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Mandatory Disclosure

Mandatory Disclosure is to be done by  Institutions running AICTE approved Engineering / Technology / Pharmacy programmes to be included in their respective Information Brochure and displayed on their website and to be submitted to AICTE every year.

“The information has been provided by the institution and the onus of authenticity lies with the institution and not on AICTE.”

Mandatory Disclosure Report  Academic Council


Sr. BOG Date Venue Agenda Minutes
1 Forty Three 15/02/2011 Birla Tower, New Delhi 43rd BOG Meeting 43rd BOG Meeting – Minutes
2 Forty Four 23/01/2012 Birla Tower, New Delhi 44th BOG Meeting 44th BOG Meeting – Minutes
3 Forty Five 03/07/2012 Birla Tower, New Delhi 45th BOG Meeting 45th BOG Meeting – Minutes
4 Forty Six 24/12/2012 Birla Tower, New Delhi 46th BOG Meeting 46th BOG Meeting – Minutes
5 Forty Seven 31/10/2013 Birla Tower, New Delhi 47th BOG Meeting 47th BOG Meeting –  Minutes
6 Forty Eight 07/05/2014 Birla Tower, New Delhi 48th BOG Meeting 48th BOG Meeting –  Minutes
7 Forty Nine 26/11/2014 Birla Tower, New Delhi 49th BOG Meeting 49th BOG Meeting –  Minutes
8 Fifty 07/05/2015 Birla Tower, New Delhi 50th BOG Meeting 50th BOG Meeting – Minutes
9 Fifty One 02/11/2015 Birla Tower, New Delhi 51st BOG Meeting 51st BOG Meeting – Minutes
10 Fifty Two 09/01/2016 BIT Mesra, Ranchi 52nd BOG Meeting 52nd BOG Meeting – Minutes
11 Fifty Three 03/05/2016 Birla Tower, New Delhi 53rd BOG Meeting 53rd BOG Meeting – Minutes
12 Fifty Four 17/11/2016 Birla Tower, New Delhi 54th BOG Meeting 54th BOG Meeting – Minutes
13 Fifty Five 17/05/2017 Birla Tower, New Delhi 55th BOG Meeting 55th BOG Meeting – Minutes
14 Fifty Six 17/01/2018 Birla Tower, New Delhi 56th BOG Meeting 56th BOG Meeting – Minutes
15 Fifty Seven 07/05/2018 Birla Tower, New Delhi 57th BOG Meeting 57th BOG Meeting – Minutes
16 Fifty Eight 26/02/2019 BIT Mesra, Ranchi 58th BOG Meeting 58th BOG Meeting – Minutes
17 Fifty Nine 20/05/2019 Birla Tower, New Delhi 59th BOG Meeting 59th BOG Meeting – Minutes
18 Sixty 24/06/2019 By Circulation of Resolution 60th  BOG Meeting 60th  BOG Meeting – Minutes
19 Sixty One 24/06/2019 By Circulation of Resolution 61st  BOG Meeting 61st BOG Meeting – Minutes
20 Sixty Two 26/06/2019 By Circulation of Resolution 62nd BOG Meeting 62nd BOG Meeting – Minutes
21 Sixty Three 29/11/2020 Birla Tower, New Delhi 63rd  BOG Meeting 63rd  BOG Meeting – Minutes
22 Sixty Four 17/03/2020 Birla Tower, New Delhi 64th  BOG Meeting 64th  BOG Meeting – Minutes
23 Sixty Five 12/06/2020 By Circulation of Resolution 65th  BOG Meeting 65th  BOG Meeting – Minutes
24 Sixty Six 24/07/2020 By Video Confrencing, New Delhi 66th  BOG Meeting 66th  BOG Meeting – Minutes
25 Sixty Seven 23/12/2020 By Circulation of Resolution 67th BOG Meeting 67th  BOG Meeting – Minutes
26 Sixty Eight 25/03/2021 By Circulation of Resolution 68th BOG Meeting 68th BOG Meeting – Minutes