Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Sanjeet Kumar
Assistant Professor, Electronics and Communication Engg
B.Sc (Engg.), ME (BIT Mesra) & PhD (IIT Kharagpur)
Contact Address
Permanent Address Kankarbagh Colony, Patna-800,020.
Local Address Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, RANCHI, JHARKHAND, PIN-835,215
Phone (Office) 07992310903
Phone Residence 07992310903
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Joined Institute on : 14-Jul-2003

  Work Experience
Teaching : 17 Years

Research : 17 Years

  Research Areas

5G Communications; Large Cooperative MIMO systems; Green Communications; Wireless Visual Sensor Network;


Journal Publications:

1. Sarah Asheer and Sanjeet Kumar, “Lifetime enhancement through event-based data reporting and transmission in a wireless sensor network”, Microsystem Technologies, Springer (November 2021): 1-13. (SCI Indexed)

2. Sarah Asheer and Sanjeet Kumar,  "A comprehensive review of cooperative MIMO WSN: its challenges and the emerging technologies", Wireless Networks, Springer (November 2020). (SCI Indexed).

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4.  Navneet Nayan, Sitanshu Sekhar Sahu, Sanjeet Kumar, “Detecting anomalous crowd behavior using correlation analysis of optical flow”, Signal, Image and Video Processing, 13(6), pp: 1233-1241, 2019 (SCI Indexed)  ISSN: 1863-1711)

5.  S. Kumar, J. Sahay, G. K. Mishra and Sanjeet Kumar, “Cognitive Radio Concept and Challenges in Dynamic Spectrum Access for the Future Generation Wireless Communication Systems”, Springer International Journal on Wireless Personal Communications, Vol: 59, Issue 3pp 525–535, Feb 2011.  (SCIE Indexed)

6.  Akash Gupta, Sanjeet Kumar, “VHDL Implementation of different Turbo Encoder using Log-MAP Decoder”, Journal of Telecommunications, Volume 2, Issue 1, April 2010, (ISSN 2042-8839).

7.  Sanjeet Kumar, Saswat Chakrabarti, and Jayanta Mukhopadhyay, “Performance of Symmetric and Asymmetric Turbo Code for Distributed Source Coding in an AWGN channel”, Jurnal Penelitian dan Pengembangan TELEKOMUNIKASI, Indonesia, June 2008, (ISSN: 1410-7066).


Publications in Book Chapter:

1.  Kumar, D., Sanjeet Kumar (2022). A Center of Gravity-Based Novel Clustering Algorithm for Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Network. In: Mandal, J.K., Hsiung, PA., Sankar Dhar, R. (eds) Topical Drifts in Intelligent Computing. ICCTA 2021. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol 426. Springer, Singapore.

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5. Navneet Nayan, Sanjeet Kumar and Sitanshu Sekhar Sahu “Accidental Event Detection Based on Optical Flow Analysis” Advances in Communication, Devices and Networking, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering vol. 462, pp: 1-8, 2018, Springer, Singapore (ISBN: 978-981-10-7900-9)

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7. Bhavya Ishaan, Anu Kumari, M. Malkani, and Sanjeet Kumar, “Key Identifications Using Hebbian Learning”, Springer book Chapter: Security in Computing and Communications Volume 625, pp 124-133, September 2016. (ISBN: 978-981-10-2737-


Conference Publications:

A. Kumari and Sanjeet Kumar, "Performance Evaluation of Measurement Matrices in Compressed Sensing," 2023 Fifth International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Communication Technologies (ICECCT), Erode, India, 2023, pp. 1-5, doi: 10.1109/ICECCT56650.2023.10179636.

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Sanjeet Kumar, Saswat Chakrabarti, and Jayanta Mukhopadhyay, “Performance evaluation of a Distributed Video Coding scheme using low complexity SOVA decoder for transmission over unreliable channels” in Proceeding of the RAWTEL-08, BIT Mesra, India, Oct. 2008.


  Current Sponsored Projects

PI: Big Data Analysis of 5G network based Autonomous Drone Swarm system: A prototype, Funding Agency: IDEAS, Technology Innovation Hub@ISI, Kolkata, 2022-2023, Amount: 14.40 Lakhs

Co-PI: Development of   Low Cost Cryptography Approach for Cyber Security, Funding Agency: JCST, Jharkhand Govt.2017-2019Amount: 2 Lakhs