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Training & Placement Cell

The BIT Mesra Deoghar Campus has its own T&P Cell that works independently plus in parallel with its main campus BIT Mesra Placement Cell for ensuring successful career pathways of its full bright and diligent pool of students.

T&P Cell facilities:

The T&P Cell have state of art facilities for smooth conduction of placement drives:

  • Air conditioned video conferencing hall with Skype facility, Seminar hall, group discussion and personal interview rooms.
  • Pick & drop facilities for recruiters.
  • Well furnished & LAN connected room at guest house with dining facilities.
  • Dedicated and energised student placement coordinators to assist the recruitment team.

The recruitment team that comes to our BIT Mesra Deoghar campus have the privilege to visit nearly located Holy place of Baba Baidyanathdham (one of the Jyotirlinga among the 12 Jyotirlingas which is also a Sparsh Jyotirlinga).

The students of BIT Mesra Deoghar campus have the opportunity to participate in recruitment drive of its own campus as well as main & other campuses. These multiple job securing opportunities for our BIT Mesra Deoghar students in turn increases their job earning probability in early part of the placement session.

Steps involved in Campus placement process:

  • Step 1: The placement process starts in the month of July. During this phase, official invitations are mailed to different recruitment companies for their participation in campus recruitment process.
  • Step 2: In response to our invitations, the company fills the JAF (Job Application Form) and inform us about it.
  • Step 3: The T&P Cell sorts out various eligibility criterions, nature of jobs, salary and incentives offers from the filled JAF form. If everything goes well, the job is announced to our registered and eligible students through our dedicated T&P portal.
  • Step 4: The interested and registered eligible students applies for the job within the stipulated time period.
  • Step 5: The T&P Cell collects all the applicant information and sends it to the company. The company provides us date/time slots for the recruitment process.
  • Step 6: The Company visits the campus and provides pre-placement talks, carries out different types of pre-informed tests/interviews based upon their needs.
  • Step 7: The Company shares the list of selected students and feedback inputs with the T&P Cell.
  • Step 8: Job offer letters are generated and shared with T&P Cell by the company for the selected students.

All eligible students can attend any number of placement processes until or unless he/she secures his/her first job offer. Once placed, students are allowed further for core area companies or dream offers.

Career Guiding Initiatives:

The Career Guiding Initiatives are categorized into multiple directions to cater the need of all career requirements at BIT Mesra Deoghar students under one roof. This approach has enhanced our competence and creates a new vibrant dimension. Our students can dream of variety of prospects to channelize themselves at government sectors, higher education sectors & corporate sectors or start-ups as per their inborn entrepreneurship capabilities.

The T&P Cell strives to give fruitful guidance to all of these differently aspired students in the following ways:

  • For the students, those who aspire to travel in foreign countries for higher studies, we have signed MOUs with various foreign universities for starting student exchange programmes for them. This initiative will provide our students with wide exposure for advanced research and development. Our students are also supported with GMAT, GRE, TOEFL & IELTS, etc, crackdown preparations.
  • To cater the need of public sector job aspirant students, we have co-partnered with multiple agencies for various competitive exam preparations such as IAS, GATE & CAT, etc,. Furthermore, we have co-ventured with various entities for training and developing the aptitude, technical, presentation and communication skills of our students.
  • For Corporate sector job aspired students, we are focussed over strengthening their corporate environment training through a variety of industrial modules. Various online/offline platforms are made available to them for enhancing their communications skills and soft skills. Industrial experts are invited for their fruitful guidance for the same. Many industrial technical persons are invited to give lectures and execute various workshops from their industrial point of view. Special discussions and assistances are also extended towards low scoring section of students.
  • We have a team of experts those who prepare questions and answers for scheduling mock interview and tests of our students. After each mock assessment test, students can discuss their difficulties and find particular solutions of it. The provisions for self assessment tests are also available at our designated labs.
  • Furthermore, to engage more and more companies for our campus recruitment processes, we have a dedicated team members, those who often meet various companies HR officials and technical members for inviting them to our campus placement platform. Hackathons are organised in collaborations with our industrial partners so that they can recognize and hire our intelligent students.
  • Our Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) encourages various start-up initiatives by our students. Vamika and Pragya of BIT Mesra Deoghar Campus bagged 1st prize in the category of Women entrepreneurs getting incubation offers from I-create & AISTAC with prize money of Rs. 75000/- . Aman Sharma and Vedant secured 2nd prize in the Technical category & got incubation offers from four organisations with prize money of Rs. 5000/- respectively.

Summer & Winter Training with Internship opportunities:

The T&P Cell always strives to motivate our students especially pre-final/final year students for availing internships of summer and winter sessions. Internship based training experience add up to their resumes and provides an added advantage for grabbing various industrial job offers.

Our institute has registered with various popular Internship plus Job portals such as Internshala, HireMee, D4EClub, etc, for providing wider scope to our students. Our students had undergone hands on training in various reputed institutes such as CSIR labs, BARC, DRDO, IITs, NITs, & IIMs. Industrial visits are also introduced to boost up exposure levels of our students with current industrial problems and prospective solutions for it in the contemporary world.

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Placement Details:

  • Placement Record for the recent passed out students (Batch 2016-2020):

Various reputed multinational companies, research institutes; start-ups have visited our campuses and/or had offered placement opportunities for our BIT Mesra Deoghar Campus students (Batch 2016-2020).

The 80% Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) eligible students from Batch 2016-2020 (CSE, IT, ECE, EEE & ME) have secured their jobs from our Campus placement drives.

The highest and average package offered has been 43 lacs & 7.8 lacs respectively.

Furthermore, 59% and 21% eligible students are having single and double job offers from our Campus placements respectively.

Placement of BIT Deoghar Students


Recent Placement  of BIT Deoghar Students





Training & Placement Department & Cell

Prof.  Vikash Sharma, Faculty In-Charge

T&P Department Core Members:

Prof. Vikash Sharma
Prof. Prafulla Kumar Manoharan
Dr. Sandip Ghosh Hazra
Dr. Asha Sharma
Dr. Koushik Chowdhury

Departmental Faculty Representatives:

Prof. Prof. Arbind Kumar Choudhary, Dept. of CSE
Prof. Sridhar Chintala, Dept. of ECE
Prof. Srihari Gude, Dept. of EEE
Prof. Ashutosh Kumar, Dept. of ME

T&P Cell:

1. Soft Computing & Coding Cell:

Dr. Sounak Paul (Coordinator)
Prof. Arbind Kumar Choudhary

2. Quantitative Aptitude & Numerical Abilities Cell:

Dr. Ranjan Chattaraj (Coordinator)
Dr. Amit Kumar

3. Internshala & Summer & Winter Training Cell:

Prof. Ritesh Kumar Upadhyay
Prof. Srihari Gude
Dr. Asha Sharma

4. Soft Skill, Group discussion, Personality Development Classes, Courses from MOOC & Swayam:

Dr. Soumen Karmakar (Coordinator)
Prof. Soumya Ray
Prof. Deep Shekhar Acharya
Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma
Dr. Sandip Ghosh Hazra

5. Alumni Relation Cell:

Prof. Prafulla Kumar Manoharan
Prof. Ashutosh Kumar

Training & Placement Cell Contact Details:

Dr. Koushik Chowdhury,
Assistant Registrar,
Email ID:
Mobile: 07463881155.





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