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Students’ Society of Architecture, abbreviated as SSA, as the name calls out, is a society run by students of the Department of Architecture, BIT Mesra. Managed by students, and advised by the professors, it is responsible for catering to the needs and fulfilling the aspirations of the students of the department. The Society seeks to create a platform for students’ interaction and promotes architecture through organizing workshops, colloquiums, seminars and talks amongst the stakeholders.  It is mainly formed to enhance the architectural exposure of the students so that they can get hands-on experience of activities and construction technology emerging today.

Being a society run by students of a creative field, SSA not only does the management and operations part but the innovative and creative part as well. The BITOTSAV Infocell, which is supposed to be the entry pavilion for the BITOTSAV, the techno-cultural fest of the Institute, exhibits itself to be the most creative part of the event is a product of society. The entire family of the SSA takes pride in coming up with a new creation every year in the form of this Info-cell. SSA also provides parallel great platforms for emerging architects to hone their skills and improve their understanding of construction and team-work before they enter the professional world. SSA is also actively involved with multifaceted college events and contributes to stage decoration, backdrop design, posters and banner design, etc.

Since, it’s formed by the students who get different posts and activities to be responsible for, it teaches them management of professional workplace, and team coordination. Since, Architecture Department is close-knit family, SSA provides a platform of coexistence and adherence and the qualities of the students are best cultured over here.  In totality, SSA is like a small organization for our young budding architects, benefiting and working towards improving the quality and professional bonding amongst one another in the Architecture department.


President Ananya Chaudhary Treasurer Ritika Chandra
Vice-President Akhil Zacharia Design Heads Navneet Dungdung
Vice-President Mansi Krishna Design Heads Parul Uday
General Secretary Devesh Kedia Design Heads Sakshi Priya
Design Coordinator Harsh Kumar Singh Design Coordinator Subham Sinha
Media Head Bandhuli Thakur Media Coordinator Dhruv Mukherjee
Media Head Tanvi Ritika Tigga Media Coordinator Dristi Lahkar
Event Management Head Minal Priya Event Management  Head Samya Harit
Event Management Head Shubham Kumar Prasad Event Management Coordinator Swarnim Kiran
Public Relations Head Dipansh Sah Event Management Coordinator Utkarsh Anand
Public Relations Head Raksha Shahi Public Relations Coordinator Aditya Aryan
Public Relations Coordinator Swarna Kanti Ghosh    



Last Updated - 2-Aug-2022