Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Soumya Sidhishwari
Assistant Professor, Electronics and Communication Engg
Ph. D.
Contact Address
Permanent Address B/10 Bihar Bankmens' colony Chitragupta Nagar Patna-800020
Local Address Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, BIT, Mesra, Ranchi -835 215
Phone (Office) 9470113158
Phone Residence 9470113158
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Joined Institute on : 31-Mar-2009

  Work Experience
Teaching : 13 Years

Research : 8 Years

Individual: 5 Years

  Professional Background




Assistant Professor

BIT, Mesra (Dept.of ECE)

17 May 2017 onwards

Associate Lecturer

BIT, Mesra (Dept.of ECE)

April 2009-16 May 2017

Research Associate

BIT, Mesra (Dept.of ECE)

June 2005-March 2009


  Research Areas

Area of Interest   :

Fiber Optics Communication, Fiber Optic sensors, Digital Electronics

Research Fields   :

Fiber Optic sensors, Fiber Optics Communication





  •  Journal Publications:
  1. Soumya Sidhishwari, Mainak Basu and S. K. Ghorai, “A Modal interference-based Fiber Optic Sensor for Dual Parameter Measurement using an Artificial Neural Network,” Optical Fiber Technology, 50 (2019) 216–224 (SCI).
  2. S. K. Ghorai, Soumya Sidhishwari and S. Konar, “Phase Retrieval in Optical Fiber Modal Interference for Structural Health Monitoring,” Optics Communications, vol. 283, pp. 1278-1284, 2010. ISSN: 0030-4018 (SCI).
  3. Soumya Sidhishwari and S. K. Ghorai, “Strain Measurement in a Mach-Zehnder Fiber Interferometer using Data Dependent System Method,” International Journal of Computer Applications, Published by Foundation of Computer Science, New York, USA, vol.  4, pp. 24-28, 2011. ISSN: 0975-8887.  
  • Conference Publications:
  1. Nidhi Jha, Soumya Sidhishwari, Analysis of Dispersion Compensation Techniques used in Optical Fiber Communication, 4th International Conference on Microelectronics, Computing & Communication Systems  (MCCS-2019), May 11-12, ARTTC BSNL Ranchi, 2019.
  2. S. K. Ghorai, Dilip Kumar and Soumya Sidhishwari, “Phase Extraction in Two Mode Birefringent Optical Fiber and its Application in Quasi-Distributed Strain Sensing,” Proc. of SPIE, vol. 6189, pp. 6189X, 2006, ISBN: 9780819462459 .
  3. S. K. Ghorai, S. Sengupta, Soumya Sidhishwari and D. R. Roy, “A Hybrid Fiber Optic  Sensing System for Structural Health Monitoring,” SensorsIEEE, pp. 1667, 2010. ISSN: 1930-0395, E-ISBN: 978-1-4244-8168-2, Print ISBN: 978-1-4244-8170-5.
  4. Soumya Sidhishwari and S. K. Ghorai, “Strain Measurement in a Mach-Zehnder Fiber Interferometer using Data Dependent System Method,” Proc. of National Conference on Computing, Communication and Sensor Network (CCSN-2011) at PIET, Rourkela, October 29-30, 2011.ISBN:81-85824-46-0.
  5. Soumya Sidhishwari and  S. K. Ghorai, “Simultaneous Measurement of  Strain and Temperature using Modal Interference in Birefringent Fiber,” Proc. of International  Conference on Fiber Optics and Photonics, PHOTONICS-10, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India, December 11-15, 2010.ISBN:978-81-309-1719-1.
  6. Soumya Sidhishwari, S. Sengupta and S. K. Ghorai, “Higher Order Modal Interference in Optical Fiber for Structural Health Monitoring,” Proc. of International Conference on Fiber Optics and Photonics, PHOTONICS-08, New Delhi, December 14-17, 2008.
  7. S. K. Ghorai, Soumya Sidhishwari and S. Sengupta, “Improved Least Squares based Autoregressive Model for Phase Extraction in Distributed Fiber Optic Interferometric Sensors,” Proc. of International Conference on Optoelectronics, Fiber Optics and Photonics, PHOTONICS-06, Hydrabad, December 13-16, 2006.
  • June 2020

           Chapter accepted in  Lect. Notes Electrical Eng., Vol. 673: PROCEEDINGS OF THE FOURTH  INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MICROELECTRONICS, COMPUTING AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS, 978-981-15-5545-9, 493922_1_En (74)

  Member of Professional Bodies

Indian Society for Technical Education, Life member, No. - LM 57812

  Member, Editorial Board

Member of the editorial board of Universal Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Horizon Research Publishing (HRPUB))