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Dear Students and Parents

Warm Greetings and welcome to the family of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra!

BIT Mesra is renowned for imparting quality education through its state-of-the art equipment and facilities and well-structured academic programs that match the industry requirements and enable students to become sought after engineers, managers and professionals. Continuous evaluation forms an important aspect of the academic curriculum and examinations are the backbone of the academic system. The examination and evaluation system of BIT Mesra is designed in a manner to continuously evaluate the academic progress of students through various parameters. At the same time, it provides students with multiple opportunities to improve their academic report.

Students should take these examinations in the right spirit. Every aspect of evaluation provides students with valuable feedback, which should be accepted constructively to improve their academic progress and ultimately their professional knowledge and skills.

The Examination Department is committed to conducting examinations and publishing results with timeliness, transparency and accuracy. Discipline is the most important intangible dimension of examinations. Students are expected to abide by high standards of discipline and decorum throughout their academic journey, and especially during examinations. Violations of examination rules and regulations or discipline are strictly dealt with.

Students are encouraged to be aware of the examination rules and regulations, current notices, etc. It is essential to be in touch with the Institute website, notice boards, emails and classroom network groups. The webpages of the Examination Department are continuously updated with important information and students are advised to regularly visit the same.

I wish every student a memorable journey full of learning, self-development and fulfilment at BIT Mesra.


Dr. S. K. Jha

Controller of Examinations