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A. Sponsored Research and Consultancy  Projects

  1. Upgradation of Birsa Munda Airport Ranchi.
  2. Landscaping work of A.N. Sinha Institute for the new B.I.T. Extension Centre at Patna.
  3. Design of proposed Engineering College at Chaibasa, Jharkhand.
  4. Preparation of Conservation cum Development Plan of Sutiambe, Jharkhand.
  5. Design of proposed Cultural Heritage Center for Excellence at Ranchi, Jharkhand.
  6. Preparation of City Development Plan for Gumla.
  7. Checking of Bill of Quantities and Schedule of Rates for Buddha Smriti Park at Patna.
  8. Project titled “Study of Energy consumption trends, Demand and Supply trends in all building types in India”, completed in March 2008, funded by UTRC, USA.
  9. Design of the proposed Redevelopment of Megalith site at Hazaribagh for NTPC.
  10. National Mission Project on Education through ICT: Developing suitable pedagogical methods for courses on Architectural Sociology and Structural Systems for various classes, intellectual calibers and research in e-learning : a project of MHRD.
  11. Redevelopment of Pahari Mandir Temple Complex, Project of Govt. of Jharkhand.

B.  Doctoral Research


a. Completed Research

Sl. No.


Ph.D. Topic


Dr. Manjari Chakraborty

Restructuring of Undergraduate Education of Architecture in India– Realities and Reforms


Dr. Rachna Khare

Designing Inclusive Educational Spaces for Autism


Dr. N. R. Mandal

Participatory Delivery of Built Spaces for Development of Social Infrastructure


Dr. S. P. Bhatacharya

Modelling  on Behaviour of Building Structure due to Seismic Excitation: An Architectural Foretell


Dr. Bimal Chandra Roy

Industrial Development Strategy for Resource Based state with reference to Jharkhand


Dr. Janmejoy Gupta

Passive Design Strategies for rural mud dwellings in Jharkhand considering architectural design parameters for thermal comfort.


Dr. Anamika Nandan

Symbiotic Housing- An architectural approach towards a new environmentally conscious design

8. Dr.. Rajan C. Sinha Development of Housing quality assessment toolkit in Indian context




b. Submitted Research

Sl. No.


Ph.D. Topic


Mr. Gaurav Chandra

Redefining Water Sustainability Index for an Institutional Building in North India


Mrs. Sudha Panda

Assessment of the Social Sustainable Development in Urban Odisha with a composite Index

3. Mr. Sumantra Misra Determination of architectural styles in post independent India
4. Monalipa Dash Impact of urban fabric on microclimate, redefining building development regulation on climatic context.
5 Mr. Md Danish Economic sustainability of UNESCO world heritage site


c. Ongoing Research



Ph.D. Topic


Mr. Umesh Chandra Mishra

Comprehensive affordable housing by efficient utilization of land, a natural resource


Mr. Anuj Kumar Toppo

Impact of Tribal Land on Socio-Economic Development in Jharkhand


Mr. Aman Rupesh Xaxa

Interpreting Culture and Traditions of the Indigenous Inhabitants of Chotanagpur Platen for Indentifying new Typologies in Architecture