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About the Department of Mathematics

The Mathematics Department of University Polytechnic conducts its courses and activities guided by overarching goals of engineering education. This department is an important constituent of the Faculty of Science since 2001, the year when University Polytechnic was established, with its proficiency in teaching engineering mathematics and basic mathematics required for Laboratory Technology. The curriculums are revisited periodically and appropriately that is relevant for industrial applications.


The Mathematics department is playing a leading role in the integration of (a) teaching and learning applied mathematics, (b) advancement of the knowledge base through research and scholarship. Further, the department will play a leading role in preparing professionals who will understand and design mathematical models and related services to improve the lives of individuals in a changing and complex global society.


The mission of the department is to deepen and extend knowledge in applied mathematics to increase the capabilities of the students to understand complex engineering models and machines. This will help to prepare professionals recognized for the quality and significance of their service, outreach, and leadership.