Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. Subhash Chandra Pandey
Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engg
Ph.D(CSE), M.Tech (Software Engineering), AMIE (Mechanical Engg.), B.Sc. (PCM)
Contact Address
Permanent Address 81/62, Matiyara, Alopibagh, Allahabad
Local Address Flat No. 102, Tuna Palace, Patna
Phone (Office) 8887710084
Phone Residence 8887710084
Email Id
Joined Institute on : 24-Jun-2008

  Work Experience
Teaching : 23 Years

Research : 7 Years

Individual: 8 Years

  Professional Background

1. Worked on different projects in India and abroad since 1991 to 1998.

2. Worked as Asst. Professor at Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow from 1998 to 2008.

3. Started working at BIT since 25th June 2008 as Asst. Professor. 

  Research Areas
  • Bio-Inspired Computation
  • Data Mining
  • Network and Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cognition
  • Cognition and Philosophy
  • Mind and Machine
  • Soft Computing
  • Machine Learning


  Award and Honours
  1. Best Paper Award in International Conference ICCSMS-2016 (ICCSMS-2016), Nov., 18-19, 2016.
  2. Reviewer of Clin-Med Journals.
  3. Reviewer of Artificial Intelligence, Elsevier

A. International Journal

1. S.C Pandey, New facet of honey bees dancing language for mining the induction rules, Sadhana, Springer, Vol. 43, issue 3, 2018.( SCI, Impact Factor: 1.188)

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15.S.C Pandey, Opinion Mining for the Tweets in Healthcare Sector using Fuzzy Association Rule, EAI Endorsed Transaction on Pervasive Health and Technology 4(16), 2019 (Non-Paid Scopus)

16.S.C Pandey, Benevolence of Machine Learning and Evolutionary Algorithms for WSN: A Review, Wireless Personal Communication, Springer. (SCI: Impact Factor 1.671) Under Review.

17.S.C Pandey, Emotion, Perception and Cognition: Psychological Analysis and Machine’s Viability, International Journal of Human Computer Studies, Elsevier. (SCI: Impact Factor 3.632) Under Review.

18.S.C Pandey, Psycho-Philosophical Perspective of Intuition and its Machine Viability, Elsevier. Under Review.


B. Book Chapter


1. S.C Pandey, Protein synthesis based discretization method for knowledge discovery, ebook: Data intensive computing applications for big data, IOS Press, Vol. 29, pp. 504-534, 2017.

2. S.C Pandey, Mind, machine, and image processing, ebook: Deep learning for image processing applications, IOS Press, 2017.

3. S.C Pandey, Recent development in big data analysis tools and apache spark, ebook: Big Data Processing Using Spark in Cloud, Springer, 2019. 

4.S.C Pandey, Pragmatic Medical Image Analysis and Deep Learning: An Emerging Trend, In book: Advancement of Machine Intelligence in Interactive Medical Image Analysis, Publisher: Springer nature, Singapore, 2019.

5.S.C Pandey, Security Issues of Internet of Things in Health-Care Sector: An Analytical Approach, In book: Advancement of Machine Intelligence in Interactive Medical Image Analysis, Springer nature, Singapore, 2019.

6.S.C Pandey, The Rudiments of Energy Conservation and IoT, In book: Energy Conservation for IoT Devices, Springer nature, Singapore, 2019.


C. International Conference Proceedings


1. S.C Pandey, An efficient security solution for cloud environment, IEEE International Conference on Signal P)rocessing, Communicatiobn, Power and Embedded System (SCOPES), 2016.

2.S.C Pandey, Data mining technique for medical data: a review, IEEE International Conference on Signal P)rocessing, Communicatiobn, Power and Embedded System (SCOPES), 2016.

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10.S.C Pandey, An Innovative Ensemble Machine Learning Technique for Efficient Data Classification, MCCS, BSNL, Ranchi, 2021.


D. Paper Presented


1. S.C. Pandey, Security Solution Paradigm in Cloud Computing, Department of Mathematics and department of Computer Science, DSB Campus, Kumaun University, Nainital (Uttarakhand), 17-Oct., 2016.


E. Invited Talk


1. Key note Speaker on the topic ‘Diversity and Scope of Bio-Inspired Computation’, ‘IEEE sponsored ICCCCM, UCER, Allahabad, UP, India, 2019.

2. Data Structure and Algorithm, Faculty Development program, UCER-Allahabad, 4-9 July, 2016.


  Member of Professional Bodies

1. Member, International Association of Engineers, Hong Kong.

2. Member, Computer Science Teacher's Association, USA.

3. Member, International Association of Artificial Intelligence and Law, Germany. 

  Text and Reference Books
  1. Cloud based M-health Systems for Vein Image Enhancement and Feature Extraction: Emerging Research and Opportunities, Research Book, IGI Global, USA.
  2. Advancement of Machine Intelligence in Interactive Medical Image Analysis, Springer, Singapore, 2020 (Edited Book)

  3.  Cloud-IoT Technologies in Society 5.0, World Scientific (Under Review).

  4. Meaning and Purpose of Life: The Search, Amazon, USA.
  5. My Journey beyond Death : The Contemplation of Garuda Purana, Amazon, USA. 

A System and a Method for Isolation of Distributed Denial of Service Attack in Internet of Things, Australian Innovation Patent : 2021102419

  Member, Editorial Board
  1. Member, International Association of Engineers, Hong Kong.
  2. Member, International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law.
  3. Member, Computer Science Teachers Association, USA.