Education or e-learning.
The E-FDP witnessed discussion on theme varying across Philosophy of Outcome Based Education & Accreditation, Developing Outcome Based Education, Understanding Online Based Education, Advantages & Disadvantages of MOOCs, Tools for E-Learning and Applying Pedagogy Online to mention a few.
E-FDP was attended by faculty, research scholars and industry experts from various fields of academia and industry across the country.
Beside the inhouse faculty, the resources person for FDP included experts from IIT Bombay and IIT Kharagpur
Dr. S. Konar, VC, BIT Mesra was Patron. The course was convened by Dr. Shradha Shivani, HOD, Dept. of Management and Dr. Nishikant Kumar, HOD, Dept. of HMCT. Dr Praveen Srivastava, Asst. Prof., served as course coordinator.
Being the first of its kind Online FDP on the twin themes of OBE and Online Teaching Learning, the FDP received an overwhelming response from the participants.




National Level Awareness Program, Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India, MSME Development Instititute , Ranchi (04.03.2020)

Ministry of MSME, Government of India along with MSME Development Institute, Ranchi organized National Level Awareness Program 2020 on 4th March 2020 at Department of Management, BIT Mesra on the theme, ‘Build Enterprise of Your Dream’. Shri. Gaurav Kumar, Asst. Director and Smt. Jyotsna, Asst. Director of MSME Development Institute, Ranchi addressed the gathering on various schemes and steps taken by government to promote MSME in India and to achieve its target of 5 Trillion-dollar economy. Students were acquainted to various means of achieving the dream, to start their own enterprise and the support which Ministry of MSME provides. This was followed by a brief question answer session were the support schemes came forth. The students became familiar with the way through which they can fulfill their journey of having the dream enterprise.




Industrial Visit to JSPL, Patratu (22.02.2020)

Students of Department of Management (2018-2020) went for an industrial visit to Jindal Steel and Power Limited, Patratu. The students got the opportunity to interact with regional head(HR) of JSPL Mr. Prasad.

They were also invited to visit various mills and workshops of the plant and were displayed the process of moulding and assembling of the final products. The whole experience was very interactive and enriching.










MotorHaat 2.0: Inter-College Business Case Study Competitions (18.02.2020)

Department of Management BIT Mesra in collaboration with Motorhaat conducted the ‘Motorhaat Inter College Business Case Study Competition’ on 18th of February 2020. Eight finalists from various B-schools across the country were selected from 130 registrations.  

Dr. Shradha Shivani (Head of the Dept) gave the welcome address followed by a brief introduction of Motorhaat by Mr. Sidhant Sunil (Co-founder, Mtorhaat). The case presented was a scenario that Motorhaat was facing in terms of expansion. Various creative and innovative ideas and solutions were explored by the participants with questions from the jury proving the mettle. Mr. Sidhant Sunil, Mr. Ravikant Kumar, Mr. Aditya and Mr. Manish Piyush constituted the jury panel. A great learning outcome in sense of practical outreach and industry insights was achieved. The event was won by Team Unicorn XISS Ranchi, 1st Runner up was Team Starks, BIT Mesra and 2nd runner up was Team Impeccable, NIT Warangal..

The event closed witha apromise to return for its third edition with a much more vigour.


Relaunch of Depratment Magazine(MANAGE-A-BIT) by Pulkit Trivedi(24/01/2020)

Mr. Pulkit Trivedi, Director at Google Pay India and a distinguished alumnus of Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra addressed the management students on January 24, 2020 and talked about the challenges faced by young minds in the corporate world. He spoke about the expectations a company has from its employees and the work culture at Google.

Mr. Trivedi has worked with Microsoft, Intel, Facebook and Google across multiple job roles and functions.

Mr. Trivedi was truly inspiring and left a lasting impact on the students, motivated them to keep learning and acquiring new skills. He was happy to answer the questions of inquisitive students. On this occasion, he relaunched the Department’s e-news magazine ‘MANAGE-A-BIT’.

