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A. Sponsored Research and Consultancy  Projects

  1. Upgradation of Birsa Munda Airport Ranchi.
  2. Landscaping work of A.N. Sinha Institute for the new B.I.T. Extension Centre at Patna.
  3. Design of proposed Engineering College at Chaibasa, Jharkhand.
  4. Preparation of Conservation cum Development Plan of Sutiambe, Jharkhand.
  5. Design of proposed Cultural Heritage Center for Excellence at Ranchi, Jharkhand.
  6. Preparation of City Development Plan for Gumla.
  7. Checking of Bill of Quantities and Schedule of Rates for Buddha Smriti Park at Patna.
  8. Project titled “Study of Energy consumption trends, Demand and Supply trends in all building types in India”, completed in March 2008, funded by UTRC, USA.
  9. Design of the proposed Redevelopment of Megalith site at Hazaribagh for NTPC.
  10. National Mission Project on Education through ICT: Developing suitable pedagogical methods for courses on Architectural Sociology and Structural Systems for various classes, intellectual calibers and research in e-learning : a project of MHRD.
  11. Redevelopment of Pahari Mandir Temple Complex, Project of Govt. of Jharkhand.
  12. Gram Panchayat Spatial Development Plan, for Neori and Kandra GP Jharkhand

B.  Doctoral Research

a. Completed Research

Sl. No.


Ph.D. Topic

1. Dr. Manjari Chakraborty Restructuring of Undergraduate Education of Architecture in India– Realities and Reforms
2. Dr. Rachna Khare Designing Inclusive Educational Spaces for Autism
3. Dr. N.R. Mandal Participatory Delivery of Built Spaces for Development of Social Infrastructure
4. Dr. S. P. Bhatacharya Modelling  on Behaviour of Building Structure due to Seismic Excitation: An Architectural Foretell
5. Dr. Bimal Chandra Roy Industrial Development Strategy for Resource Based state with reference to Jharkhand
6. Dr. Janmejoy Gupta Passive Design Strategies for rural mud dwellings in Jharkhand considering architectural design parameters for thermal comfort.
7. Dr. Anamika Nandan Symbiotic Housing- An architectural approach towards a new environmentally conscious design
8. Dr.. Rajan C. Sinha Development of Housing quality assessment toolkit in Indian context
9. Dr. Gaurav Chandra Redefining Water Sustainability Index for an Institutional Building in North India
10. Dr.Sudha Panda Assessment of the Social Sustainable Development in Urban Odisha with a composite Index
11. Dr.Sumantra Misra Determination of Architectural styles in post-independent India
12. Dr.Monalipa Dash Impact of urban fabric on microclimate, redefining building development regulation on climatic context.
13. Dr.Md Danish Assessing the Economic Sustainability of UNESCO World Heritage Sites-a case of Red Fort Complex, New Delhi
Dr.Umesh Chandra Mishra
Social Acceptability of Affordable Housing Designs in Resettlement Colonies in Planned Cities of Northen India
b. Submitted Research
Sl.No. Name Ph.D. Topic


c. Ongoing Research



Ph.D. Topic

1. Anuj Kumar Toppo Impact of Tribal Land on Socio-Economic Development in Jharkhand
2. Rizwan Kazmi Circular Design Aspects Related to Building Materials in Residential Buildings in India.
3. Mitali Madhusmita Maximizing Economic Generation Through Carrying Capacity Assessment in Historic Urban Core.
4. Shama Parween Developing a Suitable Model for Urban Water Supply systems, Planning and Management.
5. Saman Ambreen Assessing Housing and Neighbourhood Quality.
6. Vivek Garg Strategy to Enhance Sustainability in Affordable Housing.
7. Debasmita Basu Systematic Landscaping of Abandoned Coal Mine Area.
8. Parthiba Chakraborty Sustainable Approach Towards Environmrntal Planning and Management of Peri-Urban Areas.
9. Sonam Singh Framing a Model for Sustainable Transportation in Future Indian Cities Smart.


Competitiveness Index Modelling for Perspective Development and Integrated Upliftment Focusing on Heritage Towns


Shadab Hassan Khan

Revival of a small-scale industrial cluster of a region through regional planning and rural infrastructure development


Ritu Agrawal

Planning for health vulnerability in slums


Apurv Ashish

Mitigating urban heat island effect


Nishat Afsan

Affordable housing choice and its suitability mapping in urban area for improving neighborhood quality of life

15 Varsha Vinod Assessment of Economic Values of Small Heritage Towns and promotion of Local Entrepreneurship Development.
16 Nitish Chandra An analytical overview of the Design Courses taught in North Indian Architecture Colleges to suggest strategies for restructuring design studios

Gram Panchayat Spatial Development Plan, for Neori GP Jharkhand

Gram Panchayat Spatial Development Plan, for Kandra GP Jharkhand







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