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The study of Humanities and Management intends to provide general knowledge and intellectual skills based on humanistic discipline. The Humanities department comprises of dept. of English and creative arts respectively. The department of English apart from covering regular communicative  English syllabus for the BE students,also conducts soft skills ,group discussion and related activities in the T & P Cell. Creative Arts intends to bring out the latent creativity of the students. Along side provides humanistic discipline in the T & P Cell. The Dept. of Management basically imparts lessons on principles of management and engineering economics long sides looks after T & P BIT Deoghar. 

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Course Structure 

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Course Structure as per NEP from MO-2023 onwards

Dr. Sandip Ghosh Hazra
Assistant Professor
In-charge, Humanities & Management
Birla Institute Of Technology, Mesra 
Off-Campus Deoghar