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Chemical Engineering Laboratories

• Absorption in Packed Column •  Liquid-Liquid Extraction and Leaching Unit •  Rotary and Fluidized bed Dryer •  Multiple Effect Evaporator •  Drop Wise & Film Wise Condensation •  Distillation Column: Bubble Cap and Packed Bed •  Filters: Plate and Frame, Rotary Drum •  Heat Transfer in Natural and Forced Convection •  Thermal Conductivity measurements of Liquids/Insulators •  Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus •  Losses due to Friction in Pipe Fittings •  Flow Meters: Venturimeter, Orifice Meter and Rotameter •  Reynolds’ Apparatus •  Ball Mill and Gyratory Shaker, Hammer Mill, Micronizer •  Cyclone Separator • Batch reactor, CSTR, PFR, Cascade reactor • RTD Studies in CSTR and PFR • Temperature, Pressure, Level and Multi-process Control Trainer  • Bomb Calorimeter • Viscometers - Redwood I, Redwood II, Sybolt, Engler • Open and Closed Flash point apparatus •  Fuel Cell, Photovoltaic Cell •  Biodiesel Production facility • Computer Aided Engineering - FLUENT, ANSYS, ASPEN Plus, POLYFLOW, CATIA, MATLAB, Acclerys Material Studio, Pro/E



Polymer Processing Facilities

• Injection Moulding Machine (DGP Windsor - Capacity 25 ton, Ergotech Smart L&T, Dmang - Capacity 85 ton) •  Compression Moulding Machine •  Composite Manufacturing Facility • Blow Moulding Machine PBM (Gold Coin, 1 L,  Polymechplast) with YUKEN Parison programmer • Vacuum Forming Machine (Visco, India )• Leicster, Hot Air Welding Combined RPVC Pipe Plant/LLDPE Blown Film Plant Pipe Extrusion Plant (Kabra Extrusion-technik, India ) •  Scrap Grinder • PVC Mixer • Ultrasonic Welding M/c (RoopTelsonicUltrasonix) • Kolsite 30 MM Reprocessing Plant With Granulator (Kolsite Machine Fabriks, India ) Kolsite Film Blowing plant, Kolsite pipe extrusion plant • Two roll Rubber Mixing Mill (SlachHydratechs, India) • HAAKE- single screw Extruder and mixer • Paint formulation, Screen printing • Thermo scientific twin screw micro compounder & mini jet • Malvern Gemini parallel plate rheometer • Sonicator probe •  Incubator Shaker • UV Sterilizer Chamber



Product Development

• Prototyping • Vacuum Casting Machine, MCP-HEK, Germany • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)• Die and mould fabrication • CNC 3 Axis,Electric Discharge machine, EDM (Electronica, India) • Mould polishing • Machining facilities in central workshop: Lathe, Grinder, Shaper, Milling machine, Surface Grinding including Wirecut CNC EDM and 5 axis CNC machining, Centre for mould manufacture  •  Laboratory facilities for Chemical and Polymer Synthesis • HP Autoclave computer controlled (AMAR, India) • Cryogenic Autoclave (AMAR, India) • Heating And cooling bath, Julabo • Rotary Evaporator