Education & Gender Equality (13th Jan 2020 )

The Department of Management, BIT, Mesra, Ranchi, conducted a panel discussion on “Gender Equality & Education” in collaboration with the Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) BIT, Mesra, on January 13th, 2020. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. Nisha Gupta (The chairperson of ICC, BIT Mesra). She emphasised on the principles and importance of gender equality and education in the country and worldwide. She also talked about the legal and other formal regulations put in place by the Government to promote gender equality at the workplace. She briefed the students about ICC and its initiatives in the institute. Later, Dr. Shradha Shivani, Head of Department, MBA, threw light on the gender inequality in our society and the discriminatory attitude towards women that has existed for generations in India which prevented their career development and progress for decades. She also highlighted the recent inception of the bill that protects the rights of transgender persons by the Parliament of India regarding legal gender recognition which requires an individual to apply for transgender certificate. The chief speaker for the event was Dr. Manju Bhagat, who spoke about sexual harassment towards women and the inequality faced by them at workplace as well as within families. She tried to draw attention to the fact that despite the laws and regulations against these practices, they are still prevalent in the country and are growing at an alarming rate causing a great imbalance in our social structure. She averred that it has been found that married women are compelled to quit their existing jobs within 2 to 3 years of getting married due to family pressure for raising the children. She concluded that we must install the very idea of gender equality and the importance of education in us and in our families. We then started with the panel discussion. Two first year students, two final year students and two research scholars participated in the discussion. Each participant spoke about their views on the various parameters of gender inequality prevalent in the various facets of our daily life. It was highlighted that gender equality is the process of being fair to not only women but also men and transgender people and providing them with equal opportunities of growth and development in every field, giving them access to the various necessities for building a comfortable life and also providing them freedom to take their life decisions individually and independently. All in all, the conclusion drawn was that gender equality does not mean that men and women become the same, only that access to opportunities and life changes is neither dependent on, nor constrained by, their sex. Achieving gender equality requires women to ensure that decisionmaking at private and public levels, and access to resources are no longer weighted in men’s favour, so that both women and men can fully participate as equal partners in productive and reproductive life.

INTERNICO'19 (7/11/2019)

The department of management, BIT Mesra hosted Internico’19 on 7th of November 2019 which was an intercollege summer internship competition where final year MBA students from pan India presented their summer internship project report.

Internico'19 witnessed participation from pan India from which 8 finalists from IIT Kharagpur, BIT Mesra, IIM Ranchi, XIMB and ICFAI University were invited for the final round out of which IIT Kharagpur bagged the first position and Aditi Sharma from XIMB won the second runner up.

The chief guest and judge for the event Mr. Naveen Kejriwal, General Manager at Lenevo for Eastern India & Overseas, felicitated the winners with cash prizes and gifts worth more than 20000.




SEBI Visit (31st Aug ‘19 )

The students of Department of Management, BIT Mesra went for a one-day visit to SEBI’s local office on 31st August, 2019. The session was filled with intricacies of the Mutual funds Market. The guiding light of the session was the effective two-way procurement of knowledge. The session was quite insightful filled with valuable lessons for students.

FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM(26/08/2019 to 30/08/2019)

The Department of Management in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, BIT Mesra, organised a Workshop on “Excellence in Pedagogy and Quantitative Research”. The workshop focused on two significant requirements of quality technical education viz pedagogical competencies and application of quantitative research methods. Pedagogical competencies of instructors play a crucial role in improving the quality of the teaching and learning in higher education institutions. The philosophy of Outcome Based Education (OBE) is a student centric approach to education in which decisions about the curriculum design, contents and teaching methods are driven by the verifiable exit learning outcomes that the students should display on completing the course. This is an era of technology enhanced learning,blended learning which implies combining e-learning with traditional classroom methods and independent study is the need of the hour. The workshop had sessions on use of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) which have enabled scaling up of access to quality education to millions of students around the world. In this era of multi-disciplinary application of Data Science, expertise in quantitative research methods is a necessity for faculty and researchers across disciplines. Quantitative research is the systematic and empirical investigation of observable phenomena via statistical, mathematical or computational techniques.


The Resource Persons for the workshop were:

1. Prof. Shailendra Singh (Director), IIM Ranchi

2. Prof Prabhat Mittal, University of Delhi, New Delhi

3. Mr S.S. Das, Centre for Education Technology, IIT Kharagpur

4. Prof. A.B. Pandit (Dean HRD), Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

5. Dr. V.H. Dalvi, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

6. Dr.Snehasis Chakraborty, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

7. Dr. S.T. More, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai


“Quizzard” the annual departmental fest of Department Of Management, BIT Mesra was conducted on august 10th 2019 .

The fest consisted of four events, namely Biz Quiz, Wrangle- The Debatable, Channel Surf and Turn The Table. It was a complete event from book lovers to entertainment seekers, with added opportunity to win and add certificates to boost up students’ resume.



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