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Since its inception in 1955, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi has been imparting quality education to the students of various discipline such as Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Management etc. It is mandatory for all the students to stay in the Hostel during their course of study. The Institute has 14 hostels which includes 12 hostels for boys and 2 for girls.

The hostels have their own mess which is run by the student's body. All the hostels have their own TV hall, reading rooms, indoors sports hall, guest hall and common rooms. The students are provided with the internet facilities in their rooms. All the hostel have the outdoor sports facilities consisting of Volley ball and Badminton courts. Currently two of the hostels are having complete wi-fi facility.

The process is going on to make all the hostels covered with the Wi-Fi network. All the hostels have their individual team of Warden and Assistant Wardens who are available 24 x 7 to help the students in case of any emergency.

The Institute also has around 34 clubs/ societies for the development of students in the area of cultural and technical activities. All the clubs/ societies have their own students body and is guided by one Faculty advisor. Every year the Institute organizes an Athletic meet, Technical event PANTHEON and Cultural event BITOTSAV. It is expected that the students joining our esteemed Institute will definitely have a very comfortable stay.

 Dean (Student Affairs)
 Dr. Bhaskar Karn

 PH - 2276070
 Ext - 4419
 Email -




Dr. Praveen Srivastava

Associate Dean, Student Affairs (Hostel Management)



Dr. Yogender Aggarwal

Associate Dean, Student Affairs (Student Activities)





Dr.Mahender Kumar

Prof.I/C,Physical Education and Sports





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