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“We nurture the next generation of leaders in Food Engineering and Technology”

Considering the importance of Food Processing in ensuring food and nutritional security, Centre for Food Engineering and Technology, under the Department of Chemical Engineering, was incepted at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, in 2023 according to the recommendation by the 71st meeting of the Board of Governors, 2022.

Centre of Food Engineering and Technology under the Department of Chemical Engineering offers a new B. Tech program in Food Engineering and Technology with 30 Seat Capacity. The admission would be done based on AIR in JEE-Main through CSAB (Central Seat Allocation Board) / JoSAA (Joint Seat Allocation Authority)

Initially, the Department of Chemical Engineering offered Integrated M.Sc.-Food Technology (10 Semesters), starting in 2014. Due to the Industrial and academic suggestions received, the course content is suitably redesigned to a new B. Tech program under Centre for Food Engineering and Technology.

Food Engineering and Technology is a booming discipline and is expected to grow substantially in the upcoming years. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI) is constantly making efforts and ventures to add to the horizon and strengthen the food processing sector. The existing networks of food industries and the upcoming ones require strengthening of their quality, safety and productivity, which can only be made possible by utilizing the efforts and know-how of Food Engineers & Technologists. These individuals can perform multidisciplinary tasks that are solely crucial to the growth and development of the emerging food processing sector of the country. The content of Food Engineering & Technology as a discipline enables food professionals to achieve the requirements of the food processing sector, starting right from post-harvest processing to the time when the food reaches the table of the end consumer. It encompasses but is not limited to, reducing post-harvest losses, food preservation, storage, processing, transportation, packaging, safety, quality, etc. Thus, the ever-increasing necessities of human diets and the requirement of specific foods for different consumer segments will always keep Food Engineering and Technology a necessary discipline.


Centre’s Vision:

Establishing a center of excellence to foster and provide demand-driven, value-based and quality technical education, premier research, and outreach efforts in Food Engineering and Technology to make India a developed country through socio-economic transformation.

Centre’s Mission

To foster and provide demand-driven, value-based and quality technical education in Food Engineering and Technology for the students to fulfil the need of all segments of society and the environment.

To create a platform capable of conducting research, technology development, and solving industrial challenges

To provide leadership qualities in education, research, innovations and solutions in food technology and engineering to direct overall activity towards India's economic growth.

Laboratory Infrastructure

We have well-equipped facility supporting the recent industrial need of Food Engineering and Technology. The six-laboratory facility has been augmented in line with the recent requirement of industry 4.0.


  • There are 6 available high-end laboratories in Food Engineering and Technology domain to make the student familiar the current industrial and research advancements including Food chemistry, Food Process Engineering, Food Microbiology & Safety Engineering, Food Quality Control, Food Process Data Analytics, and a state-of-the-art Food Processing Pilot Plant.
  • The new 'state-of-the-art' instrumentation facilities include: Proximate composition Analysis set ups, HPLC, GC, AAS, Texture Analyzer, Spray dryer, Rotary evaporator, Bioreactors, Rancimat, Spectral analyser, Ultra water purification system, Lyphilizer, Microplate reader, Spectrophotometers, Fluorimeters, Modern microscope with digital imaging system, Biosafety cabinet and many more.
  • The department has the cutting-edge computational facility with advanced simulation software.



Dr. Akhil Kumar Sen

Head, Department of Chemical Engineering

BIT- Mesra, Ranchi, Jharkhand, INDIA 835215

Phone: 0651-227 6053


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Last Updated - 20-Mar-2024