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Fields of Study:

Substrate Integrated Waveguide, Metamaterials, Fractals, EBG/PBG, EMI & EMC, Surface Acoustic Wave, RF Circuit Design, Microwave and Millimetre wave planar components for Multiband, Wideband and Narrowband applications,  RFID, RF MEMS, Microwave to Terahertz Imaging, Through wall Radar, Ground Penetrating Radar, Breast Cancer Detection, Computational Electromagnetics

Signal Propagation and Fading, Channel Modelling for 5G, Software Radio Networks, Cognitive radio Networks, Massive MIMO systems, Wireless Sensor networks, Cooperative Communication, Cryptography, Information Coding, Fiber Optic Sensors & Communication, Optical Wireless Communication

Biomedical Signal Processing, Brain Machine Interface, Speech Signal Processing, Image Signal Processing, Audio and Video Signal Processing, Automation, Signal Processing for 5G, Statistical Signal Processing

Analog VLSI, Digital VLSI, Memory Design, Microelectronics Devices, Nano electronics Devices, Embedded System Design, RF-VLSI: LNA, Mixer, VCO etc.

Consultancy Work Undertaken:

  • “Development of Object Detection System using Ultrasonic Wave for Mining Application” for S. D. Engineers, Ranchi. Consultant: Prof. S. K. Ghorai (Coordinator) & Dr. S. S. Tripathy (Co-coordinator)
  • Development of fire announcement system for mining applications” of Rs. two Lakhs from MIMEC Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Ranchi. Consultant: Dr. Priyank Saxena

Financial Assistance to the Department:

  • “Special Assistance Program-II (SAP-II) for UG Projects, sanctioned by UGC. Coordinator: Prof. N. Gupta. Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 52.5 Lac

Research Projects:

On-going Projects

  • “Mitigation of Electromagnetic Interference and Electromagnetic Compatibility issues in Wearable IoT devices.” Funded by DST, SERB under DST Power Scheme. Duration – 3 Years (2022 – 2025), PI – Prof. Nisha Gupta, 23.2166 Lakhs. Project Start Date: 26 September 2022.
  • Scalable assembly of Painless Hollow Microneedle Array, sanctioned by DST SERB POWER grant,  2022-25, PI – Dr. Richa Mishra, Amount – 29.15 Lacs
  • High Speed Two Photon Polymerisation based Fabrication of Hollow Microneedles, sanctioned by Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, India Seed Money, 2022-2024,  Amount - , PI – Dr. Richa Mishra, INR 5 Lacs PI, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, India Seed Money 

  • AI-enabled MEMS-based Sensors Fabrication and Characterization Facility (AMSFCF), sponsored by DST FIST Program 2022 (2023-28), PI – HoD  ECE, Amount – 178L


Completed Projects

  • “Speech-based Access of Agricultural Commodity Prices and Weather Information in 12 Indian Languages / Dialects, sanctioned by DEITY. PI: Dr. Mahesh Chandra. Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 31.82 Lac.
  • Study of HEMT and its performance in amplifier circuit, sanctioned by DRDO. PI: Dr Aminul Islam, Sanctioned Amount: 23.742 Lakhs
  • “Design of Ultra Low Power CMOS Cell for Temperature Sensor in VLSI”, sanctioned by DST, New Delhi & DRDL, Hyderabad. PI: Dr. Vijay Nath. Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 26.7 Lac
  •  “Studies on Microwave Dielectric Ceramics and their device application, sanctioned by DST (SERB). Co-PI: Prof. V. R. Gupta & Prof. N. Gupta. Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 31.7 Lac
  • “Microstrip antenna for wearable applications”, sanctioned by AICTE. PI: Prof. V. R. Gupta. Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 6 Lac
  • “Health care monitoring system for rural peoples”, sanctioned by IEI. PI: Vishal H. Shah. Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 0.6 Lac
  • “Design of Low Power CMOS Temperature Sensor for Aerospace Applications, sanctioned by RESPOND, ISRO Bangalore. PI: Dr. Vijay Nath. Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 25 Lac


Pedagogy Projects

  • “Development of VLSI Design Course (Pilot Phase), sanctioned by MHRD. Coordinator: Dr. Vijay Nath. Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 3.6 Lac
  • “Development of Intelligent Instrumentation Course, sanctioned by MHRD. Coordinator: Dr. S. S. Solanki, Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 10 Lac
  • “Development of VLSI Design Course (Main Phase), sanctioned by MHRD. Coordinator: Dr. Vijay Nath. Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 6.4 Lac


Inter-departmental Projects

  • “Developments of nano crystalline high permittivity lead free materials for microwave applications”, In the Dept. of Physics, sanctioned by DST, New Delhi. Sanctioned Amount Rs. 23.35 Lac
  • “Observational Study of land surface atmosphere interaction in the monsoon through along its active eastern end”, In the Dept. of Mathematics, sanctioned by DST, New Delhi. Sanctioned Amount Rs. 55 Lac
  • “Studies on Ferromagnetic - Ferroelectric Composites and their Electronic Applications”, in the Dept. of Physics, sanctioned by DST, New Delhi. Sanctioned Amount Rs. 15.796 Lac
  • “National Program on Micro and Smart Systems (NPMASS)”, in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, sanctioned by IISc, Bangalore. Sanctioned Amount Rs. 12 Lac
  • “Design and Development and Characterization of Magneto-optic Material Based Current Sensor for Industrial Application”, in the Dept of EEE , sanctioned by DST, New Delhi, Sanctioned Amount Rs. 25.55 Lac
  • “Establishment of Entrepreneurship Development Cell”, sanctioned by AICTE. Sanctioned Amount Rs. 7 Lac


Last Updated - 20-Mar-2024