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Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, is an institution of excellence recognised for the academic calibre and versatility of its educational programmes worldwide. We take immense pride in the teaching and research culture of the institute, which is guided by a scientific temper as well as an aspiration for creative autonomy in thought and action. The Department of Humanities and Social Science is a linguistic and social exploration hub. Immerse yourself in the power of language and the intricacies of human behaviour with our diverse offerings. Our department proudly provides robust programs in English, French, German, Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy. Whether you are drawn to the beauty of literature, the nuances of multilingual communication, or the study of societies and minds, we have a pathway for you.

At HSS, we believe in fostering intellectual growth, encouraging critical thinking, and promoting cultural understanding. Our dedicated faculty members bring passion and expertise to each discipline, ensuring a vibrant and engaging learning experience.

Excitingly, we also offer a Ph.D. programme for those seeking to deepen their knowledge and contribute to cutting-edge research in these fields. Join us in a community where ideas thrive, language resonates, and the complexities of society and psychology are unravelled. Your academic journey awaits in the HSS Department- where curiosity meets scholarship.


Dr. Utpal Baul
Department of Humanities and Social Science
BIT Mesra, Ranchi
Jharkhand-835 215

Phone:  +91-9431175061


Last Updated - 1-Feb-2024